May 22, 2016

     “Peace be unto you. We have seen much sadness and dismay, but also strength and love. My mission on this journey is to picture that which is not seen. Many in different countries are attached to sight for information. I am here to emphasize the importance of Listening For Guidance. Some of the recent signals have been Sound, but Sound so finely tuned that it is like a think thread of Light. In fact, that is what it is. These threads are carriers of information. They may not be in words but they are connections with the inner body. This code is instantly recognized though not seen. It has been a long, sometimes troubling journey. The road ahead is no more current than months, perhaps years ago, yet it must play its part. 

     There are many who are weary. Even the strength is feeble, yet I am here to encourage, to listen, to guide. Ease into the requirements of Life, and see that with perseverance problems can be handled. I am not ‘gone’ nor will I be out of hearing range. Stay forward thinking.”


(Note: Sandalphon takes many forms. This time he sent his shadow right over my head as I sat with a mother and three kittens eating their food. Not one was disturbed.)



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