June 16, 2016
 Marcia and Marc

     “Hello to both. it is true there is an increase in energies. It is also true that when energies, new energies become a part of the Inner Self, it can be too strong for others and there is a negative reaction. Children respond to you. (marcia) and they react in a positive way, but remember that the main key or guidance for both of you is change.   It is you that has to adjust. It is others who feel something but have an uneasy feeling they are not even aware of. it is not new because most are aware of how pople react to their energy. The difference is when you stood in the Circle you were one with the energy of that circle. It, the essence, became part of you. This is why people go on retreats and it is not new information. What is new is the difference in the energy you now carry. There will be adjustments made, but it is helpful for you and others who are experiencing odd reactions. Do not dwell on these changes for they will increase and too much thought will increase the effect on the Inner Self. That is all for now.”




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