June 20, 2016

     “Peace. There is much discord in your particular country. There is fear and frustration widely spread throughout the world. It is not surprising that these energies can affect those who are outside that category.

     We are very aware of the Listeners, the ones, both male and female who are tuned in, who are aware of Inner Self and who are aware of inner guidance. It is hard to move over and let the inner self manifest and or speak. It is like being on the outside and in truth, that is where you are for the Inner Self Is The Guidance.

     This is a difficult time. The horrors continue. It is extremely upsetting as well as it should be. Why, why, why is a mental question we are hearing over and over. The answers are not always to be known and this causes confusion. We ask, with understanding, to be a little more patient. We know a time line given is on the mind of many people. Sometimes the date of an event is stretched beyond what was originally given. This is because of changes, major changes that cannot be discussed. I will not say be patient and I will continue to say be alert, but realize it is like watching or sensing a weather forecast. There will be a time when patience will not be expected for the amount of mental work and physical reactions for they will be in major involving actions. So I say not the words that frustrate, but these words: CALM THE SELF which has been said LOOK WITHIN MORE THAN LOOKING AHEAD. BE PATIENT in this regard – sense more that what you see for many signs will not or are not to be understood. LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN. I go but I shall return.”




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