May 7, 2016

      “Peace be to you. We will begin with a somewhat different approach. This is a comment on various things that we see in earth. The Earth Is Suffering. It doesn’t take very much awareness for people to realize, for your news stations show pictures of destruction. This destruction is fueled by lust of money. Animal groups dwindle, land is brutalized. Creatures of the sea are killed in large numbers. Imbalance is prevalent in many categories. The beauty of many places is marred with trash. It is not that these things are not noticed but it is very difficult to correct.

     What is not known, though the description is in one of the messages, is the boiling heat that has circulated underground, and what has been done? She, the Earth, releases with explosions. It is too late for some actions to be taken, but what is encouraging is the awareness that has grown for the need for change. In your lifetime, meaning those who hear these words, there will be many changes that cannot even be imagined at this present time. There are too many of earth’s inhabitants who ignore even the most evident signs of troubled waters and troubled earth. Stop and think. What Have You Done For Your Earth Home? Those with children – how have you taught your children to respect earth? The Earth Will Rumble Her Displeasure.”




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