April 16, 2016

     “There has been much discussion as to how much to say. We want to inform and prepare, but we do not want to cause fear. The pattern has been up and down. By that we mean that we give notice and description of Sounds and Sights as well as preparation techniques. We cannot give a specific time table because of the effect of the Journey Of Light. The Sounds increase and the Signs increase and still there is little recognition of any major difference in the Sky. We are on the Last Track. There is much wait and see and yet when the Sights appear there will not be time for divided attention, a separation of observation and conclusions. Speed will be paramount in thought and action. There are those who are categorizing their steps but it must be decision made in the moment. These are not new guiding directions but emphasis on what is necessary. The colors will be strong but let the colors flow by you. There will be changing colors which can detrack. Tears may arrive at the show of Beauty and Majesty. Give yourself time to rest. The time draws near. Believe or not, you will hear the Sounds and see the Splendor.”



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