May 8, 2016

      “This is a longer message than usual and we believe some parts will take thoughtful care to understand the full meaning of the message, and so we begin.

     The world is so unprepared in behavior for change. Some will adjust but most will be caught between what was, what is and what will be. Even if more clues were given, there would still be confusion. We feel that an over-view of messages given will show a variety of tips to help adjustment. It will, of course, be hardest for those who have no background knowledge as what to do or what is going on. Lack of knowledge can always be a source of confusion, and confusion can lead to serious repercussions. Panic is not a word that anyone wants to hear, but is always a possibility when there is fear of the unknown.

     GREEN, a color not always a choice, but is a protection as well as others, but is a different ‘weight’ you might call it. Remember that color is partly a mixture of intensity and it is not accidental that much of nature is green. Hold on to a thought when stress is pushing you. Use something you’ve read or heard that will give you a link to power that protects. Those who have long awaited for signs of progress may overlook the importance of the Color Energies that are projected. When super energies appear it is the strength of the mind that must be used for support. It is difficult enough when we talk about one person, but when there are multible people and pets involved the mind must function in a quick selective way to fit the individuals. 

     You may feel a strange  sense of separation. That is, that as one person you feel you are functioning as two and in effect, you are doing so. Sometimes putting your hands over your closed eyes can add a moment of clarity. Babies will be most sensitive to new energies making calmness a needed goal. Pets, too, will hear, feel before full impact. These are not idle words but clear guidelines to be used. Do not let the Sound overwhelm you for it may affect your heartbeat. These words have been chosen carefully. Observe and listen to guidance or sensing.   That is all for now.




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