June 3, 2016

Part 1.

     “We have much to say so again make a time in the evening.  This will be short.  It can be added to.  We say this in all sincerity – we must begin the long road and you will feel that the road is full of papers of words given.  it is necessary and it will be done.  It will depend on openness and intent.  There is hard work ahead as the enlightened Light Workers already know, for each has a path to follow.  It is individual and not traveled as a group.

 … We go.”

Part 2.

     The time has come to reveal certain steps for the future time.  We want it known that it will not be clear to all and that is intentional.  There must be a readiness, a knowing of what the role is individually.  Some may already know, but it has not manifested to the present form needed.  Nevertheless it is ready to be a Key To Openings.  This has been heard of in many ways.  The difference is that the time is here to give the key to the beginnings of the work ahead.  There must be a keen awareness that leads to the openness for knowing,  This knowing may come as a flash or a knowing that the explanatory words will come.  It may be in two sections or two messages instead of one.  Over and over we say You Must Be Prepared Mentally For Change in how messages ae given and in the way you are led to certain steps.  There will be different methods in various parts of the world.  There is not one method for all.

      There will be different steps given at different times of the day and night.  It is like a huge puzzle which is being created.  Some of the learning will be steps to be taken mentally while other guidance will involve instant action.  There will not be time to give explanations either at the moment given or later, but you will feel the rightness of actions to be taken.  There will not be time for questions.  We work as a group but it will appear from one at a time.  Generally you will feel the same energy unless we speak of a different Light Worker.  There will be no difficulty with various energetic codes as the knowing comes from within.  You will find that some specific actions leave your body drained, but this will pass quickly.

     You may find that as steps are given the next step is known and no words are needed.  You may need moments of quietness in a peaceful atmosphere.  If you cannot find that quietness, create a song to settle your body.  Many Light Workers will find adjustments needed in patterns of received messages.  When one aspect is finished there may be a sudden different method needed to create the next step.

      There is really no planning ahead for Light Workers for change can be lightning fast.  There will not be the same pattern of the type of action needed.  If this sounds crowded or confusing it is because a broad general guideline is being given.  We know there will be a sense of purpose when an inner feeling reacts and there is a connection.  Some messages will be short and others long.  Be prepared mentally.  We go for now.”



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