June 10, 2016

     “We hear your thoughts, we know your concerns. There are many changes and you are seeing the effect on animals. The independent reactions will pass. (m: I saw a beautiful door in the sky made of clouds. Can you explain its significance?) We cannot at this time but you saw how quickly the image disappeared. This is why more people are not seeing signs. They are there and then gone. 

     This serious suggestion is for readers who, at present, have more insight than the majority. Begin To Sense Differences. By this we mean concentrate by stretching your hearing and sensing range. Be more attentive to comparisons from the day hours to the night hours. Is there a difference or is it the same? When do the higher ranges of sound become easier to hear? What is the difference of morning sounds and evening sounds? Make a mental note or if you prefer, keep a written record. This process is for you to be more aware of variances and see when the tones are similar in sound. Be aware also as to which ear hears the sound. You then will have a better understanding of signals as they arrive. Also, observe pet reactions. These are simple guidlines.”



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