April 18, 2016

     “There are many aspects I can cover and it is difficult to shift to longer messages with the uneveness of the energies. The time frame we have is minimal and changes are also involved, yet I will begin. It is important to listen. There are those who listen to the higher realms and it is a commonplace part of life. Yet this listening is unknown to the majority of people. When we speak of Sounds we are relating to that skill being used. For some it has become commonplace and as a result the deeper sensitivities are not in use. This might be referred to as Layers Of Sound. It is the Higher Range Of Sound. It is the Higher Range Of Sound that is the most important as it commands higher attention which the body will react to. This acts as another message of sensing.

     “Listen well has been said many times to emphasize parts of the message that may be passed by, and so I repeat ‘LISTEN WELL’. Time is a movable aspect of what is to be used as a guideline. Our time frame is much different from the Earth’s time frame. We take into consideration all aspects and the best manner of communication. It is at times a tedious journey to keep at this all important aspect at its main earth time. You have, at times, seen the mixture of time, a here, there movement. We cannot say a day. We are not allowed to pin point the hour and time of coming events. This causes frustration, but it must come from GOD’S WISH AS TO THE TIME AND DATE. Be steady, be firm. I will come again. Be alert.”




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