May 2, 2016

     “Listen we have said many times. It is our way of emphasizing that not only is the message important, but there is meaning behind the words. This time the meaning is different. We say ‘listen’ and we speak clearly. The time has come to step forward into reality. Be aware best sums up the proper description. This does not mean to be as if at the start of a race, but more conscious of any changes. These changes may be small and involve sensing only or they may show in signs of nature. The trees may look or feel different. The atmosphere may be sensed as something that has changed. You have already seen that pets display high energy movement and sound. There are not steps that will have everyone’s attention – not at first. This will change and you may begin to feel tension within the body. Additionally, a need for rest or sleep. You have already seen that in others there is a sense of speed, of needing to move quicker than usual, especially in cars. It is sometimes as if they are all hurrying for an appointment. This is when accidents happen.

     The forerunner of the change to come will become more evident and that is when an uneasy feeling develops. Be conscious of this and separate yourself from being in the midst of the feelings exhibited by others. Become aware of developing changes in feelings that show lack of patience. When this occurs, if possible, take a few moments to just be still. Close your eyes and rest and still the flow of thoughts that are in your mind. if you are where you can sleep you will find your body seems to grab at the chance to do so. Be calm consciously around pets and children. Be at peace, for it wil be hard to find later. Blessed be we say to you and to readers. We are here and we will be in touch. Stay open to our call.”




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