January 10, 2018
     Marcia with Adriane

     “One and One make Two. We are Two this time. Each of us has a message. Yes, we are a different group and each of us came with a specific message. Our journey has been long. We know of you both and are comfortable as if we have already met. Please be that way with us. (m: They are very calm.)

     In an unusual time, things can be avoided simply by the inner need for survival. This has to be overcome for not being aware may be comfortable but would be a big loss if not aware at the correct time. We are here to supplement certain areas. Each of you will have a specific awareness that needs to be recognized. When the energies become more prevalent you, Adriane, will feel an unusual sense within your body, almost a warming. That is your key or your alert. Marcia, your warning or sensing will be more within your mind.   It will feel as if something there has been added. Other then that stated, the ones to come will be recognized or you will have awareness of guidelines.

     We feel, Adriane, that at first, perhaps momentarily this chance will seem new but then, quickly, you will know it is not and you will automatically follow the directions as if you have used them before. Marcia, your listening is what will be important and though it seems it would not be a good time, mentally you will send information to Adriane. This will be done quickly. Do not take the time to check to see that it has been received. Simply send the message. That is my goal on the messages.

     Now the other. Major steps are not always easy to understand. For both, do not let your mind be tangled with thought. Simply listen, and or feel and this is important, more quickly. Whether it is a physical warning or mental, do not stop to analyze because it is new, simply follow the guidelines. (a: What guideline?) “We do not give specific steps for those who read may think it is for them. Our advice to them is to listen carefully to the inner self. We believe the speed of the directions will not be a problem. Our guidelines will be based on physical movement and mental selection for the time. This is why we are very careful as to our speech. Beyond the Beyond there is much to see. You may, both, see sections during the coming time. Be careful with your eyes in a protective way.

     We have found this time is as smooth as we were told it would be. You, meaning both, will be surprised at the comfort you feel as you proceed with directions. This is because long ago you were told this would be your goal. Now we have covered our presentation. Before we go we ask if you have any questions. (a: I can’t have a question because at this time I really don’t know what they are talking about but my actions become automatic when I’m supposed to do something. It’s like I do not know until it’s time to act and I remember.) (m: I have had the same thing happen of knowing what to do that previously I was not aware of.) “We thank you for your attention and leave with good feelings. Blessed Be.”

Number 2:

     “We are here but with a different group. (m: My brain was going like a merry go round and then I heard – ‘it’s intentional’.)  We begin. Many, many years people have waited for that which has been stated in the Bible. There have been disappointments, a change and many dropped out of sight. They gave up. There were times when there was a necessary change which could not be divulged. So now we come with words with our brethren. They Have Come A Long, Way To Us Knowing We Knew They Were Coming. They will speak their piece, but not quiet yet.

     We have told many important things and see that many of the Light Workers on your site have their mind opened. Others have just left. Now, Hear This. We step forward and we open an Unknown Pathway. We have the visitors who have walked this trail. We see or we proceed to send the color YELLOW. Keep it in mind as we talk. See it within your deepest self. The Yellow Will Spread Within And Some Of Those Who Read This May Find A Sense Of The Yellow As They Read. We now proceed after the pause which was accepted with care.

     WE WOULD NOW LIKE TO INTRODUCE OUR BRETHEN. (m: Welcome. They are tall, very tall. They want me to say again the color for each –the color we were wearing. (A: Yellow – M: Red.) Skills – they are surrounding us with the color we just gave – like a wide tube. (a: Column? (m: No.) “To Marcia – Relax. Like a Light of the Color. No shape. PULL YOUR COLOR CHOICE TOWARD YOU SLOWLY AND LET IT ENTER YOUR BODY. That is for both, exactly right. NOW TAKE A SLOW BREATH, A SMALL ONE OF THE COLOR AND THEN SLOWLY LET IT GO. (m: And what I saw was the color turning over and over.) (a: What I normally see – I saw an exhale of GOLDEN BUBBLING ENERGY, CREATION ENERGY.) “Stop for a minute. Now, both of you, again BREATHE IN AND OUT YOUR COLOR.”   (m: Mine felt like a huge jump to somewhere.) (a: I didn’t feel any different.) “We are aware that there might not be difference for you. (a: Do they want me to release a beam?) “We already see it. We are aware that there might not be difference for you.” (a: Do they want me to release a beam?) “We already see it.

     We have taken a large unknown step. We saw your color Adriane before you let it go. We directed as we had already looked into the future. (a: That is what Aurora usually does.) (m: Mine was spread extremely. It’s not that they are distant or non responsible but very, very intense on what they are doing. I again go back to the fact that they are so tall. No one is moving. It’s like at this they are all invisible, like it comes from above them, they want to know what we sense, because it is empty there now.) (a: I sense an INFUSION OF THE YELLOW GOLD INTO THE CRYSTAL GRID AND THE RINGS AROUND THE EARTH. THEY ARE GOLD NOW.) (m: I am experiencing chills throughout my body and feel I AM FLYING AT A VERY FAST SPEED. I seem to know where I am going but my direction is to let that part of my color continue knowing I may feel somewhat empty, to just continue. We both are separate from the colors at this moment.) “Be Alert For You Are Not Finished.” (m: I can’t get any clue as to where or what my color is doing.) “BRING YOURSELF BACK.”

     I heard the word Continue because I started to see something different and in a No Nonsense Term they say CONTINUE. (m: There would be NO THOUGHT YOU WOULD GO AGAINST THEIR DIRECTION. VERY POWERFUL.)   “Now that we are back we say we are Pleased with the process as was given. We were told it would be accomplished, but we were delighted to see that it took minor directions. WE LEAVE.” (m: And Just like that they were gone.) “It is unusual to have these visitors. They come and they go.” (a: They expect you to do your job, that’s the way they are. They prefer to be unknown. There is no Chain of Command With Them.   THEY WORK DIRECTLY WITH GOD. HE SAYS JUMP AND THEY SAY “HOW HIGH” AND THEY EXPECT ANYONE THEY WORK WITH TO DO THE SAME. THEY EXPECT COMPLETE OBEDIENCE. THAT”S WHY THEY ARE SO BIG. THEY WERE ALLOWING THEMSELVES TO BE PERCEIVED IN A WAY YOU COULD UNDERSTAND SO THEY COULD COMMUNICATE. THEY ARE VERY BIG, NO NONSENSE. THEY ARE HERE TO DO THE JOB AND THAT’S IT.) (m: I immediately felt the No Nonsense – Huge, Huge Beings – Celestials. I can’t get over how tall they were.) (a: THEY ARE TALLER THAN YOU CAN PERCEIVE. THEY CAN PUT A PLANET UNDER THEIR ARM LIKE A BALL.)

Number 3:

     “We are here as we saw the opening. It was an awesome sight seldom seen. We are here on a different path. BEGIN TO OBSERVE YOUR FEELINGS ON A DAILY BASIS. This can be like a MENTAL GUIDELINE OF CHANGES. It will not be specific but you will feel something different. There may not be any guideline but it will be like a door opening that will COME QUICKLY AND BE A FAST MOVING GUIDE. WE WARN YOU THAT THIS WILL BE FAST AND PARTIALLY VISIBLE WHERE OTHER TIMES IT WILL BE MORE OF SENSING WITHOUT A VIEW.


***       ***     ***


January 3, 2018
    Marcia with Adriane

     “The times are, as told, beginning to show. In other words people notice parts, particularly the part where it feels like the world has stopped. We could go into unreal words and actions that are being used. Even we are somewhat surprised at the coverage of what we will call insane actions. Therefore, we shift to take further steps. We hear that people are very conscious of unusual coldness and length of time it lasts. It is a protective aspect for the earth – a somewhat unusual length.

     As we move forward we also bring up the many children being killed. We knew of this but had no idea it would spread as it has. We ask you to see but not pull it into you for it will continue and you would be affected emotionally. We would like to extend questions. Adriane, how do you perceive, in a general way, the overall atmosphere of people’s emotions? (a: I think most people, by and large, are either happy, contented or sad depending on their personality.) So we then understand that there is still some balance. (a: Yes.) How then are the ones who are happy dealing with the opposite reactions? (a: The way they always have. They don’t let them affect them as much. Happy people see the balance as well as contented people. They both see the balance so it does not affect them as much as sad, negative people.) Our pause is feeling the apparent balance. (m: They have to feel something because of the increase in murders.) (a: There has not been an increase, there has been a concentration of the media to report negative sensationalized man’s inhumanity to many and the sad and negative people cannot see the balance. They only react to the negativity.) “We understand the difference now that was not quite understood. Thank you and we move to another section.

     There is an increase in mental problems. We now assume that is because it is spoken of more often. (a: Yes that is particularly true. The other half of the truth is their inability to match with and use the new higher energies that causes them to be unbalanced mentally.) (m: I just heard the word BLUE. * They see and are surprised as it did not come from them. They are doing a somewhat type of scan to see why this came. They are moving their hands in a counter clockwise circle, that is like feeling the space or gathering it to the next page, the side. They are bringing it in closer as each turn is doing that. I heard a really short high pitch sound. They have stopped the color from coming closer and are waiting either for a reply or they are searching. It is being held in place. Four back counter wise movements as they pulled it to them and then I heard a voice and got chills. Somebody (female said something in another language and I responded in my language I don’t understand at this time. The angels said We know who it is. You are correct that it is a feminine voice and she understood your language that at this time you do not understand. Here is what happened. An opening was noticed and the entity felt she could reach up through you, so the short sentence you heard and responded to was for us to hear. It is not to be known at this time, but it will be restored for we were able to hear much longer short information, not to be told at this time.

     We are amazed at the change that is automatically being new information we would have found much later and we send in these encounters. Peace and Love for the information is a big step forward.

     (a: Why the Blue?) In this case the Blue was seemingly like a garment when actually it was an obvious link and a way to move faster through time. At some point these seemingly short connections will appear in all their love and knowing. (a: I am wondering who it was and why it was coming from below them. I have a feeling I know who it was and I would just like confirmation. (Your confirmation is correct.

     (a: I was just wondering why she was below them at that time.) (Adjust to not knowing for there will be more of these links who Adriane will know. Speak softly for the link must be made quickly. Proceed with Confidence. Blessed Be.)



January 2, 2018
    Marcia with Adriane

   “We are anxious and excited to start a more complete range of future events. We begin: The knowledge of the dimensional exchange was wonderful to pass on to our other groups. It caused our minds to open to new thoughts. Some may not be a surprise but others will be. We have seen the shift that has begun but has largely been ignored. We can guarantee you it will not be ignored for long. The killing continues and is overpowering so many, meaning worry and fear. In the coming future, meaning not far away, there will be beginnings of turmoil. If at all possible it is best to separate yourself Mentally if you can. It is not expected that all become aware of for there will be Heavy Changes.

   Adriane, we feel that your openness to what will be happening may be like a heavy bag to carry. It may be necessary to let it slide past you until balance is restored. This changing of the guard, you might say, is a Shock As To Intensity And Speed. You may feel, both of you, as if you are in a thunder storm. You have to ride it out. This is a time when Animals Need Comforting. – Now we move on to another aspect. When you see energy pulling at you, take deep breaths. Stay Calm and In Control. We use that term or guideline often because it fits. Helping is a good thing, but it must be done carefully or you will drain yourself. The Situation Will Change And There Will Be A More Restful Atmosphere. We will now shift.

   The Light is Bright And That Must Be An Awareness. Be Careful With Your Eyes. This has been said and we repeat as a reminder. Come, let us think together. Clear the air, Adriane. We understand.”

   (m: I heard “We Hear You” from some other group. I felt and said out loud to the angels, “They want to start a war.” They said “Correct.” I was told to follow instinct with the words I know but not the meaning. (Usually, I am asked to sing.) They then said, “You are Approached, tell them to leave.” I put down my pad used for writing and spoke words that came out with a very strong threatening ‘don’t take another step manner’. They said, “We will Leave.” The current angel said ‘good job’, now we can continue.”    As we move forward it is to be expected that there will be, at times, unexpected reactions to unexpected events movement. We ask for ‘The Language’ so that they are more careful in listening and they will and did leave.

     “Now to earth again. It is obvious to many that they must live in a more conscious way. People on the street or in an accident or out of mind can appear. We do mean, as said before, to walk or become concerned at all times, but to be more alert and be ready to take or report action quickly. It will seem that it is growing and there are people more careful with where their children are allowed to go.   We feel many, many have already gone in a different awareness. This, sadly, includes children who begin to show odd behavior.” To m: Listen for guidelines which become connected with just a word that sharpens the senses. If you feel an uneasiness when you are someplace, Get Out. Don’t imagine that it was strange and then ignore.” (m: Trying to figure this out, heard “Practice”.) (a: I heard the word Egypt. I see a long corridor – file cabinet, long built in the wall down this huge long corridor but part of the wall is an archive.) :: Archive – a place where material having documentary interest, as private papers, institutional records, memorabilia or photographs is kept.) (a: I saw a long, long corridor with walls on each side that have built-in file cabinets like a huge archive, only the front can be seen. Be very careful, mesh with the Dark , then it becomes Light where you can see what is built in flat to the wall where you can pull out information. To see long distances, ice water feels strong. We, you, have started our journey. And so it is.” (a: Reach out with your mind, you’ll have a body when you get there. It’s like dreaming you have a body in your dreams. Files and walls look alike so you can or could concentrate. You concentrated on the dark so that’s what you read. (m: I was told to raise my right hand. Saw a button like overalls. (a: He told you that you would be Bound in Spirit and to go back in small steps. I don’t need to move to be anywhere. You were told to open your eyes slowly. (a: She told me, Adriane and Marcia to leave in little steps and that I could slide down. I told her I don’t need to move to go anywhere. She said ‘ah’ like “I understand.”

     The cabinets were like a library. The cabinets though were built into the wall and had a metallic look.”




January 3, 2018

I channeled a private message. One part on guidelines for the coming change was so clear as to what was needed that I asked if I could use them. (This was a celestial connection.) I felt the opening to use it. Here it is:









December 27, 2017
   Marcia with Adriane

   “We have looked forward after the wondrous awareness of the 7th dimension Being. There was much surprise when we told our story. We now shift a little and have some questions. Do you as a person, Adriane, feel a difference and we are aware of the very cold weather. This is overall in your inner self. (a: Generally I feel my Inner Self and my Outer Self-are becoming more like one, that there is not that much difference anymore.) “Marcia, we are aware of a change in you that you felt when you stood up and you weren’t there. We are aware that you took steps to be able to walk as you were very disconnected. If this happens to others the same steps should be used of standing, moving your toes and holding on to something and repeating. If not, the person will find they may fall head forward on the floor. It is an adjustment, a surprising, but must be carefully re-connected before walking. (a: I went through that a long time ago. Ground yourself to the Earth Core. I imagined a column of Light through the Middle of Me. It went through the earth to the core. Mine was visual – the stairs were shifting. I had to be aware where the foot and the stairs were. I had to realize I was creating the stairs as I moved and needed them to be solid when my foot hit them.) (m: If I had not held on to the chair I would have fallen flat on my face.) (a: That’s because you were not aware you were creating the floor as you moved. That’s what is happening, people will have to become more aware. Everyone has always done that but it was automatic and it was done in an unaware manner. The energies have risen to the point that you must become aware that you are creating constantly. Think of where the floor is and where you want it to be and your body grounded to the earth. This is a transition time. (m: What is the effect on dogs – animals?) (a: When they are walking, the animals have no trouble because they are more aware they are connected to the earth. The barriers are thinning between dimensions.) “It has been clarified and helps us to understand the physical reaction on earth. THE PACE OF CHANGE WILL BEGIN TO INCREASE. You know that, correct?” (a: Yes.) “We will be busier on the next posting for it is TIME TO BE MORE SPECIFIC. With that knowledge, we look forward to the next time.” (a:Make the intention – ground yourself to the earth.)



December 20, 2017
     Marcia with Adriane

     “We are here. We found the information given yesterday a new beginning, so we will start from there. There will be faster information given when things are visibly showing. We were awed by the fact that the entity from one dimension was walking through your house, Adriane, and you saw it. It is a truly big, big step forward. The situation will undoubtedly require some communication with those who are, we are calling WALK THROUGHS. We can almost sense the expression and it just may be that you, Adriane will speak first.” (a: I don’t think they can see me.) (m: Not known – later.) (a: My cat is aware something is going through. She is aware of something going on, nothing she hasn’t seen before. She is like a syndical – calm, sits upright between her back legs.) “We want you to look. Is it available now?” (m: I get right corner.)

     “We want you to look. Is it available now?” (m: I get right corner.) (a: Which? I’ll look where there is a door.) (m: I think he is behind you. He feels a wiggling. The angel directed me to hum-sing. I did so and he heard it! I was asked by the angel “again”. It was a sound something like ah wa. I heard “Who is it?” (m: A voice from the 3rd dimension. Welcome, plus another is listening.) (-Where am I?) (m: America, Earth.) (- What Earth?) (m: Listen to the other one here.) (a: It is Earth, that is the name of our planet in the third dimension. It has other names in different dimensions. We are also in contact with others who are not on earth, but in another dimension.) (m: He wants to know how to address them.) (a: They have not given us a name. We say here on this earth a simple word called ‘Hello”.) (- I shall use it. Backing up, go through you.

     Hello, Welcome. I now see a wondrous sight. I See Your Light. I welcome you and I send greetings and Love to you. (m: He wants to hear them.) (Angels: We See you, We Hear you. We honor you as the First Visible Entrance for you carry your outward energy in plain sight. We welcome you. How do you feel?” (- I feel elated in all my being. What do I do?) “Tell us where you are and who you are. (m: He is standing very straight.) (- I am in the 7th Dimension usually but I had been directed to travel, but not way. I am a candidate you might say for I move and learn and share. I lead but I also go in many spaces. I am known as CARLTON, Carlton is my name. (a: Do you live on a planet?) (c: Of course.) (a: What do you call the name? What do you call it?) (c: COARE. I am known. What message should I give?) (a: We send our greetings. – Hyperion was called the High One in Greek mythology. He was one of 12 children of Gaia – Earth and Uranus – earth and sky or heaven.) (c: You know of us? (a: It is a legend on earth. (c: I am not a legend, that appears not to be.) (a: It was passed for security and other reasons. (c: What is your name?) (I am Adriane, also known as Aurora.) (c: But I have known you and I believe one of the, I’ll call it Celestial Angelic Visitors. / What is your name? (m: Marcia, also known celestially as Joy. – He is overwhelmed.

     (c: I speak to you, you the Carriers of Light and Knowledge. I honor and hope that I can see your Light again. You are spectacular with your Wisdom and your Light. I honor you. I am awed that you, Adriane, are here. I am awed that you, Joy, were able to hear me. This is truly a BEGINNING IN HISTORIC CHANGES. I am open to follow whatever you, the Angels, would have me know and earth information also. Please be quiet for a minute.

     I am linking upward and reaching far. The Light Speaks and The Light Shines. All of each of you, in your work, are honored for this is a Major Step forward. I have, as we have spoken, changed my steps and will return to my people. Will you, the Angels, share words with me that I may give to my group of Light?)

     “Yes, we have listened intently and we are joyful in this step forward for mankind. We say to you Welcome, come home again and spread news of The Light Moving Forward. If you are available we will gladly share again. We honor you and your path. We have no questions for we see what can be. The questions may come later. Like walking in a forest, suddenly the Light appears. This Is A Major Step Of Light.) (c: I go then as my mind is whirling with Joy and Happiness.) “We too, are stunned at the suddenness of a world like opening appearing. (m: Their minds are just whirling.) “We feel the enormity of this step forward.)   (a: It has been my experience that characters in legends have physical existences in other dimensions. Gods in particular in Legends Of Old. It is as if the writers of the legends could somehow sense this other reality and weave it to a story. We have met several. Remember that Thoth, Baast were in our channels. The Angels are drifting away.)




December 19, 2017
     Marcia with Adriane

     “We are here. There is much to be told. We see so much anger throughout the world. It grows like a plant and has serious results. We also see the Light that tells us that Christmas is celebrated. This is a dangerous time and we say that not to alarm, but tuck away the possibilities. There is a turn around in energy. This is a step forward not previously told. The turn around means it can be felt though it is new. Adriane, do you or have you noticed recently any shift in energy overall?

     (a: Yes.) Then we are on the same path for it is not yet known. This shift is like a bubble. It can fly and it can pop and it can float long distances. We mention as a simple telling, but it is not simple and we believe you know this. (a: I don’t associate with that description at all.) “Please explain.” (a: The description of a bubble floating and popping seems something outside of the reality of our time. I feel more a thinning of barriers as if the walls between dimensions are thin. On the emotional level I feel despair at a time during these holidays when there should be joy.)   “Continue.” (a: That’s what I have been feeling. I have actually seen the barrier wall disappear occasionally.) “We are re-arranging our thought. We were not aware of what has to be considered as a major step. We would appreciate know what effect is obvious.)

     (a: It seems they are not aware of us though I am aware of them. This has been happening more often. When the Barrier Wall Goes Down, They Just Walk Through But They Are Unaware They Are In Another Dimension. It’s Like They Are Bringing Their Dimension With Them.) “THEY ARE BRINGING THEIR DIMENSION WITH THEM.) (a: It Is Over Laying Our Our When They Do. In other words, I See Both Dimensions At The Same Time.) “The People?” (a: Yes. Not sure which dimension. They look like A Solid Shadow Walking. It is a THREE DIMENSIONAL ROUNDED HEAD NOT LIKE YOU WOULD DRAW A SHADOW ON A PIECE OF PAPER, MORE LIKE A SOLID HOLOGRAM. I only see one at a time. I heard them walking. Twice in Daylight I actually heard them. I was aware someone was walking there. They are walking inside the house. They don’t see me, like a ghost but not a ghost. Three times – male – only saw one at a time.)

     (m: I Heard or Felt Someone. “I HEAR YOU.”) “WHO ARE YOU?” (m: I am a channel with others of a different dimension and another celestial channel on the telephone.) “I SEE YOU, WHERE ARE THE OTHERS?” (m: Too far for you to see I’m told. We, she and I, have visitors who are Listening. They can hear you.”) “You have good ears.” (m: Do you have questions? The angels are here.) “Ah. This then is for the angels. I wondered. You are a scribe.” (m: Partly.)

     “ I have traveled far and yet I acknowledge your Light. I am humbled by it. I felt it and I followed it. I say to you your work is known and treasured. You may not know me. My name is AMAK, yes AMAK. Dear Angels, I send you Love and Delight. Dear Angels your work is known and it is treasured more than you know at this time. I feel your Light which shines from above. It was that which drew me forward. I say to you and those who speak with you, whether it is a small amount of words or large or Light given HEAR THIS – YOU ARE TREASURED. FROM THE HEAR I SAY THIS. I MAY RETURN FOR I SEE MUCH IS HAPPENING.” (a: Where are you?) “I am home.” (a: Where is home?) BETWEEN THE SEAS, LOOK UP AND YOU WILL FIND ME.” (a: Are you dimensional or physical?) “I AM BOTH IN THE SENSE OF THE WORD FOR MINE IS AND IS NOT A BODY OR ONLY MY LIGHT. I AM NOT IN THE BOOKS, BUT I TRAVEL AND I HONOR WITH MY DEEPEST SELF THE LIGHT THAT IS BEING SENT BY GOD’S ANGELS. I SEE YOU, I SENSE YOU AND NOW I HEAR YOU. YOUR CONTRIBUTION WILL BE LIKE THE SUN.) “We see what you relayed now with the opening of knowing its existence. It is awesome to us and somewhat overwhelming to see what we now see and thank you for telling us. We now have a link that we previously did not have and feel we will profit by knowing his existence. This has opened up much to share tomorrow and so we leave for now.” (a: He looked Egyptian.)



December 12, 2017
     Marcia with Adriane

   (m: We were asked what color we were wearing. Adriane was wearing a green top and I was wearing a blue-green top. I saw a very large group in a circle and the Angel in charge was walking behind each one and carefully checking to make sure they were standing in the exact location. Everyone was absolutely still.) “A moment of peace – We begin. Much thought has been given to our messages today. (m: I heard ‘symbols’. His checking of each one in the very large circle was finished and no one moved.) We begin a somewhat new approach. Do exactly as the directions are given for both. Close your eyes momentarily. Before opening your eyes take a breath and breathe it forward.”

   (m: They are motionless. I felt pressure over my left eye.) “Reach for the Sky in Memory, meaning with eyes closed see what you see.” (m: I saw a hut, peace, stars. (a: I see a column of rings reaching to eternity. They are made of Light. The rings were turning. (m: What I saw. I see myself lying down and I’m told to reach to the Sky and I’m filled with Light.) “Marcia and Adriane – Take your right hand and turn your hand so the palm is facing upward. After this is done, wait for the energy flow.) (m: Slow energy that increased as it moved through my arm. I felt my arm shaking. (a: When my physical hand started to fill with Light and they said to raise it, it wasn’t my physical hand, it was like my Celestial Body. In my hand was a clear Ball of Light that had twinkly stars in it.)

   (m: I felt pressure and warmth in my hand and then pressure in the 3rd eye area.)

   (a: When I lowered my hand as directed my physical hand became cold.) (m: I feel something changed in the heart area like an opening and it was an actual opening plus pressure in the 3rd eye. (a: I felt a tingly pressure at the base of the skull in the back where my neck connects.) “Wiggle your toes. Now walk behind all of the circle very slowly. Blessing to each one in the circle. (a: When I started walking the circle I was this huge Being. As I walked I kept getting smaller. I was human size again but I was still filled with Light. As I became smaller, on my head was a Crown with a Star above my 3rd eye, on top the crown faced forward so that my 3rd eye, the Crown and the Star were in a straight line above each other. (m: I walked slowly and made sure each angel knew I was there and thanked them mentally. It was a special feeling to be able to acknowledge each one, a very soft feeling of sharing with each one.)

   “We are pleased that directions were followed with care and trust. The energy of your blessings was received and will be honored. We now shift. You may feel a difference in outcome that expresses yourself in ways you were not previously able to do. You or readers may wonder why your blessings were given to the angels gathered. It also was a gift beyond your knowing and will remain intact. We all are sharing the pleased feeling of the messages being so carefully manifested. The power involved will manifest in different ways that you previously manifested. The power involved will manifest in different ways that you previously could not use. We give no further information, but you see a sudden difference which will be unexpected but warming to your bodies and knowing of what has been shared. Blessed Be on your Journey of Light.”

   (m: He left but I heard: Give Of The Light which is now within. You will be sharing Light that will have important results. It is not necessary to ask for directions as you will find the information or action will flow gently and meaningfully. We have contributed much today and for readers who sense or even see, we send the blessings of the words. I go with pleasure as our planned sharing expanded even more than was expected. You need no direction for all will come naturally. We will be able to hear some of the happenings and that too will be shared. I feel a strong sense and pleasure as the Light has been sent and so, for now, I leave.”

   (a: The use does not come until the 10th and 12th chakra dimensions. To put it simply, God-realization is not the end of development, it is the beginning of your pure mental spiritual development. The opening of the 3rd eye allows people to begin access and when they reach God-realization through the 7th crown chakra, it is like turning the universe inside out. What you once perceived as outside of yourself now resides within you. It all happens naturally as a development of the Spirit. Learning to be still, to cease thought and words, seeking the Light through the Third Eye will allow the Spirit to access the mental realm where mind becomes pure Light Sentience.)



December 12, 2017
     Marcia with Adriane

     “We have purple we have spoken of and we are surprised that the color is not used more on earth. It is strong and we have mentioned that before. We feel that much of the information is like running water. It is read and then it goes on its way. It could be the closeness to Christmas, but is somewhat disturbing. It is like reading something and then saying ‘what’s next’ without thinking further on the information given.

     We would like to discuss the possibility of information that may take some long remembering on your part. We go back in time and messages seemed easier, but then there was not the same major step as now. We are very aware of conflict as it seems that the huge amount of guidance is just scanned and forgotten. Even when things are pointed out in the Sky, there is little reaction. We see the fires and that is a sign of progression, but again, little thought is given except for the shock of losing everything. Having said that we shift and proceed.

     This is like a lull in time and only a few and very, we’ll call it, are tuned. We are considering what you might call a separate path. We felt it too advanced but perhaps that is not accurate.” (m: There was a long pause. A different female entity appeared.) “I would like to speak. I have permission. This will give them a little time to recreate. I am OF THE LIGHT, but I seldom speak. I saw the opening and have permission.   There are many people on earth ‘at their wits’ end’. The stress and the uneven guidance for countries is sad to see. There are so many problems and they will continue. There is not the usual feeling of this time of year though it would seem so. There are just too many changes and too many problems. Awareness should be used to find balance for the energies of people are out of sight and up and down. Stress is prevalent and there is a conscious effort to create some peace, but when you lose your home to fires that is so difficult.

     It is important to step back and find some moments of quietness. I wish you peace and send this thought to remember – to Stop and Rest, even if it is a Short Time. I would like to send sprinkles of Light but it would take too long to get there.”   The group spoke: “We are having quite a discussion and would like to present it tomorrow.”



“If you have read this message before December 14, read the added new information
at the end.” 

December 5, 2017
     Marcia with Adriane

     “We came a different route. We see in one part of the country the devastating fires. We also see how this will be a challenge as other steps begin to manifest. At the beginning, now we would like to ask you, Adriane, a question before we begin our own words to give. When we see energy approaching the earth in lightening speed, is it true that this energy is mainly absorbed by the earth and not visually known? (a: Yes, it is absorbed and assimilated and not generally known. However, the energy coming from the Sun is seen.) * That is very helpful. (m: I think he is new in this group.) *Yes, that is true. (a: People see the aura which expands beyond its normal visibility. The extra energy causes the aurora to expand across the earth much further than is normal.)

     “May it be said that these words I give to you ARE SACRED. This may explain the very, very careful way of speaking. I give you now NEW THOUGHT. Think before you create your reply for there are many listening.   I FORSEE HORROR. This is not new I’m told, but it is a fact that should be said. When, on earth, evil spreads, that is when there is an overwhelming change that affects the earth and the people in it. It is necessary to try to be somewhat separate in the middle of NEW DISASTROUS SITUATIONS. This is not easy but one should mentally make an effort to, in effect, SUPPORT YOUR BRAIN BY SURROUNDING THE THOUGHTS WITH CAREFUL DESIRE AND CAREFUL STEPS FORWARD. This obviously, is not new, but it will be a definite determination Not To Be Caught Up In New Dangerous Experiences. It is DETERMINATION To Not Let Your Brain, Your Thoughts Get Out Of Control. STEEL IS LIKE THE DETERMINATION REQUIRED YET MAKING IT AS A CONTROLLED ACTION WILL BE VERY HELPFUL.

     WHY WILL BE A COMMON QUESTION.   This cannot be given in detail but to destroy the dark, to have room for the Light, there must be SERIOUS CHANGES. This is not to frighten, but it is by me being carefully given for balance to also be part of that which will be needed. I go early, meaning now unless you have a question. (a: No.) Thank you, my work is done. There are others here to speak.”

     “As you may have gathered this was so serious we hardly moved. On the surface it does not say enough information, but when the time comes the message will fall in place and having the Word, IT WILL GIVE TIME FOR THE QUICKNESS OF MENTAL PREPARATION. We feel the impact for we have been told that THIS TIME ON EARTH WILL BE LONG REMEMBERED. HAVE FAITH AND COURAGE AND DO NOT HIDE, FOR THE LIGHT WILL SHINE.” (He was suddenly gone.)


     (a: Thoughts are energy. The brain is a physical thing. Thoughts do not come from your brain. They come from your mental body which is energy. The brain interprets this mental body energy into words. Pure thought energy is what makes up the mental body and is beyond words, it is pure sentience, pure knowing. The Mental Body can be partially accessed in the beginning from the Third Eye, but its full access is through the Crown chakra. The mental realm is accessed through your Higher Chakra system. Mental Thought Energy is to the brain what the Lower Chakra System is to the Body. The Mental Body has its own chakra system of more refined energy and it is this system of refined chakras that accesses the Higher Dimensions beyond the 7th Chakra.

     Your Brain and Mental Body become a separate system after the 7th Chakra is accessed, complete control of use does not come until the 9th– 12 Chakra Dimensions. To put it simply, God-realization is not the end of development, it is the beginning of your Pure Mental Spiritual Development. The opening of the 3rd eye allows people to begin access and when they reach God Realization through the 7th Crown Chakra, it is like turning the universe inside out, what you once perceived as outside of yourself now resides with you. It all happens naturally, as a Development of the Spirit. Learning to be still, to cease thought and words seeking the Light through the third eye, will allow the spirit to access the mental realm where mind becomes pure light sentience.)