MESSAGE 7 : Commander/Comtranus

(Star system to the east
near Jupiter.)

Good evening. (someone else…name will come later.) Very calm energy.

It is essential to begin accomodating messages. It was told you that it would be slow at the beginning, but it must not be too slow. There is a volume of work to be done. If we showed you visually, you might not take the task. However, if it is a steady intent and effort, it will be accomplished.

Today is a day like any other on the surface of things, yet it is a step forward in energies, energies that are sifting down instead of the strong energies you’ve been dealing with – that is the reason you feel the calm. Nevertheless, do not be fooled into thinking that it is not powerful. It explains why this is a day for you of very slow actions. Yet as you look at it, that is if you look back on the day, it was calm and peaceful. You are to absorb the memory of the feeling of calmness and when the turmoil begins, bring back the memory and feeling of that particular emotional state. It is like recalling a particular memory from the past that gave pleasure and a sense of well being.

In the future days to come, you will feel frazzled as if there is no moment of peace or rest. Not only will it be because of circumstances, but you will be sought. There will be a need for communication and understanding as well as knowledge. (This is where you (M.) can use your cape of knowledge or knowing. Fear will be prevalent, but as strong as it is or will be, the right words, the right feeling and the right handling will soothe others. A caution – do not try to ‘save the world’. You may have the feeling of not being able to finish healing a wound of an individual, but you shorten the healing. That is the advice and the remaining time must come from the individual. This is because you cannot spend too much time on each person. You can give guidance and reassurance, but it must be spread around.

(L – A question …Is this in relation to the aliens landing to help with our environment and troubles here?) “Of course”. Each has his own job. (L – I am presuming next month (Oct.) or so – October or November. “Sooner”.
(M- What about the visual and verbal contact?) “It’s still being worked out. ..It is truth – knowing and knowledge.)

It’s the contact procedure that is important but more important is how to handle the aftermath. ..(Question on entrance, space landing, proof). You will see aliens but not necessarily in your back yard. (L- mass landing – in the news – may disrupt electrical service.) Some of the script needs to be figured out about the landing.

It will be massive and it will bring fear except to those who expect this happening and who are comfortable with other beings. You will be a link of understanding and act as a go-between for information to act like a link. How would people find us? This is what will be worked out.

Be what you are, be calm and they will come to you (L – you will explain to neighbors and they will tell others.) Talk out the frenzy, talk to others. You will be a spokesperson. (All over the country.) We’re working on details. (Discussion by L. on possible outcomes – newspaper and media not available , transportation briefly shut down, they need to get into working with thousands, activate the button.) The latter part of September? On the edge.
It will be soon. (L – More information will be given if we check frequently? Information received independently?) Partly. Specifically, within 24 hours, notice of the arrival. I am your Commander in Chief. (M- Of what?) Of Beginnings and Endings. (L – Are you working with the Federation of Planets?) We are separate. (We or Yahweh?) We are inbetween. (M – How do we address/identify you ..Commander …? What are contact procedures?)

Be yourself. (M -Should we introduce ourselves?) We know you. (M – should we say hello?) Just let your light shine. (M – Commander – who or what?) The star system to the east, several star systems. Planet is

(M – Is Ray involved?) Most definitely. (M- Will he be given instructions?)
He will be guided. Your faces will glow – (3 of us) Yes, most definitely. That’s when people will start to listen. (emmie? Listen to her guidance).
(M – How to recognize you?) Who was in your yard last night? (I saw an incredibly beautiful purple light. I laughed with delight.) Laughter is contagious.

*** *** ***

MESSAGE 6 : Star Energy

“Good evening” (It’s Star) “Yes, and I’m shining.” (Is this a lesson on Energy Patterns?) “Close to it”.

“A red hot wire is like fire and heat. Energy is the same – a somewhat obvious, known fact. Whta is not known is that the energies are in strands and coils which cause different reactions. There are times when the coils can be lengthened for a particular subject, expansion. You are to learn how to expand without getting burned. aIt is a mental exercise or process in the uncoiling. It is not simply stretching the coil. It must be done carefully, forcefully and with concentration. It is not a process lightly taken – the fallout would be too great.

(What is the purpose?) “To spread the energy width wise, but to have brought it down or expanded it to a specific area. (M. started to visualize) “Wait, a good thing to do has to be for a purpose”.

“There is much turmoil on the way to earth and there are many conflicting energies. It is these energies, these patterns that you will be working with”.

“Clothe yourself in protection when you attempt these expansions. It is a slow process and a mental ‘perfunction’. You may see, visualize it from the beginning or begin the process mentally and then see the coil. It is very important that you not let go of the coil to return it to its state. It must be carefully held and thens lowly returned to coil formation.


Warning: As you progress and get proficient at this, do not take it casually. Each time, each ‘perfunction’ must be focused mental control. You may see diversions around the performance. This is not to distract you, it not interference, it is the wave of energy created by the you have created. Again, it must be performed with serious intent and careful calculation which will develop as you become familiar with the process. That is all I can give you at this point for it must ‘sit’ within your brain as a possibility”.


(L – What is the purpose of manipulating the energy coil or field?) Change, the answer is change, to lessen turmoil. (L – Has it begun already?) “Begun training – coming in contact wit the energies – already starting – not in physical form, but perhaps in knowing, not in actual manipulation of the coil, but the “wheels are turning” (L – Reason for asking this question, I was told to take charge, claim birthright. I perceive grabbing these things and grabbing hold – ask to verify.) “I verify a lot”.
(M- When is this done…when channeling or at various individual times and is Ray involved?) “Absolutely, he is involved and he will be surprised, as will you, at his inner expertise. It is, as you say on earth, “right down his alley”. (M- Same time?”) “No, each led individually as to when, but again remind you to be very protected. (M- Time on earth to seek out the coil?) “No, it will come to you.

*** *** ***


Ray: “Reminded me of Dolores Cannons “Convoluted Universe Trilogy. I looked up the definition – ‘having numerous overlapping coils or folds and also means complex.’ It seems that when manipulating these coils the effect is universal in that all things are connected, so to let go rapidly would be like letting a spring go, it would be quite violent and the coils would bounce off of each other; the repercussions of such an impact would reverberate a great distance.”

Lorna: “I would think learning to manipulate the little coils would be important in learning how to do the bigger ones. It’s all part of the creating experience I think. We’re learning creating on a larger scale. Creating is learning how to manipulate those same energy lines. Some are to be brought down here for support and help, some to wherever they need to go and some to uplift and edify. I don’t take it lightly. As one evangelist once said “God created the world with spoken words.” If he didn’t amp us down considerably, look what we’d be creating every time we spoke or thought. Part of this is learning to control how we think, speak about all things.”

Marcia: “I feel it shows a huge amount of trust in us to complete this task. I am wondering if we will see the energies, feel them fanning out or both.”

* * *

MESSAGE 5 : Akashic Records


Basically, I was guided to the Soul Realignment website where I eventually (first instinct was to do it, took me awhile to check a few things out, that would be me procrastinating again) signed up for the training. I received an attunement for the modality, this assigned me with specific guides that assist me whilst in the record (they do all the dirty work, I just direct). Accessing them is fairly simple, a short breathing exercise, then a visualization to get there, that bit is the same for all practitioners. What it looks like when we get there is different for each. I approach massive wooden doors in a large building, something like a Gothic cathedral in the middle of a desert. Inside it is an endless chamber (quiet). I enter a door just to the left (it is an auto sliding door like on Star Trek). Inside there is a desk with a monitor, to my left a viewing area behind a large piece of impenetrable glass. Also in the room is a small waterfall and a bed to relax on, usually some soothing music on.

To call up a record you need a few bits of personal info, name, address, date of birth, telephone number, etc. You then confirm you have the right person and not someone else, living or dead. From there you proceed to ask a series of structured questions that allows you to get a basic picture of a soul record, then you delve into the negative attachments that the soul has asked for assistance in clearing. This takes some time. When you have all that you put all the pieces together. Usually there are a few root causes of engaging with something negative that have allowed other things to occur. This is where the intuition comes in as you are asking more open questions about the details and how they relate to this life and previous lives of the individual concerned. These questions just come to me, so I follow them up to see what has happened and why. This is all put into a type of story for the client so they can get a better understanding of why certain things are happening to them. Most clients are fairly advanced spiritually, souls vibrating in the 5th dimension normally. Any lower and they are unlikely to be interested in this type of thing. Finally, you clear the soul record of the negativity and report back to the client. The clearing is my favorite bit as I get to see the soul. It appears to me as a globe that vibrates with color. Whatever comes to mind, the negativity I see as black hues in the color (the worst one I have done was almost black, glad I didn’t get in contact with that one.) Then when the clearing commands are given the globe clears of all the black stuff and turns to a more pure color often with hues of gold (this I took to be my energy intermingling with the other soul, kind of like an artist’s signature on a painting, so the soul knew on a deep level who they had worked with.)


I should mention that the answers are a simple yes or no obtained through the use of a pendulum (programmed for this work) though the more you do this the more answers just come to you before you ask. I guess it comes down to recognizing/accepting when this is accurate. Personally I have not had any paid clients, only practice ones as I was drawn away towards the ascension process. Not sure how the soul record work fits in, if at all, maybe it is the process of being able to access the record which will be of use. I don’t see why I can’t ask about anything at all. Must admit I do keep coming back to thoughts of being a fly on the wall during chats at high political levels when they are arranging their manipulations …….. . Just so the ‘real truth’ can be garnered and dissimilated, not sure if that can be done (actually I think it can, just not sure if I am able to do this.) As the Akashic holds records of all thoughts, emotions, things said, things done, etc. etc., then it is reasonable to assume that all these things can be accessed if it is appropriate.

Suppose I tell you the basics about myself. My soul originated (first incarnation) as a Blueprint Technician. Blueprinters are the souls that were involved in the designing and implementing of the Earth experiment/experience. As a technician I would have been involved in the actual implementation of the plan, things like programming DNA, energy body structures, chakra systems, etc……probably explains why I am interested in the more esoteric side of things and tend to understand it more easily than most as deep down I understand it implicitly. When in spirit I receive training in the 6th energy centre of Archangel Michael which is based on intuition, protection and Divine Truth. This tends to make me speak truth. I find it hard to lie and hence the warning about toning it down (not the first time that has happened). Last time I checked I had 8 spirit guides, 6 permanent ones and 2 special assignment (one helping with truth, the other with creating). Past lives that have a positive effect on me were in Atlantis, Egypt and Ancient Greece.

MESSAGE 4 : The Beginning

(Information regarding the Galaxy Triad website)

It’s slow – the beginning …ideas formed into concrete and visual images.

The connection will be weak at first as you become acquainted in a different way, but then will forge like iron.  It’s good that it is autonomous because each of the Triad is strong in its own right and this is a good thing.

You will have much work and much understanding will have to be used to be able to use it in a discussion in a knowing way.

Don’t let the volume overwhelm you for it must be understood as taking a capsule at a time.  At first it will be disconnected as to subject matter, but little by little the connections will become evident.  There will be very little discord, minor, because you each sense this is a springboard to world wide audiences.  This is why 3 and the power of 3 is necessary to form a pyramid of knowledge.  It will have far reaching results if the work is steady and full of light.

Much learning will be dispensed, not always understood by the givers (3) nor by the receivers, but it will be heard and thought on in various ways.

MESSAGE 3 : Star – Introduction

Good evening.  Adjusted to the pattern of energy – speak language not understood.  Know you both well.  L. will recognize him at some point.  This is a different time, much discord in the middle or change creates different patterns that are mixed up and tangled.  It’s my job to help untangle them.
(M- Is this why I’m picking up anger and upset?)  “Absolutely”.

There is much work to be done – different kind of work involves energy patterns.  It’s complicated.  Involves listening for the form of the pattern and recreating it mentally (M – Fractals?)  Not as complicated. (L – eyes see energy pataterns.)  When you work on these patterns, concentrate on the connection – too easy to close the pattern – takes concentration.  You’ll be shown and you’ll ‘divine’ it.  Arrival – You’ll be shown and you’ll ‘divine’ it.  You’ll be shown the time (we’ll know)  (Previously)  It was not time, this was more important.

(L – needed to shift your energy.  Attaching yourself to energy would have taken longer to let it go.  Start walking.)  Star Lights – name of group.  Suggested “Star” (for a name) “Appropriate with me”.

There will be a “jewel in the lessons”:  Change patterns – lessons ….of course, creators.  (Will the 3rd person be with us  “Lessons passed on to him and he will distribute it verbally.

“You are directed in many paths, it doesn’t have to be a straight line.  Would I come if I were not here for a reason?” (Comment to L. about listening.)

Ray – “Yes, and he will add to it, meaning intuit and we should add, it is, he is a careful student of the unknown.  His knowing – more planetary.  He was pushed out of his role (job) so that he could take on another one.  His intellect is diamond sharp and he must learn how to let it shine without blinding or cutting. He should be ready for new changes – not his habit to ask for advice.  The changes will be easy once he gets used to the idea.  Suggest to him to create a discussion site – it’s a springboard – to start a discussion for his own site.

(For M – eyesight, seeing, it will come.)  When he is called, entity likes the name suggested – STAR.    There will be a surprise coming.

MESSAGE 2 : A Sword, A Cloak, A Golden Apple

I get the letter “P”.  I also get the word “Enter”.  I’m getting the direction to go straight, I hear ‘steeple’ and the word ‘tomb’.  I hear “Entrance is benign” (meaning safe, good, harmless).  I’m asking to see as well as hear and be able to bring that ability to earth.  Somebody says to me “Would you like to go to the waterfalls?”  I love water, so the answer is definitely yes. “You come from a place with waterfalls” and that’s true.  “Would you like to bathe in it?”  “Well..”is this symbolically?  They’re saying to “Walk in it.”  It makes me kind of playful.  It’s like I’m sitting on a rock at the side, a big rock.  I’m getting a feeling of the place – it’s nice, nice.

Ah, a Temple.  Oh my goodness, getting chills.  This is very emotional.  They say “You must be presented”.  It’s like there’s a circular place.  I don’t really see details, but it’s circular, we’re in the center and it’s like the center is in the circle.  I hear the words, but I don’t see..I hear “I see God”, but I don’t see anything.  Let me look again.  I believe there’s somebody  standing behind me – my guide or whoever this is standing behind me.

This seems like a really super, huge room (no boundaries, yes).  I have that it has no seen boundaries, it’s just a feeling of space, it is a temple, but there doesn’t seem to be any sense of being inside. ( boundaries, ok).
They’re saying “Stand tall”.  Ohh I’m getting a cloak put around me that hangs from the shoulders all the way down.  It’s being placed from behind me, and I’m being told to walk forward slowly.  I hear “All your lives are together” and they’re sensing what I’m remembering.  They say “This is not a sacrifice.”  It’s like I’ve left whoever was behind me and I have this cloak on, but I can’t tell if it’s colored, it just flows down around me.  It’s bringing back memories of past lives and it’s bringing back memories of what it involves.  It’s like a coronation.


This is very strange.  They say “Kneel halfway”, kneel halfway, don’t go
all the way down because I was told on another trip not to kneel.  It’s like a little curtsy, something a person wouldn’t see.  I see what looks like a sword, a Light sword.  The blade is Light, it’s not silver.  I’m being told to take the handle.  I am wondering how I’m going to reach it because it’s up in front of me out of my reach.  Someone says: “Intend it”.  It did turn – it’s facing straight up.  I’m reaching for it.  They like the fact that I don’t hesitate ..I reach for it.  I bring it in front of me.  It’s huge.  I hold it with one hand.  Then they say “Let go” and I let go and it goes straight up. “ You have been beknighted”… They’re telling me to turn around and I’m seeing a pyramid of Light and I’m told within it is knowledge.  “Use it well, it has been given to you to disseminate  to masses of people. It is like gold for it cannot be bent or easily destroyed. Call for knowledge.  Your search for knowledge has been unending.  It will not be used.  You have joined the ranks of those who have journeyed far through many rough passes.  You have earned the right to have access.  You have earned the right to wear the Cloak of Knowledge. Step down”.  I don’t know – I think that means in awareness?  “Your cloak will always be with you until the end of time.  When you have need, simply mentalize the cloak and your answers will be there” and I’m thanking them for the honor.

(L. asks for identification)  I got the “Angels of the Lord”.  Someone said “She needed a little company”.   I have the feeling of a garden.  I don’t see it, but I have the feeling of it.  Very, very comforting; peaceful.  I don’t see anything that shows it’s a garden, but that’s the feeling I get.

Then, I see gates opening, tall gates.  I seem to be in clouds.  Ooh and there seem to be beings on either side.  I don’t see them, I just know they’re there, like energies on either side.  It’s a long, long distance here.  I don’t know how to describe this, it’s like you’re looking at a sky, the sky is down and there are mountains.  I’m walking through an area, the beings are behind that was like a pathway – it’s darker, kind of a low dark blue mountains, now it’s lighter, like light coming up from below or in front of me but it’s not from below as now there’s light coming up in front, directly in front of me, but it’s going up, right in front, not directly in front of me, it’s to the side.  It’s like a searchlight, it’s odd because it’s not showing me a way.  It’s going up…a huge beam of light and it is spread out like a fan.  They say “Stand within it” so I am going forward and I can hardly wait to get there.  It seems I have to reach forward for it a little, but it’s a beautiful yellow, yellow, light, cream yellow and as I step into what would be in it, it goes into a V shape from the left side and then I’m just here.  I don’t know what I’m supposed to do.  … Peter is there.  I know Peter, if it’s the disciple, Peter? No?  He says “Follow me”  He’s smiling like I can’t really see his


face but he’s smiling like a ‘I know you can find the way, but I will help you smile.  (L- Does he know me?)  He says he has “heard of you”.
(Having to keep my hand over my eyes, the daylight keeps me from …I hear you laughing ….I’m not used to channeling during the day…just trying to keep the ‘daylight’ out of my eyes.)

To the Queen’s Chamber.  Why is it called Queen’s Chamber?  He says “It is a figurative speech” and it could also be because it has been my role in several lifetimes.   Seems a long way.  I hear “Sit by the tree” which is interesting because I don’t see a tree.  Oh, there’s a little one to the right – small, backyard type tree.  Ok, I’m there.  “Take of the fruit”.  I don’t see any fruit, but as I look at the top there’s a golden apple.  “It will protect you and guide you so I’m reaching for it. It’s symbolic, I assume, it’s not fruit-apple.  I’m told to place it in my heart chakra, the new heart chakra which I’m doing.  It’s a beautiful gold apple and I’m just putting it in there.  I’m taken to where I can see and know who I am.

I’m seeing a pyramid again, this one is like Light, filled with Light, a lot of light behind it and of pyramids.  I think it’s ok to go in there.  “Go through the tunnel of Light pyramids.”  I’m not walking.  It’s very long and it’s a feeling of just space, space like a dark side.  I heard the word “Behold” –unlimited space.  I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do – I’m admiring it, thanking them for the view of the Light and the experience of the Light.  And somebody says “Wait”.  “There’s something coming down”.
I’m being given a necklace – it just comes down and over my head…seems to be, but I don’t see or feel it, just the image of it.  It’s on me.  It’s a protection – also a communing device. Communing meaning …ah …I have earned the first rank.  I don’t know whether that is one going up or one at the top.  “It is one, it stands alone, it is one”.


I am in such a space of unimaginable space.  He’s back behind the pyramids.  He didn’t come with me through the pyramid.  It is apparently ok, he watched me go.  (L- Who are they?)  “Angels of the Lord”.  I hear this, this might surprise you –“Return home, you have done well”.  So I must thank them for the honor and hope I will understand it better and know how to use it well.  “You will be excellent”.  That’s nice to hear.  Thank you.

(L – Ask what happened to 5684.  “It’s coming”  “Go back”  They don’t mean to earth…that was my surmising.  They told me to “Relax”.  I’m getting a sense of speed and I hear “Scepter holder – step forward.”  I say I’m looking for 5684 and they say  “You are in it”.  (L – identification?)  I got the same thing.  “Angels of the Lord”.  They’re saying 5684 is my direction.  I made a turn, a turn to the left and they say “We are the We, We are the We”  (L –‘Is it the WeAre?)  We are the ….  It seems I’m getting some type of interference..something shifted.
“Welcome, sister”.  You are home at last.  You have much to take with you and much to reveal which will come to you as smooth as gold flowing like a river.  Much work, much deciphering, much advancement, much involvement.  You will be guided, you will see, you will be honored, you will develop new thought and encourage new beginnings.  That will be your joy.”  (L- Who are you?)  “We are the Messengers of God.  We sit on the right hand throne.” (Seems it would be at, but they’re not changing it.)  They want to know if you have a question, a space for you…I felt a space for you.


“We understand your path has been turmoil and trouble, yet you have not been without help.  You have acknowledged this help and we are grateful and appreciative of your undying continual sweetness, sweet presentation when reaching out to us.  It is a character reference that we pass on to others.


(For Lorna)  “That is: This is she who has honor and humbleness and gratefulness.  That is a combination of words and titles and/or titles we do not string together for very many.  It is devotion being shown in words.  It is acknowledgement being shown in your love of God.  It is your Soul reaching out to say ‘Thank you’ and we tell you direct, that it is appreciated and hear this – it is direct and the channel will understand more as different frequencies, cadences of speech come through her.  Those who are the ears, those who have the ears to hear will know that this channel is a channel of worth and will know that she speaks truth and will hear the voice that she speaks that will come through her, for it will be a different energy sound, a different power and it is reaching out to you in acknowledgment for your patience in directing this adventure of learning – this honor that is being given the channel and know that we are very aware of your words, thought, heart and we send you the LOVE OF THE LIGHT THAT SHINES ABOVE, BEYOND, AND AROUND YOU AND SO IT IS.”

***             ***            ***

For Marcia:   “You will be known as “many voices”  The feeling I’m getting – will be speaking many voices.  “We have delivered our message.”  And I think that is the end of it.


Channeling given in ‘code’. Words given, meanings had to be figured out.


After much discussion, thinking, listening to inner guidance, these were the meanings verified:

PEACHES – eat – (book to be written, taken inwardly) Outer color – red – life, yellow – knowledge; attractive looking. Some will take (read/understand) only what is the fruit. Others will get to the pit …the inner core and find the deeper, hidden meaning. Take inwardly what is good for them.

FREEWAY STATION – Fast way to the good creation, relief, comfort. station – mind – freeway – no block, open; place – state of mind.

PULITZER – refers to writing.

CONCRETE – to the point; strong, writing something solid, honest, truthful.

SMOOTH – Easy to read..


Difficult task – distance, combining notes, packaging. Time a problem – busy on other things. People. “Enjoy your solitude, it won’t last”. “Continue on your path”. Easier to link, riding in tandem. “There will be many surprises.”
“Turn Around Surprises.” Meaning – Begin again over and over. Stop, interpret, begin again based on information, knowledge given. It happens, then there will be thought; stop, start again based on the new direction.
(L. “I think they were testing us” …testing on “patience and listening to inner voices.” They (who?) said “Adieu”.