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My Totem


     “Most of my life I have been a teacher in the public school system.  My connections with the Spirit World had to be kept quiet.  I began channeling messages from beyond and having them posted on my weekly website www.marciagardenoflight.com  I was also able to attain my goal of becoming an animal communicator  www.marciaintuitivearts.com  as I love animals and have benefited from their love and wisdom as well as communicating with their spirits in the Spirit World.”    

     “I am looking forward to meeting others seeking enlightenment.  With the newer
messages my channeling has shifted to very high energies bringing in new information
and experiences and working with Archangel Sandalphon.  My experiences with one
of my celestial friends can be found at www.galacticcontacts.com   You’ll find fascinating ideas and insights from his view.”

Me 2011


I have been what some people call a sensitive my whole life. As I grew, I developed abilities that others sometimes called spooky or psychic. LOL. As a child I had playmates no one else could see. Spooky right? No not really. I saw people who had dropped their earthly shell and came to me in spirit form (ghosts). In my childish innocence, I did not know what they where so I played with them. At the age of seven I almost died and had the experience of being held in the light but not entering it. I knew from that point forward that we are more than what we perceive ourselves to be as the physical body. We are spirit, and I knew this truth without question! As a child I started astral traveling and visited other dimensions. In my teens I started viewing the future (Akashic Record) in my dreams. As I grew older I no longer needed to sleep for this ability I was clairvoyant.  It was as a teenager I became super sensitive to others emotions and physical pain, whether they showed them or not, so I was empathic by this time as well. I also started developing clairsentient abilities and my third eye started opening. When I was 23 my 3rd eye was opened completely, and while meditating, I experience the ultimate goal. At 23 I completed the trip through the light that I had started when I was seven. At 23 I died to this world ( the little death), and experienced my true self beyond the void where only the eternal self resides. I had the choice whether to stay in that eternal state or rejoin the world of creation. During this time of experiencing my eternal self while still in that eternal state, I also had the experience of everything all of creation is within me and from me. It was my choice to return and be a teacher to others on the path who ask “who am I”, “what am I doing here”, “is this all there is”? I returned so that I could give guidance to help others do what I have done.  It was an act of love on my part because I believed everyone deserved to experience what I have.  I was delighted to realize after returning that the journey never ends. If we choose to become an active participant again after realizing our eternal self we can take it as far as our unlimited imagination can create. My experiences are on going.