April 29, 2016

      “As the days go by there seems to be a pause in the Sky. The signs are not there and the birds are few and far between. In some areas there is a quietness and the trees seem to be listening. It is as if time has slowed down and though there is action, there seems to be a gap in time. Do not be fooled. There is much going on at different levels. We believe that when there is Sound that it will be a shock as the quietness is suddenly shattered. This, of course, brings reactions and the quietness disappears. At this point in time there is not much that we can share until other steps have caused a big step forward. We are very busy, but at the appropriate time we, too, will pause and there will be a mountain of stillness. Even the animals will become still and listen. This creates an eerie moment in time.

     Watch that those who sense a beginning and an ending begin to mentally prepare. What we can say is remember that you are not alone. Some may sense a presence. Others may become uneasy. Have pen in hand mentally so that actions can be recalled. Remember many of you were born for this immediate time. Your steps will automatically include helping others. BE STEADY. If you find yourself leaning more and more toward worry or fear, stop, take a few breaths and re-group yourself. We will be watching and guiding. IT WILL BE AND SO IT IS.”




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