May 9, 2016

      “We are of a clan, you might say, a group, and we have planned for a long length of time to make this journey. This is a Special Time, but we understand that this is not commonly known. It is difficult to give information and see that it is quickly scanned or past by. Even the majestic signs in the skies have not drawn much attention. We work as one, meaning, we each have roles, but at various times we merge as one in our energy.

     The pattern of Life we see is disturbing. There is so much anger and unbelievable disturbances. Hidden behind many faces is evil intent just ready to manifest. Now we come to our main reason for contact. We, first, would like to point out that as there are many unbalanced souls there are those whose Light within shines brightly. These ‘Lights” will have opportunities to spread that Light outwardly. Those who are ‘tuned’ will find there will be many opportunities to connect with those of us on the opposite side.   Come Visit With Us With Your Mind And We Will Speak Further.”




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