April 24, 2016


1:00 a.m.

     “Hear now my words and remember them well. Lightning flashes and makes itself known by Sound or Light. So shall it be. This startles and attention is instant. It can be followed by a roar and is seldom taken lightly. The body reacts and the heart speeds up. There is also the danger involved as to what it will strike. When this occurs instant action is necessary. The body is ready at a moment’s notice to make a judgement as to its reaction. This is a guideline or metaphor for a startling beginning. You can see why it would be difficult to give help and why instant decisions must be made. Action needed must be decided and at the same time the body must be balanced and calmed. When others are involved it is obvious that there is more mental and emotional pressure. Fortunately the body is created for protective steps to be made. Reading these words can bring forth an uneasy feeling and yet it is better to be prepared than ignorant of possibilities. Think BLUE for it is a strong and suitable color to bring forth in emergencies. Remember, as said before that there are many close by. You Are Not Alone. That is all.”                                                                


# 2.

10:30 a.m.

     ” It is time to take another step forward. A person cannot live in fear. The example I gave previously was not to frighten. Still, it is hard to hear. Forming a casual beginning would be a waste of time. As Light arrives in the Sky and prepares to spread, it is best not to stare or leave the eyes open to blinding light. One can see but not look directly. If sounds are uncomfortable add to the source of hearing small buffers to soften the impact. There will be those who are annoyed at hearing what is interpreted as negativity, yet with the speed of events, it is best to provide knowledge, a preparation you might call it. There are those who are uncomfortable with new things and some knowledge though disturbing as said before. Separate Self from fear as much as possible. Don’t let the mind spring forward to think or create other possible steps to come. There must be those who can help calm others. Let it be said, though repeated before, there will be help. The sensing of what to do may appear as a thought sent from an entity helping to calm either the person or provide help for the next steps. You will have help for pets who will be comforted.

   Now, hear again …..TRUST. Don’t let fear or worry create scenes or possibilities. Take what comes and follow your inner guidance. We will proceed a step at a time. I shall return.”


# 3.

3:25 p.m.

     “When you listen in the midst of chaotic conditions it is not always easy to hear or to understand. This is true under normal circumstances. The first step is to clear, meaning to still the mind as much as possible to allow space for hearing or sensing. This may seem an obvious step to take but there are many who try to hear when their mind is cluttered with thoughts. It does not mean you have to have a totally empty space but there must be some clearance. This also is the step to take if there is a chance for sensing. Half and half may be the feeling when listening is being done but thoughts are swirling in your head. Some expect it to be dropped to them and for those who are regular ‘connectors’ this is true, but for many there must be clearance. When this is not possible we try to send a ‘knowing’ as guidance. It comes across as a feeling or sensing as to what to do. These steps are not new and perhaps spoken before, but it is a good review. We are trying to cover many small but important steps. 1 – 2 – 3 STEPS TO TAKE – CALM YOURSELF AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE, CLEAR SPACE FOR LISTENING AND SENSING AND THREE – HAVE CONFIDENCE IN SELF. I go, but as I am sure you know, I am close to earth now. I shall return.”




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