June 8, 2016

4:55 a.m. 

     “Welcome to the World Of Light. These words have been sent because that is where we are – a World of Light. We come from afar which is filled with Light and we bring the essence of it here with us. We are a part of ship residents. We are very busy, but we take time to observe the beauty of the earth and its inhabitants. We have looked forward to this time of meeting. We have much to say to give understanding to those who are ready to hear. We are companions you might say and excited over this new stage in history.

     The creatures around you, those not seen, are enjoyhing their visit as they know you have a love of animals. They do not communicate mentally at this level but they have the ability and in rare cases may use it. Your love of nature shines for us and we honor those who extend their love and help to nature even in its smallest form. We encourage this caring of nature and the balance of energy it brings. 

     Breathe in the air slowly I say to those who are sensitive to the feeling of the space around them. Continued openness will lead to more commuication. Our Leader of the ship has a name, but is not yet ready to speak it. We are his emissaries. Now that we know we can make contact, we plan to come again. (m: I am looking forward to it.) We go for now but we are not far from you. Goodbye you say here but I say good love to you.”




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