August 29, 2015
With Adriane

      “Good morning. We start rather hurriedly for there is much activity around us. This is the time when without evidence, people are beginning to notice ‘something different.’ It is not the noticing so much as it is the feeling. This leads to imbalance like something not quite in place, and that is what it is. This will become stronger and as we watch unfolding events we see that the first is irritability. We had thought it would be inner imbalance, but it is more earth like with just something not right. Some will do what is too prevalent and that is reaching for pills. This, of course, is not the right step to take. We see that even as more information is given, that this does not soothe, but makes people uncomfortable. It is odd to us that more information is wanted and yet when received it causes unrest.

      Now listen, Adriane. We perceive the difficulty of messages coming at various different times. Some will be short and perhaps leave a feeling of ‘dangling’ with no clear meaning. We know this can be frustrating, but that is the pattern we have to deal with. This is like tying two pieces of string together. It is not strong enough and pauses must be taken to get the string lined up and tied together.”

     (m: Saw symbols – difficult to see. Capital T leaning to the right. Upside down capital T, arrow pointing downward. Told to look at the handle. Saw a vertical line and the top angled to the right. Next an X, then a diagonal line leaning to the left. A triangle – a half triangle base and right side of a pyramid. Arrow pointing upward. Capital V pointing to the left. A repeat of the angled line to the left and line on the right side like a pyramid but not coming down the entire way. (Confusing I know.) “This is a sample of the present activity of lines forming symbol after symbol. It is one area of activity and that is to show the constant, continual movement.) (a: Not one form, not a streak, it is a massive combination of lines – a web.)


     “This is information for everyone. If you hear a message, you need to listen to the whole thing. Listening carefully for content, as if you were having a conversation, and someone was explaining something to you that you need to understand. Do not listen to it word by word. If you listen to each word as separate from the whole idea you will miss their point. This kind of disconnected listening (listening to pieces not the whole) blocks the Light energy sent with the message. Listen to the whole message, allowing the words and understanding to come together as a package. Doing it this way you will also absorb the higher Light Energy that flows with a packet of understanding. Messages are more than words, they are higher Light Programs contained in vibration (word) and understanding (Light). When you become aware of the new energies a similar process is used. Only in this case there are no words to deal with, just energy and light. Watch as an observer with no preconceived concept of what this energy is or what it means. Just let it flow and observe. Do not engage the intellect trying to figure it out. To understand you must disengage the physical brain thought process of reasoning and open to the expanded higher spiritual process of Mind. While observing the energy and light allow your Spiritual Mind to expand and accept what you see without engaging the physical brain judgment or reasoning. This process allows the Spiritual Mind to expand and bring in higher understanding of the energies, objects, and Light you are observing. The higher understanding will then come in as a complete package of understanding with definition of mean and emotion (colors can relate to emotion). What used to work will no longer serve you in the new energies. A more global learning and understanding of the energies and light will be necessary to comprehend what is happening. Enjoy the show, delight in vision, and open up fully with no preconceived notion of where the Energies, Light, and Experience will take you.”

Part 2: Adriane

    “What is happening now that has never happened before is a new dimension, new Galaxy and New Universe is being created for God realized Beings above the highest level that used to be the top. In a real sense the God Realized hit the proverbial glass ceiling and decided to break it, and continue on. This now leaves a lot of space for us all to expand into but it does require some energy upgrades at every level under the new creation. In other words, in the old Chinese terms of many heavens … there is a New Heaven being created on top of all the other dimensions or heavens. It is a crystal realm or diamond realm where only the God realized will reside. In time it too will have many more layers. In the past once a soul became God realized, they were either absorbed back into the “All That Is”, or if they chose they could maintain a body and return to creation for a limited time as a Master. This will change. A new crystal planet in the highest realms has been created in a new Crystal Galaxy where God realized Beings as Creators can continue to create diversity at the highest levels. In other words, Creation will no longer end at God realization. There will be new worlds, new realms, and new energies to continue to play in and learn, creating things that never were before.”


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