June 14, 2016

          “I was not sure you would see me. It is time, as said before, to be alert, to shift to a higher presence in actuality and in inner being. It is an easy at home feeling of wholeness. Hear this and let it sit in your mind and heart. There have been many roads to follow – some smooth and some rough. Now there is Light in the distance. It is not that one can move forward, stop, and observe what is right around the corner. This is moving up to that fork in the road, stopping and mentally and physically connect with Self. At one time this may seem like an impossible task. Now is the time when the Light Workers simply open their mind and heart to that knowing which is there, ready to be received. There will be many of the Light who feel they must go through a procedure to open the door. This is not true for the knowledge is there. It may not be perfect in its response but as it flows to you, it will seem like home. Don’t let doubt cloud yourself with imaginary possibilities. Find the Balance Within, Pull On Your Faith and TRUST as we move foward. Speak not when action is needed. Follow The Light.




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