March 30, 2016

      ” It is my duty to get current. Look more when you are outside for the images I may take. This is a difficult time, a common opinion from the majority. It is also difficult as there are very important steps to be taken. You are alert to the fact that there are less tones. There is a reason for this, an adjusting of the Atmosphere. The labor and care is constantly monitored and quite obviously, the pace is slow. Keep current by more observation. Watch the general atmosphere. Note the animals. Are there more or less? How does the atmosphere feel? These are reminders that not seeing signs does not mean to look less at a lower level.

     Tune Self. This goes particularly for the Light Workers. By tuning I mean balance, but also more obvious awareness of how the inner body is reacting with the outer body. Do you feel ‘closed down’ or like many, overwhelmed with the work that must be done. Though there are less tones, keep the hearing tuned to a high frequency. Don’t discount a tone if it is short and quick. Softly. Yes, you heard that correctly. Listen softly so that the tone reaches a soft landing.

     Weariness is setting in again for many people who are waiting, stretching their patience and just giving up, turning away. This Is a Mistake. Ride the waves, the ups and downs. Walk through the blank spots or stand still and readjust in the middle of nothingness. KEEP WATCH. OBSERVE, LISTEN, AND LEARN.”


(Note: m; I was watching the humingbirds and admiring the glowing color of the one with the color orange. Suddenly it was gone and a humingbird curled up like a ball going round and round in little circles to get my attention. I definitely realized that was Sandalphon.)



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