May 31, 2016

     “A long time ago there was silence on the earth. To have been present it would have affected anything that moved. Over a period of centuries, little by little, there came enough of a change that Sound was created and revered as a gift from the heavens. To hear a bird sing was considered a gift from the gods. Now we will experience the other end of the scale and though it must be done, it will not be appreciated.   Start Now To Mentally Adjust To Continual Sound. If you know sound has an effect on you, think of ways to soften the sound. Allowing Self to get angry or out of control, the ‘I can’t take this any longer’ will only create body and mental stress. If you see someone who reacts with anger, steer clear of them. Trying to calm people in unusual experiences takes skill and sometimes the help offered can actually cause more upset. This will not last forever though it may seem like it. We wish you well. Remember that and be strong as change occurs.”



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