June 4, 2016

     “It does not surprise us that the sounds are not yet heard for the range of hearing has not been developed by most.  This is why the coming of the Sounds will have such a disturbing effect.  The earth pattern follows a quick step of turning something off – a light that is too bright or a sound that is too loud.  It is a matter of control.  Now listen, when things begin to spin, step back and take time to ‘get yourself together’.  We have taken time to make conclusions as to how quickly the reactions and mental realizations will take place.  We are aware there will be a variety of actions.  We feel we should express our conclusions, however as this is all new it may vary somewhat from what we feel will happen.  The idea is the awareness of change.  This has been discussed through messages for some time.  Our techniques will not fail, but there must be actions behind the events.  it is like school teaching.  Some students catch on right away while others struggle.  Focus on the situation.  What is most important that can be done in the shortest amount of time.  Take care of self first for a wounded warrior cannot function.  Questions can be asked later.  Trust self, this is the key.  Your inner guidance will help.  We are repeating, but we will be specific when it is necessary step by step.”



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