Being # 4 (male) Hello. Mastery is not a word used often, but you can accomplish it. It takes intent and practice and love of knowledge. We will give much information that will astound you as to the depth of learning for those who are aware and interested. Simply be, for you were given tasks before you came and you are just truly becoming aware of them. Some will be easy, some will have to be learned, but it will be learning that will come quickly. Be at peace when you learn, there is no grading, simply listen and think and share. We will tie thoughts together and we will send them out on the wind. Be blessed for you are. Be aware, always, be aware, for that opens many doors that we can walk through.

* * *


Being # 3 – Male

Ladies, that is my term. I come here to instruct you in a short lesson. I found this opening and we have an agreement that we do not have to line up. It’s a very congenial manner to have one leave, another show up. There is no imbalance in the change.

I am here to instruct you on people as a group. When you begin to speak to people a a group use sound like an instrument extended in front and then send the sound out wideningly. Do not direct just to the person in front, but send the sound out widenly like a fan balanced on either sides, one pleat at a time in tandem, it goes with a mental adjustment. That is, you find several listening and you present your word in such a way it seems to spread, as if you sounded an instrument. You must send it out wideningly like a fan

(held flatly). This might take practice. Then picture the sound spreading out with thought and sound, pleat by pleat in tandem, the same on each side, not one, then the other.

Speak with a soft speech and cadence. Change the cadence, mentally see the sound go out. Speak slower. It is sound being used differently with feeling. Simply, a knowing of being aware of it. It is a different way of speaking. It may be hard to comprehend that the sound goes out, spead like a fan. Mentally send it out to balance on either side, right the same as left, go in tandem, they go in tandem. Mentally adjust the sound as it goes out and spreads. Let it be a soft spread. It is not pushing against something, it is simply going out in front of you. Speak with a soft speech cadence and as you speak with thought and sound, pleat by pleat in tandem, the same on each side, not one, then the other.

Until you get the gist, speak slower. As you speak, you must mentally see the sound spreading out. We are very interested in sound being used differently. You have the electronic boxes (computers) and words placed there will retain a type of energy which is why the website itself is special.

Emmie, you must wave the flag proudly. (M – I’m being shown jewels – codes – diamond dust, pearls, crystals…pathway portals.) Lovely.

* * *


# 2 – Female entity

Hello. I am new at this, forgive me, I do not know the proper response. Language is an interesting new venture for me. To hold words is an interesting craft to project. I am quite elated at the sound we create. To put information with sound is a wonderful creative art. It interweaves voice and sound. (M – also feelings, insight, intellectual exchange) Can there be opposing ends? (M – yes, different opinions. It is like an instrument.)

Sound is a masterful feat and yet I find that I’m good at it. It’s a surprise to me. I have practiced many, many times to be able to form the right volume of sound that I want to surround me. Words are like art. I find it very pleasurable. Please forgive me. I am listening to my voice inappropriately. (M -You can hear yourself and speak at the same time.) I am quite elated to hear that we can listen and enjoy the sound and create at the same time. What a wonderful, creative art!

I come to encourage the one named emmie. I like the word, emmie, emmie. I wish to visit her when she is open to receive visitors. I am pleased at her acceptance of who she is. How sad it would be if she didn’t ackowledge herself. She has taken that giant step. She will find that she will feel more complete and become more clear and focussed. We are ready to help her. She doesn’t have to call, we are with her, around her. She simply must create her sound and use her art with her word, art, and brilliant mind to connect. Art interweaves voice and sound naturally. (M- Enlightenment is reached by sharing.) I see. I give presents to fine tune her instrument. The mind of voice. Mind is ready. Voice must learn to speak with confidence, quietness, authority. She can do all these things. She has not seen it as a package. This package, this box does not have to be delivered. It is always with her. Listen and connect. Send thoughts which will help her strength and knowing. We will begin very shortly. I must take my leave.

* * *


(Message for emmie)

# 1 – Female entity

I have been trying to get your attention by jumping between projects and objects. I am not used to this method. (M- can you tell us who you are?) At this time it is not important to know who I am. The reason the energy is different is because I’m on a different plane. (M- another galaxy or planet?) Another space.

I am pleased with your progress. I am your guardian angel but I am more than that. I am like a supervisor monitoring your work, progress, life. You’ve done well. There are many times you question yourself and doubt yourself. We see that you’re working on that. You must drop all that and trust and listen to yourself. The guide that you need lies directly in you. I want you to see a different pattern (codes) – gold, golden, silver, platinum, marble /circles, triangles /star / butter, butternut. Be a guidepost, display your knowledge found in these materials. Coming soon – vocabulary.

Important. You are much more intently connected like breathing. You don’t feel it as a different connection or see it as a gift. It’s not visible. You must access it through self confidence. It is necessary for your tradition. You do not need to grow any more, it is there.

We appreciate M’s connection. She will guide you with information and guide lives, save lives, and direct lives. It will be busy for her, but she will handle it. You two are working as a team as a concrete connection. You can connect mentally, spiritually in the spirit realm, but this will be later. You are a special being, a representative. Reach for that title/description. You are what you are. Begin to manifest this. For too long you have had a cloud of doubt, of unsureness. The answers are in dreams at night and right in front of your eyes. Step out and be you! You will be guided. Use your sensing, as well as M’s.

* * *

MESSAGE 22 : Strange Changes

Good day. We’re taking all the opportunities we can get. It’s about the energies. They are strong and we see many are having difficulties. This is unfortunate, but we tuned /toned it down as much as we could. It will pass, it will pass. Think of it as a minor disturbance though it may not feel like it.

Strange things will get stranger. At some point others, meaning those who do not know of energies, will begin to notice. It is then that there is unease in some people and as it increases, there may be questions about it. It is a turbulent time and it is not easy to be calm in the middle of many changes. Explanations should be short and to the point and fairly matter of fact, yet being aware of its difference. In other words, the explanations should never treat these energies and changes casually.

There will be many changes in little bits. This has to be done in order that the firmament not be disturbed to a great extent. You will begin to assimilate the energies more easily into your body once you have created a foundation. It may be rushed in the feeling area, yet know that this is a carefully calculated set of circumstances.

You will notice things that others do not notice. At this point, it is best that you simply observe without bringing attention to the changes you see. However, if you have someone notice differences, please use that opening to advance knowledge – not too much at a time, but a firm knowing.

Just be observant.

* * *

MESSAGE 21 : Energy Results, Color Stations

Note: Each paragraph was separate, with a pause inbetween, from different energy signatures which is why there is more than one ‘hello’.

Good evening. There are many things to say that cannot wait. It is important, imperative, that the energies be respected. By that we mean that there be awareness whether of a physical nature or not. These are powerful energies that are not seen and people react differently to them. These energies will assist you in the future. It is like holding something invisible in your hand. We are aware that is a difficult task because it is unseen, yet the awareness, at least mentally, should be there.


Physical strain is common, but not something worrisome. If you could see this energy, you would breathe it in and wrap yourself in it.


Arithmetic is a matter of established numerical values. These values go on and on in ever lengthening lines. This energy being sent to you is somewhat like arithmetic. There is no common explanation that would explain the value of these energies for they are unknown to man.


Coming soon, forgive us for using that expression, wil be a mass of energies, almost like clumps. We are not sure what effect this will have on bodies, but it is not harmful. You may feel pressure because of the “clumps”, it is not the string like energy, the fine line, the color chain that we would normally use.



Hello. It is disturbing to us to see physical abnormalities caused by energies. By abnormalities we mean other than a balanced state. Yet it can be alleviated by deep breathing and a restful mind. Do not allow it to become an illness because the symptoms fit in that frame of reference. Simply be aware, follow the procedure and keep the mind clear.


Good evening. I am here to explain a different pattern. This pattern you call “come and go” is doing exactly that. We are riding the wave of the energies which is why there is communication, pause, and then re-communication. We must send our speech inbetween waves for the clearest reception.

A long time ago, this was common, meaning these energies. It was an occurrence commonly known causing certain patterns or rituals to be observed. These rituals, developed over time, actually burnished the energies making them clearer visually and therefore, avoidable. These have been lost in time. This is the forerunner of the energies that will be coming, forthcoming.


Hello. Springtime in, on your world is when your flowers bloom the best. With these energies that are coming in, flowers and food plants can grow better. These are like gardeners from the sky.


Hello. Straining against these energies is, unfortunately, not the thing to do. It conflicts with the substance. At some point you will find these energies most comfortable. It is simply, or perhaps not so simple, that you adjust your body. When you feel a tightening or an imbalance, the breath must go out in a slow stream. If you can do that at the same time that your mind is clear, you will see results.



Hello. Evening time, I’m told, is quieter unless you are in a city of lights. If you are contained in that atmosphere, you would, we think, have a more difficult time recovering from these energies. Therefore, we would suggest that if you are told or are aware of changes in energies, that you find a quiet place to be.


Layers and layers of substance of the finest filament are descending upon and around your earth. It is like a soft cloud, yet not seen as a cloud. It is, for the most part, invisible. The purpose is to line an area around the earth with protective filaments which bring energy with them. You might call them codes, but they are unreadable. It is like soft down.


Hello. Color coordinated stations are being set up for use in the future. They will be like receiving stations for the colors which are extended will be new to us and we must have ways of aligning with our color fields. You (Galaxy Triad) will become adept at sending color communication. It will become most, almost casual to you for your skill will handle it perfectly – with a little practice.


This color education will begin soon and you will find hints along the way. Be open to learning a new way of communicating, like learning a new language. This language, however, is of the mind, not the tongue.

That is all.

MESSAGE 20 : Speech

I like a talking bird. It is an adjustment for me, but one I gladly make.

(M’s conure was saying “Hello” to the entity and then “Baby” …an affectionate term.)

I’m gathering others around me. This is an experience.
(L- We’ll have a party.) (M- I sensed it was something like a pow wow, but not a circle. I saw a pale outline of forms and a man directing others.) I’d like to begin. (M- Saw a group of beings and they were gathering in a small group, sitting down …in space …he was anxious to get them organized so he could begin. When they were seated, he turned away from them so they all were looking in the same direction.) He asked “Could your bird visit?”) (M – I don’t know, she is young and I don’t think she can fly in spirit.) “We would honor her.”

(M- What is the gathering?) “To learn. This is a unique opportunity.”

(M – I saw a beam of light that this entity sent up from his hand, his palm. The light spreads over them like a cover. He is waiting until all are under it.) (L- It’s like a class.) (M- It is very quiet as he begins ..all sitting behind him, looking forward so they can observe his communication ….how he does it.)

“Introduce yourself” (M- My name is Marcia, I am a channel, a link, a connection, an ambassador to earth, a love of God, the Creator.) Thank you.

(M-Now he’s going to teach.)
Waiting within each being on earth who came with a knowing that is just now evident, is an aspect of Self that wants to speak. This speech is not as you think. It is not words as you know but you know its language. It speaks through the eyes and it speaks through the heart. Many use it well, yet it is only at a human learning stage. We are here to teach you this speech so you can teach others.


It begins with stillness, a calmness from within, a knowingness, an awareness of the Being you are. When you become aware of your Being, you speak more with silence than you do with words. A look can contain volumes. A touch can transfer feelings, energies, healing, and aspects of the Self. It is the god self within All. We perceive that it can be frightening and overpowering, especially when received by those who are not aware of their inner Self. It is a powerful tool of expression and in learning to use this tool, it is wise to proceed carefully.

Along with the requirements, there must be Control and for those who can speak this ‘language’ that needs no further explanation. Do not be surprised if the receiver is very emotional, for it is in touching their inner Self you also touch their heart.

We greet you and teach you from our heart for we have gathered here together to send it as a group message. (M- And we thank you for that and it is gratefully received.)

We treasure this touching of Spirits for we are in different form and different spheres. (M- It is a treasure for us too.) We, here, would like to take your speech which you have sent to us and share it among us, and so I say I leave, though in truth, we are connected. (M-Thank you. I can feel them.)

(This was a very emotional interaction that touched our hearts.)

* * *

MESSAGE 19 : Patterns-Colors

Here we are. (Welcome) We must have much to say tonight. This is about patterns. Each sphere has its own pattern or signature. This is important because there must be a way of identifying the energies as a whole. Though we are part of that whole, we still have a differential in the identification of the whole versus the smaller units.

When we move our planet, the signature changes, but it is a minute change. This is common among planets and does not disturb the basic identification of the individual planet. Also, around the planet it acts as a filter or a protection as well as a first sensing for those who view us.

There is no way that scientists can discover all that exist, there is no number that conveys the total of the existing universes. That is why it is good to note that no matter how advanced we may be or how skilled, there may be beings and universes we are unaware of. This is not a perplexing thing to us nor do we feel a need to explore beyond certain perimeters. This information is necessary for we have seen how the scientific field community wants to know it all. This is an impossibility for there are constant births and short lived planets, yet we all are part of the whole.


Color is important and it is strange to us that we do not see more emphasis put on this in the scientific community. Color is an integral part of our life. We will entertain questions at this time.

(L – I enjoy colors, I use them as an artist. Is there any other way we can use color in our life here?) (M- He has to think on this a minute.)



It should be taught to children when they are young that color is not just for art. It is awesome to see how art is manifested on earth and the colors used in ways we would never imagine. It is important to express colors in art. Having said that, it should be taught as an energy healer for that is what it is. We use color automatically without thinking, meaning it does not have to be a planned action. It is instinctive. We share it as you share words. It is used for healing, for sharing emotional messages and a substitute for words. We design our planet and we design our bodies with color. (L- We decorate with color, some decorate their bodies, it’s called tatoos.) This color is an inward manifestation that becomes an outward expression of the Self. (L- feel blue, look blue?) No, it is not based on feeling. This is a careful creation that becomes the main color combination as a background. It seldom changes, but it can be tinted with the feelings. There is a difference.

(L-Do you see M and my color background and what colors we would present to you if you do.) (Told M to relax and said “you’re hooked” …it was a different energy.) For L. – purple is your main color with blue outline. It is an uncommon combination of shades. WIthin the color package, if you will, there is a shimmering movement of light. It is that shimmering that we were attracted to as a signal identification. It changes and this can get complicated, but on a learning level we would say your basic colors are, as spoken, that is, purple and outlined in blue.

For M. – your light is bright yellow. It changes and the hues are an interesting combination of many colors with the exception of black. We do not use black. The hues stay in motion more often than most which provides those who are looking, a ‘light show’ as the combination keeps changing. More on this later.

(L- Do the colors have special meanings? What do they tell you about us?)

For L – Purple is a density, a combination of knowledge, it sends many messages and the density is not used in the sense it is used on earth. It is meant to indicate depth and one must explore or know you to perceive that depth.

For M – Your light is like a circle of lights. It moves, it changes, it rewards those who have patience with many visual delights. These lights are like pathways. They can be observed and they can teach in their structure. This last explanation is too complicated to explain at this time until you become better readers of our colors.


(Where are you from?) It is not necessary that you know a place. The question is, can you read my color? (M- I got the word green, but I did not see the color.) Try again. M- I got the word velvet, deep velvet. I saw a large object looking like a blanket which was being shaken out so I could see clearly but it looked pale.) (L – deep plush, forest green looking at trees in front of a mountain, pine trees) (M- I’m beginning to see the trees but I don’t see the velvet color.) (L- Will the color summon him back again?) (M- It depends on his schedule.)

(M- Thank you for both of us.) (L- The color given verifies what others have told me.) (M- I’m fascinated.) I must leave, but I enjoy teaching you. (M- Mr. Green) Just think of me as GREEN.

( After this conversation there was a feeling of elation, of joy. There was a sweetness and a comforting feeling.)

* * *

MESSAGE 18 : Patience Tested/Star/Feather

Today and tomorrow and it is unending, the things to be done, the things to learn and the things to grow. It is a time of bewildering changes. Many predictions have been made to many people. These do not appear to have manifested, yet if you stay alert, you may see evidences of changes. They will be minute, yet important. It is time for visual happenings for we are aware that is a requirement of earth people. It is slow in coming for it must coincide with certain astrological influences and earth conditions. 1 and 1 make 2 and 2 make 4 and it must progress as an equation meaning each part must be added for the quotient. It is in this waiting time that patience is tested. It cannot be rushed and those who are in the spiritual realm of learning will learn at different speeds. You do not have to adjust your individual learning speeds for they will mesh together in knowing when the time comes. I bid you Adieu.

* * *

Starlight, starbright, the stars will shine and so will you. Differences between those who are visiting higher realms will become evident and looks of disbelief will be something for you to adjust to. A smile when these looks are shown will soften the curiosity or even in some cases, the unease or fear factor.

You will be able to enjoy playful moments if you choose. Be prepared for a wide range of responses. Handle others’ emotions with care for you will influence them in ways that are not apparent. Be respectful and never demeaning toward lack of understanding. It will be like learning a new skill. Share the moments of discovery with pleasure. Your warmth will then spread and touch others. It then becomes a natural part of you and it will not bother you to see disbelief expressed on faces. A time of discovery should be wrapped in respect for there will be many levels of learning to adjust to.

(Question – Speaking with someone what do you see or a better way?)
Start with a greeting and a smile, like hello. That will put them at ease. (Heard the conure speaking ‘hello’ and asked what it was.) Commented “How strange that an animal can say words”.

(L- What is the reason so many things seem missing?) Too many energies twist the circuits in the brain and they have a moment to relax to keep from being twisted. In that moment you become forgetful. Sometimes it is crossing dimensional lines …actually missing…it’s dimensional. How to retrieve? Pull, floating back, desire to have it back. (He’s never thought ‘how to do’ .. learning how to explain.) Just scan. (How to find it in space?) Concentrate.

(Do you have a name, something that identifies you?) I am unidentifiable. (What dimension?) 12th. (No form?) Mist – water particles in the air. (He was looking to see if he had a body.)

(Are you a thought being?) I am a creative being. I have colors, shades of light prisms, frequencies. (Can relate to the frequency, relate to color frequency, haven’t done that.) (How did you find us?) ” You shine” and added “with sparkles”.

(Would we recognize you in space?) Probably not. (What is your process or mission or what do you want to accomplish?) Awareness – hard to find the right word. (What do you do?) I circulate frequencies. (Thank you for being receptive. Soul level – high soul, anything that can be shared with ourselves, with Selves here from our higher Selves ..would help us personally and professionally here.) Very good question – one moment.

Come hither. Observe the beauty of the planets, the sky and the stars. Observe the light and the brilliance. Be as a star. Shine your light. You will be guided in steps that are to be taken in both your personal and professional life – professional spiritual matter. I would like to tell you something. You are beautiful in your work and your understanding. I will return again.

* * *

Another Entity

(Goodness!) (That 3 different energies showed up.) It is.

I came on the tail end of the other’s path and scooted/flew in for a chat. (L – What did you come to share?) “Me”. (Yes, he’s more of a ‘teller’). More questions, that why I came. (L -Need to gain more financial security to spend more time spreading spirituality and do what I love to share.)

I do not relate to that which you call money for you’re rich in the Soul. Think and it will be. Believe it and it will be coming. That’s your answer.

(M- When will I see (spirits)? You must look, meaning change the concentrated energy to a different frequency. (How?) What do you want to do? (See spirits, the fairies, the auras around people, do away with contacts, see at a distance, see in a body.) Why do you want to look there? (Help to perceive imbalances or illness in people and animals. I think I would recognize the imbalance or learn and I have an interest in healing.) Why do you have healing? (Diseases, malfunctions, strains, pains, omission in people and animal bodies, skin, unknown causes like multiple sclerosis – no control of the body.) Thoughtful probabilities or answers. Many diseases on earth. I will contact others about this. I have no knowledge of body disturbances.

(M-Would you like to create a name?) FEATHER. I am going to drift away.

* * *

MESSAGE 17 : A Story

I’m here to tell you a story.

Long ago there was an island, except this island floated and went from current to current. It had no inhabitants, it was only land.
Then one day there was a seed dropped into the land and the seed grew. This seed became man. All his needs were fulfilled on this island, but he was lonely because he had not Self. He yearned for something that had no name.
God saw this yearning and this feeling and felt the stirrings of his heart (God’s heart). With these stirrings he began to create and he created with the yearning of the seed He had dropped.

He thought of beauty, of kindness, of warmth and woman was created. God liked his creation and filled it with love. But love needs expression and God thought how best to create this expression, this love. And in His Mind, He saw joy and taking the joy he created the child. But God thought, a child needs protection and he placed the seed within the womb of his creation. This seed needed nurturing so God delayed the child’s reaction and let sleep descend while the child grew and so was Adam born.

The story is a gift.