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My Totem


May 30, 2014

Something Different

Does this make you stop and think a minute?  In the King James Bible in the Old Testament, there is this verse:

“Curse not the king, no not in thy thought; and curse not the rich in thy bedchamber; for a bird of the air shall carry the voice, and that which hath wings shall tell the matter.”

Ecclesiastes, Chapter 10, verse 20.

As an Animal Communicator I can tell you that you would not believe how much wisdom some of the animals have to share.




May 7, 2014


     “Many people have been told to listen for guidance and there are techniques used with meditation, chanting and other methods.  I want to teach you how to listen for Celestial Guidance.  It also may be opening up guidance from within.  It doesn’t take the concentration necessary in other methods and with a little practice can become a natural opening to hearing without effort.”

     FIRST:  The usual, which is quietness and relaxing the body by taking a few breaths.

   SECOND STEP: Close your eyes and casually center your attention on the third eye.  This is about an inch up from the bridge of your nose. With your little finger you might actually feel a slight indentation.  Don’t worry about finding it, just shift attention there.

  THIRD: Remember your ears are NOT involved in this.  Let that sink in before you start.  You do not use your ears.

FOURTH: Center awareness on the top of your brain in the middle.  It is not the top of your skull, your head, it is your brain.  You don’t have to visualize this, just become aware of that area.

FIFTH:  This step is important.  You do not lead, you let it happen.  Above your right brow on the inner area, between the brain and inner skull, mentally place the color blue on the right.  When it has been created, imagine it moving slowly to the other side of your brain.  You should see the color in your mind’s eye and then intend it to move.  Do not direct, do not lead, just intend and know it will move.  If you begin thinking, stop and replace the blue again, relaxing your body as before.  If you cannot get a color, use Light.

SIXTH:  When the color reaches the other side above the brain, it’s important not to try anything.  Just sit quietly.  At first you may have just a feeling.  Make no effort to hear, just follow the color.  You may only feel relaxed.  If so, it is not a failure, just enjoy the feeling.  I personally feel no more than two or three tries at a time should be done in order to stay relaxed.  You may find that later you have a word which literally feels like it has been dropped in your head.  You may have, not a word, but a sensing, a knowing of what has been given.  The key is staying relaxed.  At some point you may not need the blue color but just have a feeling of a wisp of air cleaning and opening the area in a swift motion.  Further, just knowing the area is open and shifting attention will be all that is necessary.  Listen, listen.  You will be amazed at what you hear.”


Note: If information doesn’t feel right, listen to your inner self and discard it.  It is difficult to keep the mind from thinking non stop for some people. This is why you must have a cleared area over the brain and under the skull.  It’s like a landing pad. ( In India the third eye is shown by a circled spot of red on the forehead which they call a Bindi as well as the third eye.)



 December 12, 2013

  3:42 a.m. 

             (Note: I had just finished a long message at an early hour and was ready to sleep. I felt a sense of restlessness and as I put my head on my pillow, this poem came through to me and I quickly grabbed pen and pad and began to write.)    

                                       POEM  FROM  BEYOND

                           “I grabbed his hand and held it tight,     

                            I squeezed it with all my might;

                            My words did not say what I wanted to say,

                            As I searched for words in the middle

                            of the night.


                            Without form and not seen I knew I had


                           And inbetween I crossed an invisible barrier

                           with my heart and soul,

                           And reached for my love unseen and out of reach;

                           Still, I squeezed his hand with my heart attached,

                           And watched as he disappeared in the night.”





October 3, 2013

      “Communication with those from various planets varies as some  are used to communicating with light and some communicate mentally and do not speak.  On a phone conversation with Adriane I kept hearing a woman’s voice though it wasn’t audible to Adriane.  I said “hello” and would hear the word repeated in a long form like helloooo.  Words I was using were repeated and it became evident that the female entity was sounding my voice pattern.  Once she learned it she asked how Adriane and I were communicating (different states) and with Adriane’s help, the phone was explained to her.  She was amazed.  It was then with excitement that the entity realized she could send a signal over the phone.”

     “I was told on one of the messages that when they had a message they would get my attention by any method.  I found that the entity learned to ring the phone to connect.  There was no voice, but the way I knew it was not from earth was the deep silence on the phone, but no  hang up. It took me a couple of times to figure out the long silence was a signal. Another time my dogs ran to the door at the sound of the doorbell, but no one was there.  Generally, Sandalphon appeared as a hawk – a beautiful, magnificent sight.”

     “Another experience I had would have been amusing to see as I was creating on the spot.  An entity wanted to learn to speak and asked me (mentally) how it worked.  I explained the sound coming through the mouth.  She was not alone and I felt I was ‘on stage’.  She wanted me to show them how I moved my mouth to make words.  I began by saying the alphabet, explaining that they made words.  They asked me to repeat which I did very slowly.  (More details are on the post.)  I sang for them.  They were delighted and were going to use their new found skill.”

      “A different kind of communication has taken courage on my part. A few times words I did not know would come forth.  I was asked to sing for a group. (Invisible, but I could feel their presence.)  It is slightly unnerving to say/sing words and not know the meaning of the words. I was very hesitant to fulfill their request to sing what they told me was an ancient language.  They were amazed I knew it (and so was I).  I had no idea what language it was or the meaning.  I finally sang a few words and saw it didn’t bother my pets plus the encouragement and pleasure of the entities who were ‘amazed you know this language’.  They did not say what language it was.  Perhaps it didn’t have a name.  The meaning was given in English one time as I sang, but it disappeared from my memory.  Some are very emotional, some sad, some powerful, but once it is sung it is not repeated the same way.”

     “I never know what sounds will appear.  Apparently it is connected with a type of dance as my hands became very expressive with different movements.  There have been a few that seem to be a celebration.  When I’m in the right frame of mind I can sing freely and feel the audience gathering.  If I could see them  I might not be as comfortable.  It is an odd experience but very satisfying as I can feel the connection with my invisible audience.”




Marcia’s  Comments

        I have had many amazing experiences from highly sacred events to awesome sights of beauty to meeting Celestial Beings of incredible love and intelligence.  Some have never heard of Earth and had never spoken to an ‘earth person’ before.  The thing that surprised them the most was my acceptance of them and, when I could see them, their appearance.  I had not the slightest concern about their looks.  Some I can see, others I feel (and read) their energy…like recognizing a person’s voice.

      I  met a woman named ‘Crystal’.  I could see her clearly.  Her first comment was the question “Do you find my appearance disturbing?”  I answered “Not at all.”  You see, her body was all metal.  She had green eyes so full of love it took my breath away at first look.  No earth terms can describe their color, the beauty, and the warmth pouring forth.  It touched me to the core of my being to experience the flow of love from those marvelous eyes.

     Later I will share other experiences, but I must add on another subject, that I love animals.  I have the ability to hear and speak with the spirits of animals that have crossed over to the Spirit World.  Their love and understanding in messages to their guardians is consoling, loving and wise.  Their life continues on.

    Enjoy Galaxy Triad.  You are welcome here.