May 19, 2016

     “There has been a delay it seems. This is what is being felt on earth and yet we say to you with knowing, there is no delay. What many are feeling is a subtle change that cannot be understood, but can be felt. Mostly we see so many involved in busy lives or unawareness that at this point even a stronger awareness would not penetrate. Many are dealing with difficult problems or inner self uneasiness. it is not yet the time when awareness will be clearly activated. Your sense of quietness is not just in one area. It will become more profound. 

     We shift to another subject. Piecing together the unrest in the world and the turmoil within and without, there is a pattern of dismay at actions that cannot be stopped. Many are suffering daily. This hardens people and causes despair – a well known fact. Children are suffering and there seems to be no end in sight. It is sad to see childhood lost as to what it is supposed to be, yet darkness does not last forever.

     Now notice displays of anger, bizarre behavior of cruelity. Yet in the middle of all this dark time there is Light. It shows in small ways as one individual helps a stranger or there is room for a smile, a small act of helpfulness, a smile or a look of support. Do not be dismayed at the darkness without realizing that Justice Will Prevail As Light Shows Its Strength and Its Love. Remember Self needs encouragement and comfort. Take time for yourself no matter what life requires of your actions. The time will come when you will need extra strength and each one must pull forth that which allows unknown strength to be manifested. We are here, as said before. We are aware of what needs to be done. Follow your heart Light Workers. KNOW THAT YOUR LIGHT WILL SHINE.”




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