June 3, 2016

     “You will see, as foretold, the changes in the Sky.  There are many, many visitors here out of sight.  We each have a part to play.  There is much action, but not to be seen at this stage.  There will be plenty of time when words will flow and actions beyond words will take place.  We have seen ahead.  It is then that the brain will feel different, a sensing of unusual events.  Calmness may be difficult but it is a state of visual and mental confusion that will be felt.  We will give information as well as guidance, but it may take a quiet time to begin to put together the whole scene.  The mind will feel overpowered with unusual scenes.  If you begin to feel overpowered stop moving and listen quietly.  Do not be caught up in the turmoil.  Separate yourself if necessary and breathe slowly and deeply.  Remember to listen for guidance.  Be at Peace.”



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