April 21, 2016

     ” I come new to this planet. We have not spoken before. This is a special time of beginnings and endings. It is difficult to know where to begin on my first trip to Earth. The Signs in the Sky are breath taking, but again, as I’m told by other visitors, the Signs are hardly noticed. Perhaps the use of color, which will come, will draw more attention. I have been sent, summoned to connectt with information to be given based on my current knowledge. I am known for my memory and the steps needed to make progress in many ways. My Light is Me and yet surrounds me with Light which brings awe. I ask that you connect again and hear your thoughts of welcome. I find smoothness in passing on information but am aware that this dimensional energy you have become aware of takes patience for the body to handle it. Your name, the Celestial one, will be needed as time progresses. My name is not yet to be given though I acknowledge that you were listening carefully. Listen wel has been used many times and is well used and well spoken, but I say to you and others, SEE WELL. Automatically it is understood that seeing well has more than one meaning. To see clearly but to ‘see’ – to understand in such a way that insight is strengthened.

     You will be surprised at the doors of knowledge that will begin to open. When that happens there is an inner knowledge or understanding that begins. Like a plant it will begin to grow and like a plant it will have the beauty of knowing. We work well together and this is good to see current information can be given clearly and smoothly. Your mind has many stored questions. When they are pieced together with answers they will form insight which can be helpful to self and to others.

     My planet is not known on earth. It cannot be seen by mechanical means or human sight. We are people of height and we are people of deep levels of knowledge. We share this knowledge with other realms. We are known by word of mouth. We have existed since the beginning of time and never once have we not shared our Light and Vision. We deal with colors and their strengths and we teach combinations and use. I must go for now as my Light is needed. Be aware you have had a door open to link with us. We will make the connection and as knowing grows you may find the Link of Communication reached both ways. I leave for now with much to share. I shall return.




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