April 18, 2016

     “The impact you are feeling is some of the strength of the energies that are approaching earth. How to handle these energies is something that has to be discovered by each individual. Whether it is possible to take a ‘rest moment’ or sleep or distraction will have to be discovered by trial and error. If the energy is depleting it may be time in the out of doors. It will be seen and felt that these energies can be depleting with a feeling of total lack of energy. If it is not possible to do any of the following it may be helpful to drink cool water and apply cool water to the back of the neck.

     Be aware of your body reaction in an examining way and try to progress to knowing. As may be obvious, there may be a wide reaction of choices made to have the body regain balance. Do not let this be a worrying experience. Simply explore and learn and be willing to come up with more than one idea.”




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