June 7, 2016

     “Peace be to you. In the midst of turmoil there is a Center that allows for Balance. That Center is located in the heart chakra. It is not visible, but it is there. Think of energy in a coil. When it spins it creates an energy flow that clears the environment around the body. You may have felt it and not known what it was. It can extend its power outward and then with balance and speed clear the energy that is causing stress. You won’t see it, but the difference in feeling around the body can be felt.   The difficulty is that it is not known. The workings of the area can be felt and if the concentration is focused it can spin outward.”


                                               MUCH FUTURE THOUGHT

     “The uneveness of sleep indicates a reaction to a flow of energy. The quietness is like a call, an awareness of time change. The mixture of sound and quietness is another sign. There is much activity unseen but placements being made. The waiting has become a time of frustration and sometimes despair. How much longer is often said, yet even with the length of time there are those who have been steadfast in their belief. Once actions begin, waiting time will not be a topic of conversation. There will be much thought that will not leave room for the past but for the future. We mention this again that there will not be complacency. When life changes suddenly the mind shifts to the moment. Know this and prepare to become mentally alert without stressing the mind and the body. We go.”


                                                     SUDDEN CHANGES 

     “Begin again and again. When there is change there will not be the usual part time pattern which means sudden changes must be handled differently. This can be disturbing as there is not a knowing of what to do next. This is where every instinct plays its part. you have experienced this before. Also, just as you have come to a sense of achievement you will be faced with another decision to be made. Athletes make quick achievement involving movement and decision. This is an example of the type of environment you must handle.”




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