May 25, 2016

     There is a big divide in awareness. This is not new as it has been mentioned several times. For the Light Workers it is hard on the nerves as waiting time seems to go on and on. There will be a portion of time where this time of waiting was still in process. You have been given sufficient guidelines to carry you through the first stages. I come for another reason. Let others from now on find their way. It is part of their learning. Too many times a portion of help is tossed away without any appreciation for what it foretells. When it is time for change no telling will be necessary. Guidelines can be given when the time in progress needs them. 

     Now to the other Light Workers. Your strength is admirable. You are aware of your role and will be enlightened as is necessary. You are linked. You may feel alone but above and beyond you are in line for help and assistance. Know This Is Truth. Be Patient Within, That Is The Key. Go to that patient area when you can mentally do so with calmness, I am here. I am above you. I see you, I know you. YOU ARE MY FLOCK and I will keep you within my knowing. Time Will Tell That I Speak The Truth.   Be at Peace.



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