April 7, 2016

     “We are here at this unexpected opening time. Yes, it is quiet and yet you see that the Sounds can be heard. It is condensed or like a blanket. This is what has been spoken of as an increase in the Sounds. We will see how many respond to it. We have spoken of tangled energies. These are the energies spreading out which is why it sounds like rain. It will continue at this time. 

     The world is weak in its stature. It is like it is being pulled in all directions. Some of this is physical and some of it is in the environment. It is like a child figuring which way to turn.   This is a delicate time and Mother Earth reaches outwardly. We wish that there were more people who realize the tangled energies in the earth. There is growing awareness, we just hope that it is not too late to keep the inner earth workings moving smoothly. There is stress there though not ordinarily shown on the surface. When it does show on the surface it begins to wake people up. They see the damage and there is effort being made to take care of the land as it should be. Many, many are oblivious to the State of the Earth. IT MUST BE CORRECTED AND MORE CARE GIVEN. Meantime there will be the adjustment to the Sounds. Those who cannot do so will find that it becomes a continual annoyance.

     Stay clear of trash – meaning there are areas of earth that are toxic. There are areas when people, mainly those who are out in nature, sense an uncomfortable reaction to where they are. This means a feeling of uncomfortable vibrations. If you feel that, perhaps on a camping trip, we say very simply – LEAVE THE AREA. We go for now but are grateful for the chance to call attention to the world you live in. TRUST HER TO TAKE CARE OF YOU, BUT IN RETURN, LET HER TRUST THAT YOU WILL RESPOND BY TAKING CARE OF HER. We go.”



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