May 23, 2016

     “In the ensuing days to come there will be a change that will be noticed and will be heard. For the Light Workers it will be a signal they will recognize. For others it will be an annoying puzzle. At this level there will not be a sudden explosion type of entrance – that will come later, but an annoying possible threat. Many will consciously ignore it. This is not the time for a major blocking or buffering of protection. It is a time to begin to stretch your awareness and your listening skills. Do not get caught up in worry. There will be spaces of emptiness. This is not an avenue of sudden entrance, it is part of what will serve as a button pushing change of awareness. I will come again, but it will not be in the middle of energy changes. 

     Be patient has been said before and this will be one of those times to remember those words. Do not try to imagine what you think is happening, just take a deep breath and in exhaling allow the body to be steady. What is happening may be answered with the words ENERGY FLOW. For what might be the next question the words for Balance would fit here and the reason would be Changes in the Earth. Don’t surmise at what you might think is happening. State your words simply. In your case, write what you see and feel and the reactions of others. I am here. I come and I go, but I will return. Love to you to store within.”




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