April 14, 2016

     (Note: m: I heard the word succotash. As it was a surprising word I looked up the meaning – boiled whole kernels of corn consisting of lima beans and kernels of corn cooked together. I was talking to Marc when I heard a man’s voice on the phone but I could not get what he said. After that there was an alarm signal (used before earthquakes) heard on the phone.)

     We will begin. The Alarm Signal was purposely signaled to indicate that we can send alert signals in many ways. Sometimes in nature and the sensing of change and other times an article that can be made to sound or if a Light, to blink. The Signals We Give Will Be Apparent And That Is The Time To Mentally Strengthen Energy. We will say this only One Time. IT WILL NOT BE A REPEATED SIGNAL.

     To Mix And Boil Food Causes A Different Flavor Than As If It Is Separated. Therefore, When You Have Two Or More Energies Lit With Power You Can See That It Is Different Than Of One. Gird Yourself Has Been Said Before. The Words Spoken Have Been Clearly Stated. The Warnings Have Been GIven, And Now We Wait. Remember That It WIll Take Strong Listening Skills To Hear The Guidance We Give. That Is Why We Sometimes Choose An Odd Word That Is Easy To Remember. We Are ON A SLED OF ENERGY IMPACT. As Said Before, You WIll Hear And You Will See.”                                                  


# 2 “Listen Carefully. We are prepared and you will be vindicated. Reach with your sensing though it may cause temporary pauses in choice of words. The Animals Will Instinctively Begin To React Before The Actual Sound. Take Steps Then To Leash For Their Control. Do Not Wait. Speak Softly As You Give Instructions. Be As Calm As Possible. Stay Steady On Your Feet. That Is All.




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