September 1, 2015

     Hear this: Confusion may be the first sign of the coming change. What to do first and then a room full of circles and circles. (m: I saw energy fly by each side of my head. Later I looked at the sky with clouds forming lines of energy and a cloud forming a fetus.)

     Come read the signs. You see the clouds and look for signs, but for most they are ignored. This is why we, wondering, are looking toward the signs and sound together and if that will draw people’s attention.”

September 2, 2015

     “The days are growing shorter, the time so long awaited will come. Information on many levels have been given and well received. We now take little baby steps forward advancing with respect and love. As seen, I will come frequently with short sentences. Follow your present pattern. I go.”

11:41 a.m.

     Peace be unto you. This is a challenge to catch your attention when you are in and out, but we are making progress. Before too long the difficulty of not connecting but hearing and writing the words will present a challenge. For you and others you must know that we are either in and out with communication or you (and they) must sense the part given noting that not all was heard. This is to be expected and connections of words may be used in the next message. Do not fault yourself turning thoughts to negative chastisement. The pieces will fit in some way. Your animals are a close knit group. They are supporting each other already.”

     Note: I saw three vertical loops – like balloons strung together sideways, or a musical half note.



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