Insight by Adriane

The Message of the Seven Birds.

Marcia was visited by seven unusual looking birds. They were in a tree in her yard. One flew down closer to her and was shortly joined by another. The other five birds remained in the tree. She was fascinated and excited by the birds and told me all about their visit during a phone call. I told her it was a sign – a message. She asked her guide what was the meaning of the birds and he replied “the birds are a standard.” The guides often speak to me in a code of sorts…with one word a meaning of much, much more comes through to me. A standard is a regimental flag.

I get messages or communications as one lump sum, an understanding of the situation and the meaning all wrapped together in one neat package. Some time before this we received a channel about a celestial battle going on at higher levels. This is what I received on the meaning of the seven birds. The birds represented seven regiments of angel warriors 120,000 strong. The two that flew down closer to her represent their nearness to Earth. Two regiments were already here with five more waiting to be called when needed. The battle from above has reached us. It is in the early stages but it is here.



The Man and the Lion …. Emptiness from the flame.

March 13, 2015
“Hello. I have much to say. You both are known to me quite well, but I am aware that my formality does not appear to be a friend. There is a reason for that which may become understandable. Marcia, I know what you are sensing and the reason will become apparent. It is a deliberate separateness like seeing someone you know but reacting as if the meeting is the first time. For Adriane, there have been many conversations, but my persona at this time has intentionally clouded the memory. I do not say ‘listen well’. I choose my words carefully and I try to paint a picture with words for understanding.” (M: The writing is like heavy steps, no ‘word feeling’, it’s similar to opening something very serious. My feeling is that it’s slow so as he talks it will permeate our knowing and become a part of us.)

(A: I see a man on horseback with a turban on his head going through thick bushes or trees. It is dark. He is looking over his shoulder like someone is chasing him.) “Correct. Look ahead. Keep looking.” (M: I saw Purple.) “We shall proceed. The man is flying. The horse has wings. (A: It is Mohammed.) “Yes, it is he.” (M: I am getting a sense of this.) “Is it too late? Clouds in the Sky, not white clouds of dust, clouds of fire, burning horror. “Is he too late? Can he make a change? Can he be stopped?” (A: I see a Lion jumping through a ring of fire. The ring itself is full of fire. The Lion jumps and takes the shape of a Lion made of fire as he jumps through. I heard “Lion of Judea.”) “ The Lion roars. It is too late.”

“The Entity said to Marcia, ‘you are not looking’. (M: I looked and saw a rod of blackness going upward.) “Move up closer. Do not ‘hear’ for it will be too distracting.” (M: I had already heard a disturbing sound.) (A: The Lion is burning with holy fire. He is very much alive. They are in two different places – the man and the Lion are not together. The man is in the Nether world – a shadowy darkness, the Lion is much higher in the void between creation and God.) “You are both good at seeing and perhaps looking closer is too difficult to see, not to view, but to see. Do you now have a sensing of what I have to say?” (A: Yes, but it would be good for you to give it words.) “The 3 of us are aware that the other knows. Do you not hear what has befell?” (M: I heard but blocked it.). “Yes, I have the burden of being the voice of destruction. You both have sensed it but cannot be or accept the closeness of the event. My sadness is profound, my sorrow is overwhelming but my knowledge is profound. The emptiness from the flame, (and I say here that those who read these words will know what they mean) I repeat, it is profound and it will horrify the world. Yes, I can give details, I can tell step by step the history of this, but it is too graphic and too overwhelming. My formality is the sadness I feel and all who know the history will have profound sadness.”

“I do not speak further words for both understand the severity of these words and the history that will disappear forever. I come to put my words out there for others to prepare mentally and emotionally for what is coming. It takes courage to pass on Words Of History, but I tell you it cannot be hidden. I am a Provider. I fill in spaces not known. I say this – It is Slaughter. The rest you will know and I end my voice with this: SELECT THE LEVEL OF KNOWINGNESS YOU CAN HANDLE WHEN THE HEART AND MIND CAN TAKE NO MORE.”

Adriane note:

(To M. I think your confusion is the word ‘flame’ and how it is used in the channel. It is not the Lion that causes the destruction, the man on horseback is responsible for that fire and destruction the guide spoke about. The Lion jumps through that fire caused by man and because he is the Lion of God he transforms as he enters the earthly fire. His body transforms to indestructible Holy Fire. He roars as he transforms because he is going into battle with the one who is responsible for the destruction of his children.)


Note: Living Bible (Reach Out Version) Revelations 5:5
“But one of the twenty-four elders said to me “Cease weeping, for look!” the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the root of David, has conquered, and proven Himself worthy to open the scroll and to break its seven seals.”

Revelation 5:9
“They were singing Him a new song with these words “You are worthy to take the Scroll and break the scroll and break its seal and open it; for you were slain and your blood has bought people from every nation as gifts for God.”

Adriane note:

This scroll, that only the Lion of Judah, who is the Lamb of God was worthy to open, tells the story of the horsemen of the Apocalypse.)




As the horrors of evil continue in the Middle East, we have finally reached the time spoken of in the Bible where Jesus said:
“Do not imagine that I have come to bring peace to the earth! No, rather a sword. I have come to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law. A man’s worst enemies will be in his own home.” Matthew 10: 34, 35, 36.

Many Christians have always had a hard time reconciling this statement with a Messiah who speaks of turning the other cheek. We have had 2,015 years to turn the other cheek, and many have followed Jesus Christ, and his Father.

Now is the time spoken of in the Bible where the world is riddled with evil. That statement seems far more plausible in this day and age. We now have ISIS/ISIL, and many other radical groups who commit atrocities in the name of God. Since Lucifer is the Father of Liars, it is easy to see who they are really following. Today, it is much easier to see a family divided by ideology, a family who is devoted to good and following God/Allah who have within their own families those willing to go to the Middle East and fight. I am sure there will be many families divided by these choices.
The second coming of Christ happens during the time of Armageddon when many nations come against Israel. Every Nation and Religion of the world, who claim God as their father must choose “NOW” what path they will take. Lucifer is the “Deceiver of Nations”. Whose side are you on? Which side will you choose?




In one of Marcia’s  channels, Sandalphon asked me to share my spiritual knowledge, and my insight into SOME of the channels you will find here from Marcia. In the beginning, I was reluctant, because my understanding differs from many accepted beliefs at this time. I quite frankly did not know where to begin, and was not looking forward to the criticism that inevitably comes when people’s concept of reality clash and their beliefs differ from one another.  I am not trying to convince anyone of anything, I honor your right to find your own path. I am quite simply just sharing my path and the knowledge I have gained while on that path. All I ask is that you read with an open mind, accept what feels right to you, and leave behind what does not.

I did find it challenging to explain because there were no common reference points. That is why in the channels they refer to platforms being built. It is an attempt on their part to build a platform of basic knowledge on which they can build further. We need a reference point to start. On this page you will find my understanding of certain things which I will use as a platform to build on later. We will start with Ascension, dimensional planes, and finally the Beings of Light sometimes called Burning Ones. In the Christian, Jewish, and Muslim religion, they are thought of as angels or Archangels,  Sandalphon is a Celestial Being of Light.




The birthing of the new Earth is a spiritual and energy upgrade, not a physical thing. The Earth remains as is physically ….so do all the dimensional Earths which already exist. Yes, there was a birthing process, but no one existed on the new dimensional planet when it was born….which actually happened billions of years ago. All the dimensional Earths are old, old, old. It is our awareness or remembering of the higher realms, which comes with a slow integration into the “new” dimensional Earths Akashic record, that allows the seeing of its original formation or birth. Like looking backward through time.  In reality all time exists simultaneously. All these things have already happened and already exist. It is like watching a movie called the Dimensional Record Of Earth Throughout Time and Creation. We are remembering our journey. We already exist as Celestial beings, we are remembering how we became who we really are at the core of our being (souls made in God’s image). We lived these times already, and right now we are remembering our time and this lifetime on third dimensional Earth.



 It seems lately there is no end to the widely differing Ascension scenarios.  Views as different as Earth disasters with Yellowstone blowing up, to the Earth magically leaving the 3rd dimension, and mysteriously arriving in the 5th dimension, guided by benevolent high beings. As far as I can tell “We” are the Ascension. We the soul’s on Earth are the ones doing the changing. The Earth is called Mother Earth for a reason. She not only nourishes our bodies with the food she provides from her soil, but the Earth also is at her very heart a spiritual part of us. We are the Earth! She is a reflection of us! Our soul’s created her over millions of years through their experience of diversification and evolution. Creation is the trail left behind by evolving souls experiencing all they can. 

 We have evolved to the point that we are capable of multidimensional living. The Earth exists through all dimensions. The Earth is not going anywhere, but our perception of her as a multidimensional planet is what will bring the change. Our ascension is a change of perception, from a limited view of Earth and creation, to a whole new way of seeing and experiencing finer energy. We are now becoming capable of “consciously” experiencing creation energy and time flexibility, which will allow us to experience and interact with the Earth’s 5th dimensional energies. We have always experienced them….. but it was like the 500 lb. gorilla in the room that we never seemed to be able to see. With our 3rd dimensional perception we could not see the Earth’s 5th dimensional energies in their proper relationship with us –  they were always there, but we perceived creation energy and time as something we could not manipulate…we saw it in a linear fashion, a straight line ahead or behind us. Well that view of reality is changing.

Ascension is a graduation of the soul and its perception of self and reality. We are not returning to Source. We never left, we are eternally part of All That IS. We are simply expanding our understanding of who we truly are, and how we work. We are becoming aware of the fact that we are multidimensional beings capable of using energy to create, and that time is not linear, but malleable. Every soul that graduates and switches their view from time as linear to time as malleable (foldable) helps to refine the energy matrix of the planet on which we live. The Earth ascension comes from us…from our spiritual changes and actions. We effect the Earth’s ethereal body and our own ethereal body with our thoughts. We are ascending or changing, and Earth is a reflection of that very profound change in our view of who we are, and what we perceive as self.

 Ascension is a change in perception. It is a different way of perceiving, seeing, and being. All time lines of Earth exist simultaneously. There is no need for one time line to end in order to switch your view/awareness to another. All time exist simultaneously.




First there is The Source/All That IS/God/ First Cause. The name may change or be different depending on your understanding of the original first source of everything. From this Source which is eternal, there emanates light. This light is not like any other light, this light is alive. Within this eternal light matrix there is eternal creation energy (building blocks that can make anything in creation)… all knowing intelligence, and will.

Everything in existence is made of this special light. We are made of this light. Our Souls are made of “THIS ETERNAL Light”. The soul is our true identity. It is the part of us that is an actual piece of the Original Eternal First Cause of Everything…..made in the image of the Original Source or Creator.  The soul is made of this eternal light. You are probably asking yourself right now, “what on Earth does this have to do with planes of existence or dimensions”?  It has everything to do with it! Stay with me for just four more sentences, and we will get into the planes themselves.

In the beginning this Original Source was ALL THERE WAS….there was NO OTHER. This Original Source wished to experience diversity. From the creation point, some religions call it the OM point, the Source sent out particles of self to experience and become diverse. Science calls this the Big Bang, the explosion that caused the universe to form!

Now, we will go through what those particles became and experienced. Remember, those particle have intelligence. The particles had intelligence but no experience being anything but Light in its original form. In the interest of keeping this brief, let me just say, within every plane of existence there are many, many layers (dimensions). Each plane of existence interpenetrates the previous one. Like an onion building layers. At the core of all is the Original Source. We slowly develop a causal body (individualized but limited) as we traverse the planes.

The First Plane of Experience

The first experience was of the diversity of light energy…..quarks, atoms, electrons, protons etc … the building blocks of everything and at their core is the Source….the eternal light energy. Because of the lightness (lack of density) of this energy, the intelligence was creative in its many and diverse combinations it built for experience.  At this point it was only one step away from Source, though it had some solidity.

 The Second Plane of Experience

The second experience was of rudimentary solids using the previous energy to build more diversity and learning. This experience was of solidity … gasses, minerals, rocks and plants. Though there was intelligence in this solidifying state… the intelligence was rudimentary due to the density. The light was no longer obviously visible the more dense it became. The denser the light energy, the more forgetful of Source and Self it becomes.  After experiencing all the states of gasses, minerals, rocks, and plants in the universe and learning and experiencing every element, the intelligent light moved on to the third plane of existence. Remember these God light particles also carry creation energy and are diversifying and developing (learning). In the process of learning the diversity of energy, gasses, minerals, rocks and plants many worlds and galaxies were created. The more solid it becomes the farther away and more forgetful of source it becomes. These Eternal Light particles now start to identify with the limited density, and no longer the Light Source it truly is.

The Third Plane of Experience….The Physical plane

This plane features the perception of complete separation from Source (due to the density) and autonomy (free will Mind). The building blocks of the third plane are made up of the previous two planes and their dimensions. In this plane the individualized Mind starts to develop. Within this plane the diversity of the animal kingdoms are experienced, starting with the most rudimentary amoeba and going through all the other animal kingdoms, ending with the human being. It is only when experiencing the human incarnation that the individualized mind fully develops. By the time these light particles experience a human incarnation they have been around for a very, very, very, long time. At their core, though not remembered yet, they carry the memory of the original Light and all the learning from the previous planes and dimensions. As you can imagine there are many dimensional layers with many worlds and beings within the 3rd Plane. After the human incarnation all further diversity is experienced through the Mind and its ability to perceive finer and finer layers of its original Source the Eternal Light.

The Fourth Plane of Experience

This is a transitional plane where the Individualized Mind which was developed to maturity in the third plane, adds to its diversity by an “in-lightening” of self perception. This in-lightening of perception is experienced through the development of an astral body which the individualized conscious mind uses to explore the planes and dimensions, while still inhabiting a physical third plane body. This 4th plane is the plane of Astral Travel. In other words this plane is where the mind realizes it is more than the dense body.  It is starting to remember though it is not yet fully awake to its original self. This is also the plane where time starts to be understood as mutable and no longer linear as it was in the third plane. This is where the Akashic record can be contacted. The understanding of time is developing at this level though time is not mastered or able to be manipulated yet.

The Fifth Plane of Experience

This is the plane where the mind not only starts to develop the lighter more refined mental body, but experiences and masters the finer emotions. It still retains the physical and astral bodies while developing the mental body. The animal emotions are experienced and mastered in the third and fourth plane….emotions like lust, hatred, anger etc.  The spiritual emotions are experienced and mastered in the fifth plane…they center around love and understanding….they are emotions like compassion, and unconditional love etc. Just as the fourth plane was a bridge between the physical and lighter astral… the fifth plane is a bridge between the astral and more light filled mental plane. Within this plane the spiritual mental abilities of telepathy, precognition, mediumship etc. exist.

The Sixth Plane of Experience

This is the plane where the mental body is fully developed. The astral body is no longer used for travel as the spark of divine light has lightened its density dramatically. It now experiences the other dimensions and worlds as intelligent light through sight and perception but without an astral body. It has now formed a mental body. It is within this plane of existence that the individualized light is able to experience itself as it originally started…it can experience seeing itself as the Original Source; however, it does this while still within duality. It is still an individualized existence…the light spark and the source are seen as separate. In this plane the soul can now travel bi-locate mentally.

The Seventh Plane of Experience

In this plane the individualized spark finally merges back with the source from which it came. The Causal body is now dropped. The Causal body was the finite individualized body we developed while going through our diverse experiences of being. We do not lose our individuality, but we now realize our true infinite identity as a part of the Source of ALL. We remember our travels through diversity, and we also now remember who we truly are. We realize we always were, and always will be, and all of creation was brought into existence because of our travels creating diversity. We now know creation exists within us, and owes its existence to us.

This is not the end of the soul’s adventures, it now starts experiencing higher celestial dimensions within God. It should be noted; however, that some souls want to reabsorb with the Source at this point, and not all souls start their adventures again experiencing the diversity within the higher levels. If the soul does continue on, time and energy manipulation are mastered and used. The soul can now consciously create throughout time. It no longer travels as it did in the astral and mental planes, but folds time and space to get where it wants to go instantaneously, and uses black matter to create. Black matter is only invisible in the 1st through 6th planes. In the 7th plane, black matter is seen as golden creation energy from the Source of all that is.

 The original Source (God) always remains the original Source. We can never ever become the original Source, even though we are eternal souls made in his image…. we are only a part of him the Original Source (God). The Original Source remains pristine. Just as creation remains within us, we remain within God the Source of ALL. (copyright 2012 Adriane B.)



The  burning ones are heavenly Beings that some call Angel, or Archangels, or Seraphim. They are Celestial Beings of Light, not angels. Remember the burning bush that Moses saw when God talked to him when giving the 10 Commandments? Moses was told he saw a burning bush, because to look upon the true face of God he would be consumed.  These celestial Beings of Light burn with the Celestial fire of God. They can take on other appearances, because to look upon their true appearance one would be consumed. They are Beings that burn with, and reflect, the Spiritual Fire and Unconditional Love of God.

Celestial Beings of light have interacted with us, by descending their spirit to take on a human form. In the past, they have descended to Earth, in order to perform duties, that were meant for our further spiritual development. For instance, one of them who is the Earth’s Guardian, has appeared as Elijah, John the Baptist, and the husband of St. Ann (mother of Mary). St. Ann was also a Celestial, who was sent to earth, so that the WORD of God may be fulfilled. They came, in order to funnel heavenly spiritual fire, and light of God, down to earth creating Mary, who through her pure and pristine soul burning with Gods Spiritual Fire birthed the Messiah.

The Christian Bible refers to John the Baptist as being the return of the prophet Elijah. Keep in mind, Celestial intervention on our behalf, and a new meaning may appear. These passages are not necessarily a reference to resurrection or reincarnation, but a reference to a Celestial intervention to save humanity.

The Celestial Burning One, who descended to Earth, and infused his Spirit into a human body becoming Elijah the prophet, ascended back into heaven described in the Bible as a chariot of fire, or burning whirlwind. Burning ones can be seen as a pillar of fire/light or some form of burning fire. When Elijah transformed back to his Celestial form, it was a version of his fiery heavenly body which they saw ascend.

Malachi (Jewish Bible), and John, and Mark (Christian Bible), refer to Elijah coming again. This is a promise given in the Bible of further heavenly interventions. When looked at in a different frame of mind, this can expand our understanding of heavenly interventions here on Earth, and assures us, we are dearly loved and protected in more ways than we will ever know.

It has been suggested by some, that Sandalphon is the angel Metatron’s twin. This is not true. Metatron and Sandalphon are different aspects of the same SOURCE, they are One.

(Above information is channeled from my higher self, and includes my understanding of the information I was given at the time. Copyright 2012- Adriane B.)



Marcia channeling the words:

“Adriane, it has been too long that we have not communicated. We understand the trials you have handled. Things will improve. We would like to consider a challenge. That would be the best word to describe our view. Now this is at two levels, one for each, in the information I will give. Adriane, your part is to hear, but at the same time feel or sense. Use the two, or three together (hearing, sensing, seeing). Joy, (Marcia’s Celestial name) you will hear the words and see what you can see and sense and relay it back to us. This will be in tandem, so we begin.”

As a little awakening, we ask that you pause, close your eyes and see what you see. We will wait. (M: I immediately received the word Blue, Purple, Green. I saw a < shape. I then heard Yellow.)

Adriane channeling the vision and understanding:

(A: I saw in my third eye an intense electric Blue pulse of Light, then Purple with Gold, then pure Gold. I saw a purple hand made of Light holding a Gold Ball of Light, palm up. Then I saw a tiny purple orchid made of Light and it became a large flower with all the petals open. The bottom petals drooped down, covering half of the Gold Ball of Light. The flower was made of Light  ….  up close it was a Pink and Gold Light. The Gold Ball of Light reminded me of the Pearl Of Wisdom held high in the hand of Chinese dragon statues.)

Marcia channeling the words:
“Coming soon will be a Ball of Light and oh so many conjectures as to what it is, so I tell you now what it is.

It is basically because those things without reference cause either interest and awe, or fear and worry.


By Adriane

Right after her channel this is the information I was given. Some words are my understanding of what I am to convey to you, the rest is what I heard from the guides and Apollyon himself. Their words are in quotes.





“Each has their own aspect of individuality and function, yet are one at the highest form of their being. We act at God’s directive throughout Creation”

Apollyon is the destroyer of ignorance. The pearl of wisdom and knowledge in the hand I saw. He is God’s representative in the created worlds, and as such, can be seen as both teacher of truth and destroyer. For some reason over time he has been linked with evil. He is not evil, but comes from and lives in and through the light of God. Christianity over time has understood many things incorrectly. As God’s voice here on earth, Apollyon destroys lies and ignorance, and when he speaks aloud, all that is not of God and God’s plan for his creation falls away, or is destroyed, and only the light of God and the truth of his nature remains. This was seen as a threat to their existence in many early cultures that kept God’s knowledge and his people subjugated through ignorance. That is why you will see Apollyon written about as being linked to evil. Yet in reality, he is working with the highest form of the light of God, and when he speaks, the light and sound he sends out, destroys evil, darkness, and ignorance. He is literally the destroyer of lies, darkness, and ignorance. There are so many books, movies, games, and TV characters today using his name which describe him in fanciful terms, and with a twisted knowledge of his true nature, that the first thing he is set to destroy is the ignorance of who he truly is.

Apollyon Speaks:


” God has three aspects in creation and they are Creator, Sustainer, and Destroyer. Three Beings act as his Divine hands and voice in creation – We are Metatron, Sandalphon, and Apollyon.”