April 28, 2016

     “We shall begin. Here and now we come to announce several situations. There will be several signs that begin to attract attention. At first it may bring forth derision and saracasm, but that will change. Do not let negative comments draw you into feeling that you must respond. Try to stay separate or aloof to being drawn into arguments or a feeling that there must be verbal support. Calmness cannot be created when there is an argumentative attitude. You may sense a separation or a feeling of separation.

     Your pets are beginning to react to the higher pitch tones – the reason they appear to have an abundance of energy. This highly charged energy you are dealing with is difficult, but will balance out in time. Try to make a conscious effort to find time to rest or find a project that will not be stressful. Adjust body reactions with what you find to be soothing. This time period will be stressful for many. Adjustment will come slowly as you are in an extremely high pull of energy. We will shorten our messages to assist the steps that your body is taking. We will bring more knowing.”


(Note: m: Difficult is accurate. At one point, all of a suddenly, my entire body shook back and forth .. feeling like that of driving over a railroad track. I then felt what I would call a less powerful energy but so strong I had to brace the yellow pad against a high pet cage and brace my body against the wall. My two dogs were running past me and bouncing around most of the day. As I was typing this message I noticed one of my dogs heard a very high pitch sound and looked up over his head to see what it was. My Conure says “Pretty Baby” when an entity I can’t see comes into the room.”)




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