June 14, 2016
   Marcia and Marc

     “As you mentioned, this is the middle way of the middle of the month. You have seen images and as many are doing, following directions, you are listening more carefully. THERE WILL BE LIGHT SIGNALS FOR DIRECTION, MEANING ACTUAL TURNING OR MOVING. For example, if you find that where you are standing or sitting is an uncomfortable spot, it is best to move. By uncomfortable we mean either drained energy or restlessness. Just move to a different space or go outside then return. The energies are coming down rapidly. There is much preparation being done. We and others have meticulously checked and rechecked statistics and plans as well as current beginnings and endings.

     We begin. The Time Is Near and yes, you have heard this before. We say again as has been repeated many, many times deliberately, we say BE ALERT.   The flash of Light you (marcia) saw is an example of what we mean. There was no light, seemingly, in the Sky and yet suddenly there was a flash of light. If you had not been alert and looking it would not have been seen. Follow this pattern, particularly if you feel drained or the opposite – energized.

     We go to a higher range of energy now that both of you have adjusted and are on the same energy level. We had to have you go through steps for this to happen. Learn or remember the process – WALK OUTSIDE, WALK CLOCKWISE ABOUT THREE TIMES AND THE COUNTER CLOCKWISE ONCE. You were being observed so we can also see how the human body reacts.


   (We’re almost there.) WELCOME. State your Names. ( “I am Marcia, also known Celestially as Joy.”) (“I am Martin, my earth name is Marc.)

   ” Welcome to our space in time. We are very pleased that a major step can be made at this time. It has been what earth calls a ‘rocky road’. You now must walk your talk, your soul, your Being. The time of hiding must, as of now, be considered in the past. The storms have been weathered. The strength has returned and it is now the time to take steps both connecting with Mother Earth and the Celestial Realm you are guided to. This does not mean you travel to us in all things, that will come when channeling is available, but you can both reach us quite easily. We do not give directions as to the steps needed for they are known within you.”

     There was a waiting period of time. Marc commented that “They are my kind of people.”   I saw that there were a lot of people gathering in a circle. I saw Marc on my left side, and inbetween a space for about three people. I was told the energies were spread so there was not bumping each other. We were told to stand with our hands to the side. Both of us later said we were moved to tears.

     “Welcome to you. We have wondered if there would be a time with the proper energy to connect with both. We are here as never before to witness that which will be. Face forward at all times as I speak. There will be a circle which you may or may not see. The circle is made up of Light Energy contained individually, but we work as a group much of the time. We are pleased that we see you instinctively know how to present yourself and be acclimated to those around you. These are helpers, strong with no limits. THey have lightning quick movements and in effect, they become lightening. You are being accepted and introduced in person to the group who you have known in past times. They are like family to you though at this moment of progress there must be a sense of reserve. If you feel energy coming to you, do not flinch for you are Carriers Of The Light. You may, on earth, hear sounds and must know instinctly that they may not be heard by others. THEIR SOUNDS ARE LIKE LIGHT DIRECTORS and your memory buried for so long will respond, for now is the time to shed your armor and become one with Light. You see how comfortable you are with those around you at this moment. There is automatic mutual respect.

     Now Listen All. It Is A Special Time. It is a Light Time, it is a Forceful Time. Adjust your thinking. Adjust your mind and body. Adjust for that which will come.” (Marcia: Mentally I said “Thank you beloved ones. We hold you in our hearts.)

     “Behold the Circle is Complete and let its voice either silently or verbally be heard. Hear this from this Sacred Circle as One and At Peace for there is much work ahead. We now leave you from a visual aspect, one by one, yet we hear as a whole. Honor us, Honor Self, see the Light around you and in others. I go.”  



     “I’m here. I have been waiting years for this time. Could it be that the aspect of my being was hard for Marc to acknowledge? Could it be a fearful thing to know there is one and one that makes two in one? It is well known, but largely ignored or there is no manner in which to connect in a knowing way. I mean opening to the other self as man and woman and woman and man aspect. i feel that after much turmoil I now can speak mentally and feel right at home. I go for now.” 

   (Marcia: We returned to earth. Marc felt they were his kind of people and felt a family connection before it was told….his higher self. I heard “I’m here.” I heard the work ‘majesty’. Marc said that he had recently been connecting with his higher self and received the name LAWANDA. I sensed she was our Mother when we were twins in another life!)




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