April 6, 2016

     “We begin. The skies are filling with signals and still they are not noticed. Those who look seem casual at what they see. That will change. There has been an absence of messages for adjustments to be made. We have not met before. We come from many dimensions away from communication. That does not mean we aren’t aware of what is going on below us. The reason we have come is to share our perception and knowing. And so we begin our sharing. Your body will adjust as we proceed. 

     There is a tangled feeling we get from earth. Cross currents and feelings of unrest. This explains the difficulty in sleep patterns. This entanglement is not one of energies for they are well protected. It is the strangeness of individuals’ thought patterns coliding. if you could see the brain and feel unraveled currents plus emotional strain you would understand the turmoil that is being created. There does not seem to be time for quietness that can erase the ‘bundle of nerves’. As a result there is much bizarre behavior. Your push to work on that which surrounds you in nature is an aspect of keeping balance. Strands of thought can be more disturbing. Peacefulness helps to bring calmness within. The behavior of your animals is caused by seeing and sensing what they cannot relate to. Who will lead in the midst of such uneven thinking?

     The time of change will manifest more and more in different ways. This can cause frustration, nervousness and as you have experienced –  ‘sleepless nights’. Your ‘sighting’ of invisible creatures is a positive step in understanding what your pets see. Be patient with these developing skills. One stage at a time might clarify the developing visual skill. We proceed for now as we return. Our words are deliberately simple. Think on them for the next stage.”



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