May 8, 2016

12:42 a.m. 

     “We are unused to messages given at early a.m. hours, but we have seen this is a clear time for messages. Our fleets are extended and we will be experiencing our closest visit to earth. It is fortunate that there are Celestials and Earth Scribes who can take messages. Though many are not known by those who are more open, it is as a group working together. There may be those who are drawn to seeing what is in the Sky and as said before, extreme caution must be used in not over-exposing the eyes. For your assignment, we will call it, written notes should be written if only time for a few descriptions. After the main entry it is very important to rest, to take a moment to recover and balance the heartbeat and the quieter breathing.

     If you feel a celestial connection take a few moments to mentally reach out as if creating a hearing landing pad. This will allow for a quicker connection. Remember that there are many of you who were born for specific roles at this time. Remember That. You may or may not feel it, but we are very close. Our names do not matter. If you call to us simply use the word Celestials. Then calm yourself and let us guide at that moment. We are delighted that we have established a link. You and others will be sent guidelines of protection. The quickness of our leaving does not mean we have left the area, only that our words are not being sent. Be Of Good Cheer, but again and again, BE STEADY, BE CALM. We go for now.”





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