April 27, 2016
Marcia with Adriane

   “We see there has been much renewing or as you say “catching up”. We have traveled at the signal that the two of you were connecting. We have waited for this time. 

     Much turmoil will come at an unexpected time which is not new news. We know, even individually, who is listening to messages on the site. You (both) would be surprised at how many bits of information has been put together with knowing that you are unaware of. We feel that in future times, meaning this century, that you (both) will be surprised at the impact you have on people when you have not spoken the words. We might call it ‘mental communication’. The thought or knowing we would like for them to have can be sent from a ‘mental silent message.’ This is how they will learn. There are what you would call ‘New Communication Openings. It is almost like saying or thinking “Did I say that”? Do not call attention to the fact that it was not spoken. Simply let it be. You will at times see a smile at results. In other words, take it as normal.

     i see the turmoil is soon. I see other developments which will be given to you later and having both on the phone is helpful. We see so much dissension in so many unusual ways. It is shocking even to our eyes. It is best though we do not imply danger, it is best to understand what you have been experiencing. That is that there will be people, not only pulling back but ‘moving away’. We mean that not in a physical sense of moving but in an emotional and mental sense. it is disturbing but perhaps this will help. Remember that people rest in different ways and they heal in different ways. Be at peace for it is a survival method.”

# 2.   “Yes, it is true, this message is for Adriane, but it will be said in such a way that there will be two paths of information, but said at the same time. You (Adriane) will begin to receive more ‘small guidance’. This means a knowing of procedures and booklet form and written work which is to be passed to Joy. There is a reason we want it to first be sensed by you. This will give you a chance to fill in or give knowing which might not be sent individually.”

# 3. “We’re back. coming at this time has been a job for us as to the timing. We were wondering when we could gather. We now proceed. Adriane, your muscles are healing and we are going to assume that you /we can now advance to future things. We will let this settle now, but our guidance is that there should be more communication we can send as a group and it is important that it be delivered at specified times. You will sense a need to hear and we ask you to act on it. Sometime soon you both will be open to unusual happenings. Do not question at the time of the experience. Use the time to embrace what you will see and hear. There will be changes – body changes you both will feel. That is all we choose to say on that at this time. As long as you have rest time each day you will be able to handle new steps forward.’ We will see how the next steps go and at that time we can give a better background as to steps to be taken and wishes fulfilled.

     This is a dangerous time and as horrifying as what you read now is happenings, it will take courage to be prepared for the next level of happenings. We send you good health and are grateful that our steps can begin to move forward. AND SO IT IS.”


(Note: I asked Adriane who was speaking…it was a different energy. She said “It wasn’t a lot of loving was it?” I answered no and described who she told me was the Angel Metatron. I said “He is like a stern teacher who has expectation, who is no nonsense in his delivery and who indicates that there is no playing around, but I felt behind the sternness, I felt his peace and as a result of that I felt calm in my body so I thank him for that. There was a lot of strength.” Adriane said “He makes sure that God’s plan is followed. He’s like a General’s General. He has seriousness at the God Level. He has the Blueprints for everything in his mind. He knows what needs to be done. You understand the importance of why his message should be followed.

# 4. (m: I felt someone rushing in a big hurry to catch up with us.

    “I first heard these words – People – Nice – Big.) Adriane said her cat growled this morning and since I communicate with animals I asked to talk to her cat (over the phone).

(m: FANCY is Adriane’s cat’s name. Fancy said that someone talked with (her).

     I asked “Were you glad to hear what they said?)

     Fancy: I will tell you. There is a storm coming. It is a different storm. It is big.

(m: Did they tell you how big it will be? Did it scare you?)

     Fancy – Yes and No. My Momma takes care of me.

(m: Did they tell you to be prepared or give you tips? )

     Fancy – To hide. The Sound will be loud, but it will not hurt my ears they say.   It will be dangerous. To hide, to close my eyes.

(m: Will they be near you?)

     Fancy – Oh yes. That is what I liked the best. They said boundaries would be formed.

(m: Do you know what a boundary is? Yes? Do you?

Fancy – No.

(m: A protection can be wood, heat, something that buffers, do you know buffer?)

Fancy – No.

Fancy –   May I speak to you?

(m: Of course.)

I am afraid. They were very serious. Do you know of this?

(m: Only partly.)

Fancy – I can eat?

(m: I’m sure you can, but you may want to wait.)

Fancy – Won’t it go down?

(m: Yes, but not very well if you’re afraid. It’s best to wait.)

Fancy – Will I be here?

(m: I am sure you will be. You will be protected.

Fancy – I wish to be with you in my dreams.

(m: Ok. I’ll try to visit.)

Fancy – Thank you.


 M: Immediately after Fancy finished speaking someone wanted our attention and was concerned we wouldn’t hear him. I heard “I am here, I am here, I am here.”   I answered ‘we hear you’.

# 5.

     “Are you the two on the previous message? (m: Yes.) “I flew here to quickly speak. It Is Turmoil Coming and some people do not want to hear. Yet I say to you that having an idea of what is coming is the best thing to do. I say it in these words:

                     PROTECT YOUR EARS.
                         PROTECT YOUR EYES
                            PROTECT SELF.      

   Afterwards you will hear and or feel what to do. I may be able to guide you if I can reach you. I know you will have help. I wish you well. I must go.


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