April 21, 2016

      “We have meshed into a good time to exchange information. There are those tired of what appears to be repeating messages. There is an expectation that it will just be laid out in front of them. Those who read and re-read will find it worth while to find more than what they sensed than a first and only reading.

     It is repetition of ‘details’ that leads to better understanding. How to explain the ‘next chapter’ or next knowing is going to take research perhaps and inner knowing. As sticks are straight or bendable they also break. The force of the stick loses part of its strength. So is knowing about the future. It is putting pieces of information together to strengthen knowing and strengthen that power itself. It may seem like stacking books and trying to remember the main parts in each book. This is why we emphasize patience.   Little by little the parts will line up and there will be contribution from the Self that has labored so long. Hear Us. Be Aware. I go for now.”




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