April 10, 2016

3:33 a.m. 

     “In the morning when it is quiet it is easier for us to communicate. The Sounds have been constant and it appears that for the most part they have been ignored. We take this to be the result of the many sounds that are heard on earth both during the day and night. Balance has been spoken of before and this needs to be a daily awareness. The soothing breeze you feel is a clearing. It is like cleaning a space around and over you. Listen to it for a few moments. It is calming is it not. Now breathe it in. It is a calming motion and is reaching inwardly. There are many ways that we can reach and not only be heard, but be absorbed. Notice also that it does not chill the body. 

     As the days fly by you and others may sense ‘differences’ that have no name. There are those who have experienced these things before and are comfortable with their arrival. You will see how it steadies the body and the mind. There is no control for this comes from above and its arrival cannot be foretold. Treasures is a good word for new unexpected experiences. Be at peace. Let it surround you.”





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