May 23, 2016

     “In the middle of the month to come there will be changes that will begin to be noticed by earth’s inhabitants. The first inclination may be that people will think it is an example of some type of climate control. Nothing could be further from the truth. There will be noticeable variances that will draw attention. Many will try to ignore their feelings of unease, but will find that it does not work. Small bits of unevenness will make itself known. It is at this time that mental awareness is needed to be sharp and clear. We expect to have much to say and will advise those who can hear us. To all we say, take note of nervousness for it can lead to stress. This then begins to put a strain on the body. Remember steps given in the past:

                      Take A Few Minutes For Quietness,
             Look where you are going with your thoughts,
                                   Breathe quietly. 

     The World Will Change has been said many times. Hearing this said and sensing what will be a guideline for refreshing your memory. You stand alone as will many, but know that the Entities are close by.”




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