March 30, 2016

     “ In the time for a blink of th eye, things can change. There are those who have paid a price for their attention to messages. Still, they will be vindicated when the Light begins to shine and the Sounds become more apparent. At that time it is easy to get caught up in curiosity. Still, meanings will become clearer and the sequence that follows will become more understandable. Do not let yourself get caught up in the drama. Enjoyment in the midst of chaos is possible if the mind is aware of the significance of the new steps forward. What joy there will be for those who realize the significance of change. Staying steady is what will be needed. This has been said before. Explanations should be short and clear as to the fact that change predicted from eons ago has finally made its debut. The Glory of God and the Beauty to see will take one’s breath away. Thank God for His Love. Thank all those who have contributed, who have worked with intensity to honor God and show his Power and Beauty. 

     Listen has been said many times. While you will hear many sounds, also hear the joy felt within self. Words cannot describe the wonders to behold. You are part of History and the many Light Workers will feel joy. AND SO IT IS.



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