November 29, 2017
     Marcia with Adriane

     “We are pleased with the progress that was made previously. We are, as you see, or hear, speaking more slowly. There is a reason for this that we will not give at this time. We feel we have made giant steps forward in one communicative information. Now, Adriane, listen on two levels, and so we begin.

     Coming, as is known, is full of problems and terror. There is nothing that can change that as it is, you might call it, the future plan. Here, we hesitate as we move carefully forward so listen widely.   The Colors Necessary For Help Are Varied. At times it is the choice made by the person involved. It is not always one color for all. The colors we say for you both may feel somewhat awkward. Listen well. PURPLE IS THE BASE AND BLUE IS THE SURROUNDING COLOR FOR PROTECTION ON CERTAIN ADVANCES OF ENERGY, THE STRONGER THE ENERGY, THE WIDER THE COLORS. That has not been emphasized enough. We suggest to or for the two of you that PURPLE become the VERY CENTRAL COLOR.   SOAK IN IT MENTALLY if necessary. THE BLUE COLOR SHOULD SLIDE IN THE DIRECTION MOST NEEDED.

     We turn now to a difficult step. Once you have the two colors in place it may be necessary to Mentally See Them Placed As Is Most Evidentially NEEDED. As to time for action, we cannot say. That has been told. This requirement, of course, is a Warning Notice. This would be and is out of reach for an entire planet. We can only say that The Body Will Be Your Key To Something Happening and Also Animals Reacting With Fear. Calmness, of course, is as necessary as can be created. Having said this, the OBVIOUS CALMNESS YOU CAN CREATE FOR AND AROUND SELF IS YOUR BEST GUIDE.

     (a: What do you mean as having purple as your Base? Do you mean below or as a whole thing as a base like a base coat of paint that is under everything?) We feel that creating a base coat, though we know it possible, would take too much time. However, if you are speaking of Self and have this ability, we say ‘Do So’.   (a: Many Pleiadians are in the center.) “We will resume. We are changing some of our messages. Adriane, we appreciate the advanced information and were not aware of the scope of the information from you. We were checking to become more familiar with the information you gave.

     1 and 1 makes, we’re told, is a beginning learning for young children. We say for you and Marcia that the 1 and 1 that makes 2 will be very, very busy. We are, of course, speaking of the both of you and because of the difference in knowledge, but also because of the skills you each have, we send this message:

     ‘When you communicate over the Sky, Speak Slowly For As You Know, There Are Many, Many Beings and Ships there. We say this because you both are very connected to the above and this can cause a speed up in your speech. No matter the skills, we urge you to speak clearly and somewhat lesser speed than your normally speech. (a: Do you mean when we channel you want me to speak slower?) YES. (a: I only speak words on earth – my normal communication is not with words. It is mind to mind.) You see the complexity involved and we assume that as you have been doing, the words are what we need.

     We find that there are many verbal connections made by LightWorkers that do not always reach their goal. We simply bring this attention to them to slow down what they say. (m: They asked me to sing to them – a Celestial Song …one I never know is going to be sung or what is said. I did and it was very emotional. This explanation is repeated for those who have not read previous descriptions.) “We hear the Celestial Words you have given. Do not regret that you do not know the meanings of it will eventually come to you. We know what has been said and that is all we can say on it. Do not be distressed for the time will come when the veil will slide and you will know the meanings. … Adriane, we have a few questions. When the Earth shifts, do you feel there will be a warning notice for Adriane to be distributed? (a: No. I may get a warning but no, it will not be distributed. The experience has to be experienced at the 3d level. (m: They didn’t understand.) (a: Which shift are they talking about, the Continental Shift or the Dimensional Shift, Land Mass Shift or Dimensional Mental Shifts. In other words, a Physical Shift or an Energy Shift – which are you talking about? “They are intertwined.” (a: Not at this level. The awareness is too dense to realize the connection. They experience it as separate. Everything is dual.)

     “We see more clearly. We ask this – do you fly mentally to specific areas knowingly?” (a: Yes.) Now we understand better and have already adjusted this and our future plan. We are, we know, in areas and information unknown. Still, there may be many changes that some or more Earth Beings of Light do not know. Bringing this to attention will help them, on their own, to explore and receive understanding and we thank you for that. We feel closeness. Do you know why? (a: Because when you feel closeness, we are of one mind.) Ah, we feel this will be a pleasantly rather unbelievable information to take back to our space and we then will meet again on the prescribed earth talks. We thank you both and we have leave.”



November 29, 2017
     Marcia with Adriane

     “This will be an explosive turn of events. We mean by that we will have some carefully planned different information to hear. It may seem out of place but as we travel with the words you will see the base of our presentation. Be Prepared. (a: What Dimension are you from?) The 25th dimension and we hasten to say that very little is known of our planet of Dimensional Level. This is why we stated that what we said originally about it seeming out of place is because of the unusual distance and unusual opportunity to hear and communicate.  (a: Do you work for the First Cause Of All?) We go beyond that. We usually have no communication link so our work, as you call it, is, you might say, out of sight and out of mind. We ask for your patience and we do have questions to ask. (a: I have one more question. If you are not working for the First Cause why are you getting involved with such a low density?) We were sent. (a: By whom? Describe it the best you can and I will interpret it.)

     We are honored with the careful involvement of the two of you. The care shown is known to allow new information to be given. The BEING, the LIGHT, is not known, but we will take what you said. We were sent by the unknown CITY OF LIGHT which has Mammoth Beings. The one you may know or remember is Christ Like. The beauty of all involved in this category is awesome in sight and sound. You may know from before time for we quickly sensed that some aspect of you knows this Being Of Light. We see in you and the opening of knowledge or knowing that you will sense, but be surprised that the door has opened to you.

     (a: The City Of Light is an energy source, a spiritual energy source with Beings that are Conscious Energy. The Masters of the planes below draw their energy from this source. It is a CELESTIAL CITY.) That is true. Your established comments amaze us that you can remember though you are in the density you live in. To see the mess of the Earth World is disturbing. We do not reach for connections but have made this connection and so we proceed. There are many people on earth who see beyond the surface and see the turmoil coming. This is not to say they have any connection with us but we were advised to become aware of the earth, a guidance we wondered if it could be. We see it can and so we say this:

     The earth is splattered with evil intent. Most who are aware, very carefully keep their intentions carefully hidden. You, Adriane, are only partly aware but we know you can expand and we are here to ask you to strengthen and spread your awareness. This will include things or even people that is, individuals who will surprise you. Being aware of these Beings does not mean they can be stopped, but knowing will strengthen guidelines for both.

     Knowing is not always easy. It is a burden and a protection. It will Strengthen possible choices of action. We would like to again speak and can give further guidance. Be At Peace for The Light Will Shine.”




November 21, 2017
  Marcia with Adriane

   “The world-changing is now well known. It is obvious in many different ways. The most shocking change is the non-stop flow of killing by parents, by self, and by other obvious steps. We have considered for the next two days a somewhat different approach which you, Adriane will understand after a brief review, and so we begin.

   Hours of giving clues over the years and hours of information direct and truth have continued to this day. We know many, many have given up and felt patience is a word they don’t want to hear. So many angelic entities have contributed and through understanding length being needed we see other recently who have totally walked away. This is sad but it is their choice and we do not interfere. Too Late They Will Regret The Path They Have Taken. And so, we begin.

   The major step or we could say the most visible step will begin shortly. When there are new things to earth, that becomes a big step for people and animals to adjust to. Like wearing new clothes, all must adjust – they cannot hide and they cannot think of Life as normal. It is necessary to have the knowledge that adjustment must be made.

   Adriane, we are being careful in how we deliver these words: 2 and 2 make a common connection. It is when 2 and 2 add a number as 3 that there is a very, very strange connection. (Adriane heard powerful connection.) Listen patiently. We see the beginning of this grouping, meaning two and two and three. We go no further on explaining this particular step. Next will be new to you. Again, Listen Carefully. 2 and 2 can split. They not only change their power but they also go in different directions for contact. It is this re-direction of both 2’s that will shatter with Sound and Fury. For you both we say two words – Brace Yourself. We feel, Adriane, a question, but ask that you wait further. The length of time of this division will depend on unknown results. The pressure, Marcia, that you feel at this moment is clearly affecting and receiving by a particular section of the brain. (m: This was from the nose up about four fingers turned sideways, pass the forehead to the hair line and then back four fingers width.) That is your protection. For you, Adriane, protection will require a “central movement at the top of the head stopping where you feel it should stop. (a: Why do I need protection?) It is New. (a: What is ‘IT’?) It is Mammoth Eons Of Energy Development. (a: Marcia and I are not the only two entities on earth. There are Billions of Entities here. Why do we need protection of a special kind when they will have none?) It is not that they will have none, but that It Is Different. (a: How so?) Because you both are in almost constant connection with the outer world. (a: Outer world or Inner World?) BOTH. (a: The outer – we have grosser energy, the Inside World is Finer Spiritual Energy. I can’t speak for Marcia, but I’m in contact with the inner world. Outer world physically, the outer dimensional world and the plane of existence where those waiting to be re-incarnate exist. Some people call them ghost reincarnated.

   There comes a point in spiritual development where the Outer World ceases to exist for you and the inner spiritual world becomes your reality. There are also dimensional worlds, but in yourself and exist only for those who have become aware of their spiritual true self. That is why Spiritual Masters exist beyond the physical world. They exist beyond the physical world which is the universe. They exist within the spiritual field itself and it is the goal of every soul to attain that existence.)

   “ You will be surprised when all hell breaks loose for It Will Be A Different Pattern Than Known. This will cause Fear For It Will Be New. (a: People on earth need to have a Spiritual Change in order for the earth to move upward to the 5th dimension and all the physical warnings will do nothing to move them spiritually forward and upward. We will proceed the next day. Stop concentrating on things, more spiritual and less physical. Adriane will give you new information.”


   ( Adriane could not make it the next day so there was no message.)


November 15, 2017
  Marcia with Adriane

   “We have taken some time to share individual thoughts. We are, for the most part, in sync with the presentation. It has been a somber meeting of the minds. We are deliberately pausing and will follow this stop-start. Adriane we invite your information and will give our response. We see now a clearer view. There are many ships near the earth and many signs in the sky that are ignored except for those who know their meaning. Adriane, how can we reach others without some negative response as to descriptions we feel we should say.” (a: Using words that carry strong emotion here on earth will terrify people using the word terrify, horror and slaughter carry very strong emotion with the word and it is not necessary. It can be explained with less emotional words. The idea is to inform, not to paralyze with fear.) “It is difficult with what we see.” (a: Using references to other past happenings on earth would describe what you wish to convey. Using Biblical references will help to convey what you wish people to know. It is the specific words that carries fear emotion that I wish to avoid. It is just a few certain words. A description that people can relate to without using a word. Something that has happened in the past that describes what you are trying to say, a global thought, not an emotion.)

   “We see much dismay for there is so much turmoil in so many languages. The hurt and the inner sorrow is so sad to perceive. They are trapped and they know it. We are referring to those who want and need to flee and there is no way out. The inhuman treatment of women and children is sickening. The despair would lead to more suicide but even that cannot be done. We see and feel their sadness and it is a dismaying view. This we know will continue with beginning mental problems and then they are killed after seeing their children killed. We see ahead such dismay at things that people cannot avoid. It is this viewing, this knowing that will begin worry and wonder what will happen in the world. There is a knowing in many that responds to this truth and yet on the surface they are expected to lead a normal life. You know and we know this cannot be done. People turn away but like water it spreads and then you have upset, mental problems and suicides. The knowing you have, Adriane, will be difficult as it becomes stronger. You know how to handle it, but you also know it will be difficult. At some point you will see the animals responding as they feel the sadness or change yet do not know the source.” (a: If it is affecting the animals it will also reverberate in the earth itself. Say it in such a way people can understand in a more descriptive way, Biblical happening again.)

   “We see blood, we see surprise, we see fear.” (a: Why do you see blood?) “The earth shift is beginning in small but deeply destroying ways. It is time for the slowly shifting to begin. This means jolts, building collapsing, and further fears already in place will begin to manifest in a deeply fearful way.” (a: What do you mean fears already in place.) “People would have to hide to not know there is fear destroying actions.) (a: By what?) “An uncommon unknown prepared bomb. It is difficult to say the word but it is not like it is not known. It will happen in an unexpected time and unexpected way. Though many expect or wonder, it will become a shock to all within reach. It is powerful to speak of these things, we can only say Prepare, Prepare. Prepare mentally and know what will happen. “We can only say BE STRONG, BE AWARE and BE IN CONTROL AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE WITH YOUR FEARS.” (a: Continuation of the Change Piece by Piece, man’s inhumanity – women and children – earth plates moving – bomb, continuous happening of change. Many things will happen in many different places. Society changes – Humanity, Earthquakes, Political Changes, Natural Disasters. A STRING OF THINGS.”




November 14, 2017
  Marcia with Adriane

   “We are planning carefully our current messages, meaning this one. We have much thought to many connections involving words. We say that for you may sense a different energy. It is turmoil on earth and that is obvious. This makes people of different countries uneasy though they may not show it. It seems to many to drag on for there were words implying soon. This is still true, but difficult to relay. We have already seen and perceived that which is the deaths coming that cannot be missed for it is shown or told, and yet many ignore for they cannot cope with the words and the images.

   What we have spoken of recently is still true and that is danger coming. You see, there has been a change of wording. We rely on the Light Workers. More than they know at this time will be very helpful and knowing will flow. It may surprise them as to how quickly they understand steps to be taken. Be alert, we acknowledge has been said many, many times. It still applies.”

   (m: They asked me to “Talk The Light” – we will guide if you are in need of direction. Proceed.” It took me a few moments to adjust to ‘saying’ as I usually sing it. These are words that I do not understand from way back in time but they know. The only one I remember is E MA NA HA but I do not know the meaning.)   “We now have a better connection. The meanings will not be told.”

   We understand that many who read our words are frustrated and annoyed. We are guided by what we can say and what steps to take. We understand the frustration, but must always be as guided from Above. Certainly we see advancement from the dark side, but it is not time to reveal. We are told that if Beings who know or sense what will be to carefully guard your words. The difficult part is that it will be sudden and too late to think through the process. This is when you follow your Inner Guidance. We have suggested being aware of Signs. This does not mean circulating the information. It is only to help you be prepared. We have learned much and have already begun what we intend to say in the next message.




November 9, 2017
  Marcia with Adriane

   “When there is turmoil that draws attention, you already see that there is increase in behavior and increase in actions. There is nothing that we can say to give hope at this time. The lines must be played out. We can, however, give Guidelines as to Reactions and Assistance. We have thought on the message of the previous day and we have created a few questions. (To Adriane) In the evening where you are is that a good time to communicate? (a: No. That would not allow a dialog.) Second question. As we see a terror developing we feel that some notice should be made. However, we do not want to create panic. We see both choices and would like to hear your feelings. (a: I would suggest using something as the situation develops.) “We understand and we will proceed. Listen carefully to the words.

   We see on our screen, you might call it, the situation which will cause shock. We feel that there is a knowing of this possibility. Often we say “be prepared” but there is little that will help before actual action. We will say it has been carefully and quietly planned. You, meaning both, will need to be alert for messages to come through. We Cannot Interfere With The Outcome. It must play out by those who are already preparing. We are thankful for the connected time that allowed for better presentation.

   There will be thoughts running through your heads and others. We feel you sense what is coming but will not draw attention at this time. We will be ever present to give help at various times. We are sad and there will be many others who will feel the same. Listen, for we will appear at different times. We go for now feeling a more understanding connection. We will say this – THE TIME HAS COME FOR THE LIGHT TO STEP FORWARD. STEP FORWARD IN YOUR BEING. Those who read these words will soon know the meaning. We go.”




November 7, 2017
     Marcia with Adriane

     “We are for the day. The days fly by and this is noticed by many as a pulsing thing. The speed will continue and different patterns will have to be taken. Trying to keep things the same will not work and so we begin.

     The Horrors Of War will begin slowly. War comes in many shapes, but some will cause fear. It may seem like this is spoken of too often, but in fact, it will happen too often. It is important that fear does not overtake the mind. When things happen that are new there is more of a pattern of increasing fear. Those who read these words are understanding, at the times other find it annoying. ‘Why don’t they talk about something else has been said.’ It would be more comfortable, but knowing may save lives. It is awareness we intend in our words. When things speed up, one after another, take time to mentally observe the speed of your mind.

     There has been extremely devastating loss of Life. There will be more. This is not said easily, but we send it as a mental knowing which will add to dismay for some, but a chance to buffer the mind and the body.

     We see that many are what we call ‘on edge’. Without awareness and intent or control we say what may be obvious, to prepare for future events. The children in some cases may surprise you in their strength and that is all we care to say about their reaction. Peace is difficult when you are surrounded with devilish actions. Use your mind carefully and do not let it ‘run away’. We seek an answer to a question. When there are killings, is it common in your country to see a pattern of it following? (a: Yes. Lately, I can say yes, it has been. We see it as a storm or a cyclone. We, of course, were aware of it happening, but not at the speed we already see. We can only guide and give support.

     (a: It would seem that the mentally weak or the mentally unstable are being easily swayed. When one of these incidents happen it gives them courage to act on their own impulse and therefore we will see two or three happen at a time, very close together. Other people get hysterical, they can’t process properly.)

     (* Take time we say, take time, we come close to make this awareness with our energy. There will be BLANKETS OF ENERGY SEEN IN THE SHAPE OF A CLOUD. The purpose is a softening. You may wonder how this can be. It is like falling versus landing hard and landing easily. Hear this, Adriane, be more alert at this time we are referring to. Knowledge does not always defend. Add KNOWING.)   (a: Is this a ground fog?) (* Yes, not in the sky, on the ground, it is a cloud on the ground formed on the ground, not the Sky. It blankets the ground and causes a softening effect. What did you mean by ‘to defend’? If it is a softening effect what is there to defend?) (*It is frightening when sight does not show other than whiteness. It will bring forth, we call it shock, for those who are reacting too quickly, for calmness is needed.) (a: I have been in this situation 3 times in my lifetime.) (m: When the fog lands, what follows?) (* Static, more than one kind of static, electricity, nothing moves, STATIC WITH SOUND. (a: Why would that be when it’s suppose to soften the energy coming in? (*It’s a crackling sound probably not heard before.) (a: What is the purpose?) (* It carries the ENERGY OF GOD LIKE A FLASH. It is that which will Invade The Spirit. (a: Shouldn’t that be a good thing? (* Only if one is prepared for it.) (a: Should the energy be absorbed by the ones who can absorb it?) (* Carefully.)

     To Adriane:   We appreciate the searching of clarity. It pieces words and knowing which we did not plan. What we are seeing from your knowing is there are those who will recognize what you might call the next step. We did see this as a knowing until we heard the questions so we are very pleased that the Light was included. We go and we will re-think our next words.”



November 1, 2017
     Marcia with Adriane

     ( *We are here today for a different pattern. This is appropriate as earth is processing different patterns. The Pattern of Earth is different than what we expected. It is not and has not been major, but it well may be. We see killing planned as never before. We observed that in the previous message we spoke of this. Like opening a door we find that it is like something sliding at great speed. We add to this that the speed is quite visible. Now that we have scanned the basics let us move on. The Shattering Of Life is a very upsetting experience for there is no going back and in the case or action we refer to there is a helplessness which adds to dismay for what is totally done. Because this is a rare experience and rarer more because of the time and intent, it will Shatter Life. Nothing we can say will help for some time. We see this and our hearts go forward.”)

     (a: The opponents of the Light have a deep foothold in fringe political groups in America. They have infiltrated these groups to encourage violence and soon they will act. They have used their unhappiness to make them justify in their mind that this violence is necessary to get their way. It is a far left political group. They may rename themselves and other names may pop up. They Are Going To Declare War In America.They Are Militant Political Groups Inciting Violence To Get Their Way. They Are Being Used As Pawns Of The Dark Side.

     The Violence that is going to happen unfortunately is because we are on our way, well on our way to becoming a 5th Dimensional Service to Self World which means a Lot Of Violence because people believe their way is the only way. We see that happen more and more. Hopefully, we will get tired of the Constant Battle Over Who’s Right and Move Pass It. These people coming out of these groups will be guilty of SEDITION against the U.S. Government. (sedition – the stirring up of discontent, resistance or rebellion against the government in power.) They are encouraged by the Dark Side to take their political unhappiness farther and use violence. At the mental level how it’s being handled is by the Dark Side and their encouragement of violent levels. There will be bombing.”

     (* We see not through your eyes, but as we see the words fit and it is helpful to know the background that will bring this forward. We have a much better understanding of what is to come or as you said has already begun. It can be particular people or to do damage as disruption that they can. One group wants to kill people, the other group more politically directed – rallies for example. The other group will do as much damage as they can. Other groups will pick more of political rallies or even political conventions. We close with these words:

     Surely, we say, this will happen. It will be told to those who will be prepared with the Knowledge Of What Is To Come. After hearing we thank you for we have a much better understanding. It would have manifested but this gives the deeper understanding of the Spread Of Dark Energy that we Already See. This is more of a pathway of understanding. It may be or will be very disturbing to those who read and understand. They may be surprised that they already sense what has been told and as a result the knowing is coming together as to some incidents they have already wondered about. Step by step we go forward, but the ROAD IS LONG AND DIFFICULT.”





October 31, 2017

     “We see that things are clearer from our last steps. The outlook of the major thought processes presently manifesting on earth is stunning in how it is as if it is spreading. It is the casualness of horrific killings, sometimes an entire family. It is like a creeping disease.   Obviously, these people should be avoided, but often the signs don’t show. There is so much mental turmoil. It is like trying to dodge something poisonous without seeing or knowing it is close. Those who can sense problems to come should do what they can to alert those who may be involved.

     We also see the withdrawal of many and perhaps that is necessary at this time. Only time will tell. There is a lull right now. Look within is said many times but most people are aware of other things to be done and the suggestion is ignored. The emptiness you sense is partly human reactions you feel, but also that from beyond. It will change. Like walking a long way and not seeing treasures, one must stop and sense what is around you. It is a Singular Time, meaning the Self must be realigned. What this means is being still and letting energy settle in a quiet way. Persevere, take small steps. We will return.




October 25, 2017
  Marcia with Adriane
And God shared His Light
Sent Beside The Angel

   “We are here to communicate several different important messages. Adriane, the information you gave was enlightening. As a result we have changed our previous process. We may pause as we are being very extra careful in the use of our words. You may understand and can share if you feel it is helpful. I am here as before, but what you might call a different category. You know me but this might be considered a hidden different side of me. I tell you this so that you not think it is a different person in masquerade.

   I will begin.   ABOVE AND BEYOND LIGHT IS MOVING. With it are Barriers of Protection. It is not that they have to be there but it is for a smooth journey.   WITHIN THIS LIGHT ARE TREASURES UNKNOWN. EARTH PEOPLE MIGHT IMMEDIATELY THINK JEWELS OR MONEY OR UNKNOWN PLEASURES. THIS IS NOT ONLY LIGHT IN ALL ITS GLORY, BUT A SPEED THAT HAS NOT BEEN KNOWN WHICH WILL CARRY TO EARTH FOR THE FIRST TIME. How this will affect can only be seen if you have future sight and even then not all will be shown.



   (a: People need to know this will not be anything physical they can see. It is a BAPTISM IN THE LIGHT OF THE HIGHER MIND AND AN ENLIGHTNING OF THE SPIRIT.)

   (* We have taken into consideration the fact that you would explain for those who can read and hear and sense truth.)

   (a: Everything physical has to be done in a certain way to maintain balance. That is why there has been misunderstanding. People have taken the words of the guides too literally, assuming they are speaking of physical things.)

   (* We speak: We are comforted by clear words that open the door mentally. This is why we decided on a different format for we knew the words would come forth. There will be much to remember and experience. We pause for a moment.   …… We believe that having read the past written description that this will be truly felt as A STEP FORWARD IN UNDERSTANDING. Some events will not be understood. That may come later.