October 24, 2017
    Marcia with Adriane

     (m: Last week I did not receive any messages during the two days the angels come or afterwards. There were no messages from other sources and it seem very empty as that has not happened before. Today I waited again and meditated but no one came. As I was about to give up I heard “Call”. That had to be for Adriane, so I called her and these are her insights.)

     (a: There will always be disasters in the earth. The earth is changing because of the energies. The earth has always had fires, tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. It’s part of the natural system of the earth. What is changing is the continents themselves as the Earth Has Tilted. Therefore, the seasons may not always be as they once were. This has been going on a long time. (m: Seems to me signals and sounds and a big eruption was emphasized.) (a: These things have been happening a long time. The misconception is that it will happen all at once.) (m: What about Sound and Quick Movement?) (a: That is not how nature works and all things change. All things change gradually, natural things that happen but over time, all of these things do change the face of the earth, even the tilt is a natural consequence of the wobble of the earth on its axis. Always be aware that when you are contacted there is an agenda and some entities agenda is to confuse and cause fear. Others are to give hope and encouragement.

     (a: Even if it is a big something it is part of the natural change of the earth. It has happened in the past and it will happen in the future. Before the Ice Age, the planet was tropical. The earth is very, very old. Her seasons are very long, sometimes even millions of years long. We have individual seasons in our continents, but the earth itself has global seasons in which it is warmer or colder. This in turn affects the continental seasons. During the change over from cold to hotter there is a gradual warming which is happening now. The EARTH SEASON ITSELF IS CHANGING SO IT IS A DOUBLE CHANGE. GROWING ZONES WILL BE DIFFERENT AND WE MUST ADAPT. IT MEANS GROWING ZONE 7 YOU MAY BE GROWING ZONE 8. SO PLANTS IN ZONE 7 MAY NOT BE ABLE TO GROW IN ZONE 8.

     CONTINENTAL SEASONS – STRONGER SWINGS – NOT SO MUCH GRADUATION. PEOPLE ARE GOING TO HAVE TO LEARN TO XERISCAPE and GROW NATIVE PLANTS. (A landscaping method developed especially for arid and semiarid climates that utilizes water conserving techniques such as the use of drought tolerant plants, mulch and efficiency irrigation. From the Greek xeros meaning ‘dry’, the term literally means dry.) landscape.) People have to learn to live in tune with the earth and stop trying to force nature in their area which is unnatural. They told you it was already on its way and it has been happening for years and years.

     (* We have listened carefully and we see the difference in understanding. This also explains why so many people do not believe in the change as it is sometimes subtle. We would like to hear more as to the understanding of certain earth reactions. We hear many disgruntled comments. We were prepared but surprised at the negative response on earth. People are aware for the most part, of change, particularly the change in humans. They, of course, really have no choice for at some point there will be an acceptance they cannot describe and yet there is a knowing feeling.

     We have changed our idea. We base what we say as a reply to Adriane’s comments. It is, as Adriane says, that everything has started and some is quite evident. We are talking about tornadoes and fires. That is puzzling to most and that is the most that they can handle as to its destroying nature. We have listened carefully and we see the difference in understanding. This also explains why so many people do not believe in the change as it is sometimes subtle. We would like to hear more as to the understanding of certain earth reactions. We hear many disgruntled comments. We were prepared but surprised at the negative response on earth. People are aware for the most part of change, particularly the change in humans. They, of course, really have no choice for at some point there will be an acceptance they cannot describe and yet there is a knowing feeling.)

     (a: Everything is Light, a Density Made Of Light Energy, even the black hole. It’s just that it is so dense the Light cannot be seen getting lighter like right before sunrise.) (*Light is within and it is out of reach of containment.) (a: Light within is unbounded, it is not contained like the Light in Physical Things. It is a more Refined Light for your own spiritual growth. The more you grow the more light you are aware of.)

     (* We have a planned agenda. We would like to have you (a) share Tomorrow’s Enlightenment. We go for now with much to discuss.)

     (a: The new agenda is learning how to live in HARMONY WITH NATURE and how to OPEN YOUR HEART TO OTHER HUMANS. We are already where we need to be. Now we need to learn how to LIVE IN HARMONY WHERE WE ARE.)



October 5, 2017

   “Time marches on is a saying that to be updated should be Time Is Flying By. It may not seem like it but we follow the daily steps forward and in the blink of an eye the next month is here. We do still ask that the awareness of the time passing quickly be noticed. The turmoil on earth has been made aware of to those who do not normally pay much attention. This will continue. There is an increased amount of anger and destruction of the mind. The sounds of anger that pour forth is unnerving. Others, those who have transferred from one country to another are searching and looking for peace. We can move forward, but the increase of the mind will take time. As guidance is given, the time moving forward will seem shorter. Stay Alert.




October 5, 2017
    Marcia with Adriane

     “We are here in threes. It is unusual for us to reach out in the evening but we are thankful, Adriane, that you called. This is what you might call a sobering message, meaning not easy to hear. Our words have been discussed and we will be giving them very, very carefully. Adriane, you will begin to piece what we say together and when there is an appropriate manner open, please give your comments. And so, we begin.

     This period of time is difficult even for us to speak of. The reason is the complexity of all that is involved. There is no way that we can lay out certain events and give the reason, nor can we explain more than what we give. However, if you, Adriane, have a particular question or comment you may ask.

     # 1. The Time Is Here For Removal Of Many. The time is here for Confusing Actions     that have already begun. You will hear it said by others something to the effect the world has gone crazy. This will add to confusion and that will lead to decisions that are not wise.

     # 2. I know you both but that is not to be discussed at this time. You both have heard or read over and over that It Will Be A Difficult Time. THAT TIME IS HERE. You do not see, but those who are with their ships see it quite clearly and they are bracing for the beginning.

     # 3. I see much but I repeat little. I see what is to be and I will choose my words very carefully. This TIME HAS BEEN PRODUCED IN EONS OF TIME LITTLE BY LITTLE AND SOMETIMES LARGE MAMMOTH STEPS FORWARD. My role is the VISUAL ASPECT. This is easy for me, but I am very, very careful as to how and what I speak. YOU MAY HEAR MY WORDS ALMOST IN DIFFERENT FORM OR SOUND FOR I COVER MUCH AND IT COMES TO ME QUICKLY. Now we all say what has been said many, many times before and that is Listen Very Carefully To Each Word and so we begin.

     Stretch your knowledge Adriane. Remember times past. Reach out and they will come to you quickly and you will know what to share. Marcia, your role will surprise you. It is not necessary to discuss it now for it will come to you and we believe you already know this.

     The Signs Have Been Given and they will appear as said. However, we are firm in our belief that both of your instincts will be there for you. Begin now to become aware of your body and make sure that however it is possible, that you begin to be more aware of it. You are surrounded which explains why one of your dogs is barking a lot.

     I see GREEN and that is good. The extra colors that you both have in your outside area will be helpful. YELLOW, is, of course, good to have around you and we do see it. THE SOUNDS WILL COME AND THAT WILL BE YOUR SIGNAL TO TAKE COVER IN AN ENCLOSED SPACE WITH ANIMALS THOUGH THEY WILL BE LOOKED AFTER. We wish to give the title for this message. It is AND SO WE BEGIN WITH DARKNESS AND LIGHT. SAY IT, WRITE IT AS GIVEN.

     Now we would like to pause for we feel that you, Adriane, may have a statement or question. Begin. (a: I don’t really have a statement, the only thing is I feel a difference in space.) “That is correct for it is changing rapidly.” (a: I feel a difference in the mental energy (cosmic). “That also is correct. Be prepared in sensing suddenness.” (a: I’m feeling more of a connectiveness with cosmic mental energy. It is not as chaotic as it has been.) “You see and divine it clearly. Those who have the capacity for telepathy will no longer find they are blocked. It will be a whirlwind of energies.” (a: Question: Are we in The Eye Of The Storm?) “YES”. (a: That should mean that there is a low. That means we have gone through part of the storm.

     (m: Will Sound Be The First Thing Heard On Earth as a separate thing – just sound?) “It will be SOUND AND FURY. THE FURY WILL BE A MASS OF CONFUSING SOUNDS AND ADDITIONAL ENERGIES.” (a: What will it shatter?) “That is a good question. JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING THAT IS IN ITS WAY.” (a: Will it shatter illusion and show reality?) “It will show parts that are not the same but it will not be a total erasing. That must come in steps. You (both) will have the protection you need and you may see wonders that flash before your eyes. Do Not Look Directly At The Sun but you will see ancient signs in the sky. This will be for some Light Workers like seeing home again.” (m: To me they say ‘write what you can – descriptions’.)

     We are here from a long time away. We are here to work together as 3 conjoined. We are your guides you might say and we will say, though probably not necessary, that you will feel and hear the connections. There may be a guided statement to call one another. This is so we can replace to two at one time. The messages will be short though we may also have longer more comfortable messages of preparation. You may be surprised at how you ‘fit in’ when guidance is given.

     The MAIN REASON WE HAVE COME IS TO HAVE YOU BOTH READY FOR COMMUNICATION. THIS ALSO IS MEANT TO INSPIRE LIGHT WORKERS who may sense shorter words we send.” (a: Will the merkaba be needed again?) “Yes”   (a: merkaba – Reaching Highest Sources Of Energy – Divine Light Vehicle used by Ascended Masters To Connect With and Reach Those In Tune With The Higher Realm. Ka means spirit – ba means body. It is a wheel within a wheel like Ezekiel saw.)

     2 – 1 – Triple   2-1-100           Numbers may surprise you both but if you hear it, write it down even if you do not know the meaning. We are pleased that our connection has been made. We will reach out and deliver news that we want you to hear even if the meaning is not known but it may come later. We go and we shall return.

*   *   *



October 3, 2017

     “We have with us today numerous others who may choose to speak. We shall begin with awareness known of what seems unimaginable, that is, so many brought to their death by one man. He will pay for his choices. These events are sometimes destroyers of faith yet the Light Will Prevail, they will leave memories.

     We see what would appear to be a devastating long line of misery and loss.   This cannot be explained at this time. Many will question what is to come. Know that explanations cannot be given. Somewhat like a puzzle, there must be pieces that come together to see the entire picture. This is the time when Balance Needs To Shine Its Force. We ask our first speaker to come forward.

     “I am here to speak from a different mindset. I am an observer who sees through different layers. I then share my insight with others. Timing is my skill. I perceive instantaneously, I observe and see in layers symbolizing layers of knowing at a glance. Hear this:
     The sunshine will seem far away. The views, at times, will also seem far away for I see past, present and future at a glance. You will see and not understand for at present there will be a line of understanding to achieve. Be patient when words come to you for it will take time for understanding to uncoil its cover.
     There are already many ships very close to earth. They will remain silent for the time being, but know that they are there. The first sighting will be seen with awe, but there will be many who will experience a fearful reaction. Do not get caught up in their reactions. The days may seem long but Without Warning the Signals Will Sound.   Be At Peace.”




September 29, 2017

   “The time is moving quickly. WE SEE AND WE WAIT. This is the time when awareness must be opened to quick hearing. The Time Coming Will Make Your Brain Swim With Thoughts. It cannot overtake the calmness that must be created if at all possible. LOOK WITHIN, See The Door That Opens With Calmness Within. This may seem out of reach, but it must be brought forward in the mind QUICKLY and as CALMLY as possible.

   Some time back it was said that speeded up actions would be needed. Hearing it and doing it are miles apart. PRACTICE, THINK AHEAD, SEE YOURSELF CREATING CALMNESS. CENTER ON SELF AND THOSE AROUND YOU. As said before, the messages will be given quickly.   THE TIME IS NEARING.   BLESSED BE.”



September 27, 2019

     “We are here with much to say. The words will not always be well received but Truth Is Woven Throughout. We have said many times that there will be fast moving reactions in the coming days. This has not changed but we are adding more details. LISTEN CAREFULLY.

     There is already much suffering and it will increase. This cannot be avoided unless more help is provided in needed areas and when major changes come it will take time for change. It is during these times that PERSONAL STRENGTH MUST EXPAND. Patience, too, will be needed. We are very aware of many who have given up. They will pay a high price for their choice.

     When the heart starts pounding with fear, little fast steps must be taken. Because of newness and speed of change there will not be time to have all the needed advancements made. For those who are used to order and step by step daily actions, there will be frustration for they will find there is no time to follow a usual pattern. There will be a feeling of smallness as the majestic of the world spins and turns. Life will become a LIVING BEING OF CHANGES AND NOTHING CAN CHANGE IT.

     When feelings become overwhelming it is best to stop and be aware of SELF – the INNER SELF. We say that again and again. Keep in mind that the Light Will Shine and the World will feel the Strength and Love that will prevail. You were born for this time. PLAY YOUR PART, GIVE HELP WHEN YOU CAN AND BE PART OF THE NEW AGE, THE NEW BEGINNING.”



September 27, 2017

     “Think of Blue. We are gathering. Are you ready? (m: Yes) THINK OF A BLUE CIRCLE. WITHIN THAT CIRCLE IS A SPOT OF YELLOW. FOCUS ON THE YELLOW DOT. When actions begin think of yourself in the Middle of the Circle. It will have to be quick. This is a sense there will be a big …”
     (At this point I was suddenly asleep. I had my pen in hand and could not believe I had fallen asleep. As I woke up I found out that I had not done so…… was protection. I called Adriane to see if she could figure out the last word and then heard “We will finish it for you.” Adriane also sensed the word continuous.

     There will be a Continuous Mayhem Sound. We deliberately sprung out for the notice was to be quick and it was being listened to. The Mayhem will be a sound that will shatter the area around it. It is a BEGINNING OF NEEDED ALERTNESS AND CAREFUL QUICK PLANNING. Adriane, since you are here we want to say to you that this is what you will begin to sense as “something”, something going to happen and/or something not right.”


     “You are truly to be commended for you have the experience.” (m: I also have been through several earthquakes, one large one.)

     “Adriane is correct that is MAJOR. This is what will frighten people. Literally, THE EARTH IS SHIFTING ENMASSE. The CHILDREN Will BE PETRIFIED FOR IN THEM IS SOME KNOWING OF AN EVENT.”
     (en masse – in a group, as a whole, all together)

     “There is not much else we can suggest other than the quickness of visually seeing the BLUE CIRCLE with the YELLOW DOT.’
(a: STAND INSIDE THE CIRCLE WITH THE YELLOW DOT IN YOU. THE YELLOW DOT IS THE CENTER AND IT WILL KEEP YOU CENTERED.) “We had not thought of that. SPEED would have to be part of immediate reaction.”




September 20, 2017

     “In the Beginning there was much planning for the distant time ahead – the New Beginning. Over eons of time creations were made and always the God guidance. Adjustments have been made up until recent events. The waiting has been difficult but the work is majestic. So now we are here and time moves forward quickly. There is much disturbance ahead and mankind will find They Must Adjust Quickly To New Difficult Steps. There cannot be explanations at each stage but understanding will come much later.

     There will be grief, it is unavoidable. As you adjust to those events on their way you have been told the importance of the Body’s Reaction. Some changes will not be understood for some time. It is like waiting for the pieces of the puzzle to fall into place.

     People will change. You have already seen that. With some it will be like a new person. Sometimes this is good and sometimes not. The reason we have emphasized patience is because some changes have been a step forward, an addition to the wholeness of the person. Sometimes this is good and sometimes not. The reason we have emphasized patience is because some changes have been a step forward, an addition to the wholeness of the person. For others, it is a step backwards leading to difficult adjustments forward.


     This is the time of work, of adjustment. Complaining only creates negativity. Listen, your work is just beginning in transferring to new ways of thought.




September 19, 2017

   “Peace Be to you. We shall begin.

   It is becoming evident on earth that many things are happening of a serious nature. Earthquake and hurricanes one right after another. It is when the SOUND begins that people will take extra notice. This is also when bits of anxiety begin to show. We have presented steps to take to balance the body. Though the directions will be helpful it will be the determination of each person that will help guide them. There will be Thunder and Lightning. It is the reactions of the body that must be contained. Again and again we have emphasized this. Look to the East for Thunder and Lightning will be seen. The messages will become clear as the actions catch up with the words.”




September 18, 2017

     “As said before, the messages will be quick. As things become more intense the energies will flow, another reason for quick response. This Is When Things Begin To Get Attention. They may be small or large, but never see the small as something to be ignored or given less importance. It will take STRONG DETERMINATION FOR ALL. The Light Workers I speak to now:   LISTEN WELL. THIS IS THE TIME. SHIFT SO THAT YOUR AWARENESS BECOMES STRONGER AND YOUR GUIDANCE THERE TO BE RECEIVED.

     A Rumble can be very disturbing, but listen to it as something there but don’t let it overpower your balance. You, too, will have much coming your way. If you cannot understand the meaning, let it pass to look at later. Do not crush your knowing because understanding does not come as fast as when you and outer events are calmer. It will take DETERMINATION, you know that, but let it flow and not overcome energies that are squeezed together. I speak again these words to take within – BE ALERT, BE STRONG, and HAVE FAITH IN WHY YOU ARE HERE. I go now but will appear again and again in different forms. BLESSED BE.”