May 14, 2016

     “The days seem to go by fast but somehow slowly. This is a frustrating time with unbelievable acts of frustration and anger. You have been very aware of changing energies as have others. It is draining, but it is preparing the body for changes. It is difficult by anyone’s measure in adjustment, but it is a ‘layering’ that is necessary as a buffer. At some point it will not be felt as strongly. Resting is the best thing to do. Now we come to our message that takes careful thinking.

     When you begin to have a stronger sense of change, breath, breathing should be deeper with air going further inside than normal. Many will do that instinctively. Make it a slow breath as relaxed as is possible. Note how it affects other parts of your body. Be patient with self. If possible, take a few moments to be quiet with nature. The skies are ‘quiet’ but there is much action going on and many involved and at work in their ships. To all who read our message we suggest that the first step not be straining to hear or see. Center your inner body so that you feel balance and then look and listen. Not seeing any action does not mean you have not been heard. The day will come when there will be many ‘doors’ opening, sights to see, and messages to interpret. We are connected. Listen with feeling for better reception. We go for now.”




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