June 2, 2016

     “Greetings to you.  Your sensing has told of my coming though you know me not.  i come  from afar but i have been near.  it is time to move forward at a faster pace.  What this means is we have much to do so we must begin toward a goal which is not to be known at this time.

     Steady yourself has been said recently and yet I follow the same pattern of words and repeat for emphasis – It Must Be Done.  One cannot move into a different realm casually.  These steps may be short and measured for accuracy or they be like a bunny hopping along.  Other steps may be slow and carefully made.  Speed. of course, must also be expected.  We gather to make progress in many ways.  As some steps may be rocky it is important for the mind to also be clear.  Your body will have unusual reactions.  Do not dwell on it for that thought can be looked at later.  We come to a Beginning Road without signs of directions.  The ears must be keen and focus a strong light beam as some steps have little light.  I know you, but it is not time for you to know me.  Hold yourself high.  These guidelines will become clearer.  Some of the Light Workers deduce a pattern I am giving.  Come out of your shell I say.  Be prepare to venture forward for I am not far from your side.  THE LIGHT WILL SHINE.”




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