April 17, 2016

     “We are here again to encourage and enlighten. As you may have seen or heard, there have been major earthquakes in various places. The earth is weary and restless, yet the Moon shines her Light brightly. The Light within also shines its Light though it is not seen. This may be hard to accept when the world is in such turmoil. Listen well to the signs though their meaning may not be known. The calm before the storm is a common phrase and that sentence can be used at this time. As you sense, no words can really fit at this time for it would be very impossible to try to describe the change that is coming. There are changes ahead – that is clear to any that have followed the guidelines given. Be as patient as you can be, and let us remind you that there are many close by who are from various realms. You are not alone we say to the readers who are already fighting fear. You may hear or sense guidance. In the meantime watch for signs in the sky but also beauty around you. This can be the Beauty Of Nature or the Beauty expressed in others. Remember there is always LIGHT.”




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