April 13, 2016

     “This message is to be posted. Listen well has been said many times as a clear statement that the message has hidden meaning and/or warning. And so, though it has been used many, many times we say again with emphasis, LISTEN WELL. 

     Many times there have been predictions and things have changed or the happening has been at a level that it was not visible on earth. There have been signs and for the most part they have been ignored as said before. WE TELL YOU NOW THAT THIS NEXT STEP WILL NOT AND CANNOT BE IGNORED. When there is something new that is seen and heard, depending on its impact, it can cause curiosity, discomfort or fear. We cannot measure reactions, but we can say that this will be remembered. It is not our wish, our plan to cause fear but we know that it helps to be mentally ready, as ready as one can be prepared for the unknown. Those of you who have been primed or prepared for this are gathering strength mentally. Remember To Take Care Of Self Immediately To Calm The Body With Little ‘Puffs’ Of Breath And Communicate With Self So That You Can Reach Out To Others. Don’t Try To Do Too Much At One Time. Talk To Yourself And Listen For Guidance. That is all for now.”




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